sphere ultra strong hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks


When big, strong bonus fish are on the cards I reach for the Sphere Ultra Strong hooks. These spade-end hooks are the same shape as the Ultra Lite pattern that I use a lot in my feeder fishing, but in a stronger wire gauge. This makes them ideal for feeder fishing for big fish, with bigger, heavier baits. On the river Trent they are ideal, because you never know when a barbel, or big chub will put in an appearance. So if I am feeder fishing for bream on the river this will be my hook of choice.


Try it for the Flat Float

The Sphere Ultra Strong hooks are also ideal for fishing the flat float with bits of worm for perch when the river is carrying some extra water. Once again, you need a strong hook, but one that is balanced to the gear and baits used, and this fits the bill perfectly. 

For those demanding situations when you need a strong, yet light, hook, this is the one. 

Tom Noton

Available in sizes from 8 to 18 with a black nickel finish. 


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