xitan carryall 1

Xitan Carryall

Product Spotlight - Xitan Carryall

Ever since getting a Xitan Combi Bait Bag I’ve been keen to increase the amount of Xitan luggage I have, as it’s absolutely superb and exactly what I require.

The Xitan Carryall offers many of the features the Combi Bait Bag such as reliable hard wearing zips throughout, the same durable wipe clean material, completely waterproof, sturdy and great for placing on sloping banks, grab handles on both ends to name just a few. Instead of the two top compartments that the Bait Bag offers, the Xitan Carryall has one much bigger easy access, zipped, flat top opening main compartment, great for storing and transporting all sorts of tackle. The carry handles have been replaced with a comfortable, padded, adjustable and removable shoulder strap and it boosts three external zipped pockets for even more storage. Another unique feature is the rigid nylon runners on the base which prevents wear caused by sliding across van/car floors. 

Once again, a must for the modern day angler, looking for practicality, affordability and a range of luggage that has many unique features as well as looking absolutely stunning.

Size – L 72cm x W 37cm x H45cm

Tim Bruce

xitan carryall 2

The Xitan range has proven to be extremely rugged. Here we have the carryall and bait bag.

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Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

Tim Bruce takes a look at the brilliant Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper holdalls in this new short video. Hit the play button below to watch now.


The Xitan rod holdalls are designed to withstand even the toughest demands. Made from a light yet extremely robust and waterproof material, they provide optimal protection of their precious contents.

To provide even further protection, the zip fastener has been positioned on the rear of the holdall to prevent line from being damaged by the zip when opening and closing the holdall. The opening has also been made deliberately wide, making removal of the rods significantly easier.

The Xitan holdalls also have some special features on the outside. On one side, there is a pocket with integrated plastic tubes to store interchangeable tips. On the other side, is an external pocket with attachments for accessories such as banksticks, feeder arms, etc.

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Xitan z8-2 advance pole 1

Xitan Z8-3 Advance Pole

Xitan Z8-3 Advance Pole

The Xitan Z8-3 Advance pole was developed as a strong all-rounder, with the responsiveness to hit fast bites from river roach, yet with the strength to handle heavier elastics for big carp. Building on the previous generation Z8-2, upgraded carbon cloths were used in the construction of this new model to give better balance and lighter weight, whilst retaining the Xitan reputation for being a very strong pole that can take knocks. 

With a brilliant package supplied as standard and with compatibility with a wide range of top kits and accessories, the Z8-3 is ideal for the UK angler looking for a strong pole that can handle just about everything they are likely to encounter. 

Xitan z8-2 advance pole 2
Xitan z8-2 advance pole 3

Xitan Z8-3 Advance Features

  • Designed as an all-round pole covering everything from roach to carp fishing
  • Elastic rating 16+
  • Compatible with all Xitan and 2ex-S poles, and the top three sections of Sphere poles
  • Supplied with Browning’s Square Pole Protectors
  • Tactile Precision Points
  • Section Alignment marks
  • Reinforced joints
  • Reinforced pressure points on top kits

"Strong enough for carp, delicate enough for roach."

UK Pole 16m Package

  • 16m Xitan Z8-3 Advance pole
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector for 13m
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector for 14.5 & 16m
  • Xitan Reversible Pole Protector for 9.5m & 11m
  • 4x Xitan SKLP 5.5mm / 4.5mm Duo Kits
  • 3x Xitan SLK 3.9mm / 4.5mm Duo Kits
  • Full Length Power C3 Section
  • SLK Cupping Kit
  • Xitan Multi Pocket Holdall

Xitan z8-2 advance pole tactile points
Xitan z8-2 advance pole carp
Xitan z8-2 advance pole roach
Xitan z8-2 advance pole bream

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pole fishing for roach 1

Pole Fishing for River Roach

Pole Fishing for River Roach

Whilst the huge numbers of big barbel might overshadow the other fishing available today on the river Trent, the silverfish have experienced a huge upsurge and today many stretches are full of silvers that make for a brilliant days fishing. What is more, you only need simple tactics to almost guarantee a bumper catch. Today I am pole fishing for river roach on the Trent near Nottingham. In fact, I haven’t fished this stretch before, so it will be interesting to see how we get on. 

Setting up in a comfortable swim just above a row of boats I am immediately struck by the amount of small fish topping. These are mainly bleak, which can be a nuisance, intercepting the bait as it falls through the water. The answer to this is to use a heavier rig – today I have set up 1.5gram and 2gram rigs, as the swim is about eight feet deep. With the bulk of the shotting down the line the hookbait will get down quickly and past the pesky bleak. 

pole fishing for roach 2

Simple River Roach Fishing Rigs

My rigs are quite simple consisting of a round-bodied Perfect Control float that has a solid plastic bristle and wire stem for stability. The bulk, in the form of an olivette, is about two feet above the hook, with droppers below this. I’m using the excellent Hybrid Mono in 0.14mm for my rigs with a 0.08mm Cenex Classic hooklength. Todays hookbaits are caster and possibly hemp, so I am using a size 16 Sphere Classic hook. I’m not fishing overly fine, because there is a good chance of a bonus fish coming along and I want to be able to swing decent stamp roach without worrying 

pole fishing for roach 3
pole fishing for roach 4

Focussed Feed When Pole Fishing for River Roach

To begin with, I have potted in four balls of groundbait laced with hemp and casters to try to encourage the fish to concentrate on the line I want to fish. The groundbait is a mixture of Black Magic and Champions Choice no. 1. The Champions Choice helps to bind the mix together and ensures the balls of bait reach the bottom intact. This is introduced just downstream of me, so that I can run the float through the hotspot. When fishing I will feed little-and-often with a pinch of hemp or casters, stepping up the feed if the bleak become a problem. 

Casters definitely pick out a better stamp of fish than maggots, so I will start on the chrysalis and see how things develop. If the session goes well I will try hemp, which can be a bit hit or miss, but on the right day can be very selective. 

Right from the off I have started to get bites simply by running the float through at the speed of the current. Most of these are roach, but with the odd good dace and perch mixed in. The roach are of all sizes, including a few ‘netters’.

river roach pole baits

Run the Rig Through for River Roach

Despite a downstream wind, I am fishing a fairly long line today; fishing the top-six of the pole. Using this longer rig helps in a couple of ways. Firstly, it means I only have to break down the pole once when shipping, making the process much faster, especially when the banks are steep. Secondly, I expect the fish to drop back down the peg as the day progresses, and the longer line allows me to follow them should I need to. 

Incredibly, it has been a bite every run through on caster, which has encouraged me to switch to the hemp. Normally, I would expect action to slow even if the roach were feeding on the hemp, but the bites are still coming regularly today and the size of the fish has definitely increased. 

You will often read that it is best to hook hemp through the split, where the white kernel is exposed, but I find that if I hook it through the shell the bait stays on much better and I can even catch several fish on the same hookbait. Don’t worry about the hook being exposed, if the fish are feeding confidently this won’t make any difference. 

Brilliant Sport on the Pole

After a few hours fishing I must have more than 25 pounds of fish in the net. The bulk are roach, but there are a few clonking dace mixed in too. What fantastic sport, that shows exactly what the middle Trent is capable of these days. If you are looking for an enjoyable days fishing then I cannot recommend it highly enough. 


Nick Crooks

Nick’s River Roach Pole Fishing Tackle

Browning Xitan Z8 Advance Pole

Cenex Hybrid Mono 0.14mm Rig Line

Cenex Classic 0.08mm Hooklength

Size 16 Sphere Classic Hook

1.5-2gram Round-bodied Float


Nicks Bait for River Roach




Champions Choice No. 1

Champions Choice Black Magic

river trent pole fishing roach

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Xitan Microbore elastic 1

Xitan Microbore Elastic

For my heavier summer and autumn rigs, especially when I am expecting some decent hard-fighting carp, the Xitan Microbore Elastic really comes into its own. For rigs with a 0.14mm – 0.16mm hooklengths and hooks in the 14-16 range I go for the Blue / Pearl Microbore, which is rated 9-13 normal elastic. 

Despite being 30% thinner than normal hollow elastics, the Microbore retains a x7 stretch, meaning that I can run it through either one or two-piece kits, depending upon the size of the fish. Being thinner, Microbore is also a lot lighter than most hollow elastics, and you can really feel the difference when fishing long. 

If you are looking for a top-quality hollow elastic then do check out the Xitan Microbore Elastic. I think it offers some advantages over other elastics, it is also very long lasting, making it good value too. 

Jon Whincup


Microbore Specifications:

Lime Green – ⌀1.3mm – 3-5

Orange – ⌀1.5mm – 5-7

Pink – ⌀1.9mm – 7-9

Blue / Pearl – ⌀2.3mm – 9-13

Hunter Green – ⌀2.7mm – 13-17

Rocket Red – ⌀3mm – 17-21



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Xitan Microbore Elastic 1

Microbore Elastic covers a wide-range of different diameters.

Xitan Microbore Elastic 2

The small bore makes for a thinner, lighter elastic that deforms less when running through a bush.

Microbore elastic and bush

I use a Dacron Connector with Xitan Microbore Elastic.

Jon Whincup carp pole

The blue Microbore is perfect for hook lengths of 0.14mm – 0.16mm for summer carp rigs.

Xitan Roller & Accessory Bag

The Xitan Roller & Accessory Bag is designed using very high quality materials. Robust, durable and waterproof, it is a great choice for the committed match angler.

The large main compartment, with its wrap-around zip makes accessing the inside of the bag really easy.

Two models are available. I use the larger mode, which can hold all of the gear I need for a match or pleasure session. I store my kit supports, pole rollers, and my feeder support arm in this bag, along with much more …

The Xitan range has a hard-wearing and practical design that I really like.

Hermann Tallonneau


Xitan EVA Pole Caps

The Xitan EVA Pole Caps are a godsend as they replace those irritating hard plastic caps that although are difficult to fit/remove by hand seem to have a habit of irritatingly coming off in transit.

These pole caps are different as they are soft and durable, offering so much more protection to those fragile section joints as they cover the last 10cm of the pole section and are so much easier to fit/remove.

I can now fish at ease, especially when there’s an obstruction or steep bank behind that potentially could damage the section. These caps also keep the joints in tip top condition whilst fishing as they eliminate any dust or grit getting inside or around the pole sections.   

Available in a range of sizes to cover 11m to 16m butt sections of most poles. 

Filipe Passeira


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These caps replace the hard plastic ones supplied with poles.


The Xitan EVA Pole Caps are available in a range of diameters to fit all pole butts.


The protection you get from these caps means I can concentrate on landing the fish when shipping back.