Golden start for Tom Noton at Messingham Sands

Tom Noton tells us about his brilliant first match at Messingham Sands –


Brilliant day on the bank again today! 

My first time visiting the incredible Messingham Sands Fishery; and what a place it is! I have seen some awesome silverfish weights over the last few seasons and fancied a dabble myself. 

I booked on to the open match on Islands Lake. Twenty people fishing, with me drawing peg 37 on the end of the arm – a nice peg with plenty of open water to go at. James Hall and Kyle Hartley supplied me with some great information. Thanks men. 

I fed my usual Sonubaits F1 and Thatchers grounbait mix on two lines. 

Starting on a little groundbait feeder, I had a couple of nice skimmers early, and a rogue tench. 

I dropped in on the pole and it was immediately good. Loose feeding plenty of bait kept me catching quality fish for a really enjoyable day. 

It slowed up in the last hour, but I managed to nick a few nice stamp fish short. 

I finished up with a cracking net of breams, skimmers, roach, hybrids, crucians, and tench for 54lb 11oz and a match win.

What a great introduction to a new venue. Well done to Steve Wright who was second and Jamie Wilde who was 3rd.

I can’t wait to go back to this phenomenal venue. 

Slide on!

Tom Noton

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sphere ultra strong hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks


When big, strong bonus fish are on the cards I reach for the Sphere Ultra Strong hooks. These spade-end hooks are the same shape as the Ultra Lite pattern that I use a lot in my feeder fishing, but in a stronger wire gauge. This makes them ideal for feeder fishing for big fish, with bigger, heavier baits. On the river Trent they are ideal, because you never know when a barbel, or big chub will put in an appearance. So if I am feeder fishing for bream on the river this will be my hook of choice.


Try it for the Flat Float

The Sphere Ultra Strong hooks are also ideal for fishing the flat float with bits of worm for perch when the river is carrying some extra water. Once again, you need a strong hook, but one that is balanced to the gear and baits used, and this fits the bill perfectly. 

For those demanding situations when you need a strong, yet light, hook, this is the one. 

Tom Noton

Available in sizes from 8 to 18 with a black nickel finish. 


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sphere ultra strong hook 2
sphere ultra strong hook 3
Tom Noton bream

Browning sphere pole roller height

Sphere Pro-File Rollers

The Sphere Pro-File Rollers are the best rollers I have ever used, and have become an essential part of my kit. It is the small details that make all of the difference, designing out problems that I have experienced in the past. 

Take the leg design, for instance. Not only are the legs fully adjustable, but you can completely remove them when faced with a high bank behind you – a common scenario of many rivers. Removing the legs means you can get the rollers really low to the ground, giving a much better angle to work from. 

The angled stubby ends have done away with the annoying, and potentially costly, problem of poles blowing off rollers when faced with a cross-wind. Even butt sections are safely cradled under the angled roller, stopping the pole from crashing to the floor. 

This is a really stable roller, and although there is a hook fitted in the centre bar, from which you can hang a bag to really anchor it down, I have never needed to use this. That said, I can see it coming in useful when fishing in Ireland on a big sheet of water where the wind can really get up. 

After some serious use my Sphere rollers are still performing like new, and have become essential bits of kit for me. Great rollers available in both double and triple widths. 

Tom Noton


High quality, professional level, pole rollers, The unique design allows the rollers to be adjusted and adapted to suit every bank side situation. The Sphere Pro-File rollers feature: 

• Special leg design allows the rollers to be used at all heights – from totally flat on the ground up to their maximum height. 

• End plates with feet/spikes allowing the rollers to be used with the legs completely removed or folded 

• Quality, heavy-duty, build to ensure the rollers are ultra stable at all heights 

• Large sectioned telescopic legs have reliable cam-lock fittings 

• A profiled EVA roller design which eliminates the need for vertical rollers – which can damage pole sections. 

• Roller sections fitted with multiple bearings for totally smooth operation

• Total efficiency while fishing and complete protection for your pole. Available in 2 sizes/ heights to suit all needs. 


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Browning sphere pole roller low

The legs of the Pro-File rollers can be removed to get it really close to the ground – ideal for steep banks.

Browning sphere pole rollers

Sphere Pro-File rollers are available in two and three section designs, ideal for front and rear rollers.

"These rollers are an essential part of my kit."

Browning sphere pole roller lever

The Sphere rollers have very easy to use lever-locks on the legs to give the perfect height.

Browning sphere pole roller 2

The angled design of the uprights stops butt sections blowing off the roller in a strong cross-wind.

Browning sphere pole roller level

The spirit-level and anchor point are nice features that add to the versatility of these rollers.

Browning sphere pole roller 1

The rollers run on ball races, which turn with virtually no friction, making shipping very smooth.

Black Magic SLF Bolo Fishing Trent

Black Magic SLF Bolo Rods

It is on big rivers like the Trent where the Black Magic SLF Bolo Rods really come into their own. Often, you need a long rod that will give better line control when trying to run a float through and match the pace of the river. The Bolo combines many of the benefits of a normal float rod with those of a pole. 

Even when the float is held back quite hard the length of the Bolo rods means that it will track straighter as it runs downstream and not be pulled off line. Don’t be afraid to use a big float carrying 5 grams or more to help with stability.

The Black Magic SLF Bolo rods are a great choice if you are new to this style of fishing, as they are reasonably priced, well balanced, and with a fast action that will help you hit more bites.

Available in lengths between 5m and 8m, these telescopic rods balance well when combined with a normal 30-size match reel, such as the Sphere MgTi. 

Fitted with quality rings that have a nice high stand-off that stops the line from sticking to the blank. The reel seat is the traditional adjustable clamp style that is common on Bolo rods. The handle has a lovely non-slip finish that keeps the diameter down, but stops it from moving under your elbow. 

On tricky days, especially when there is a strong down-stream wind, the Bolo can allow you to fish further down your peg than with a pole, and with better control than a normal float rod, making it a must-have in my rod holdall. 

Black Magic SLF Bolo Rods are available in the following lengths: 

5m – 5 sec – 240g

6m – 6 sec – 310g

7m – 7 sec – 470g

8m – 7 sec – 530g


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Black Magic SLF Bolo 1

The Black Magic SLF Bolo rods are available in a range of different lengths.

Black Magic SLF Bolo 2

The reel is securely fixed in place on the handle.

Black Magic SLF Bolo 3

The non-slip handle is just the right length and balances these long rods well.

Sphere Power Partner 2

Sphere Zero-G Power Partner

If you are looking to get into the Browning Sphere pole ‘ecosystem’, looking for a power pole to compliment your Sphere, or just want the best 10.5m pole around, then the Sphere Zero-G Power Partner is for you. 

Originally developed to compliment the Sphere Zero-G poles, the Power Partner features some extra section strength, for when you really need it, but without adding significant amounts of weight. 

The stiffness is also right up there with the other Sphere poles, and it is completely compatible with the other models. Use the Power Partner as a shorter companion pole to your Sphere, or in combination with your main pole. 

The Power Partner is supplied as a ‘bare’ pole, with a single two-piece multi-kit. The idea being that Sphere owners will already have a number of top kits. Being fully section compatible, you can build up just the array of sections and kits that you need. 

In use I find it hard to tell the difference between the Power Partner and my Sphere Zero-G PT+, it really is that well balanced and incredibly stiff. You are just as likely to find me setting this pole up for fishing a flat float on the river Trent, as you are for fishing shallow on a commercial. 

If you fish a wide range of different venues, or want a second pole, then I can’t rate the Power Partner highly enough. It is a brilliant concept that adds great flexibility to the Sphere pole line-up. 

Tom Noton


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Sphere Power Partner 1

The Power Partner shares all of the same features as the rest of the Sphere range.

Sphere Power Partner 3

The Sphere Power Partner is supplied as a bare pole, but is fully compatible with all of the Sphere top kits, enabling you to mix and match the gear you need.

Sphere Power Partner 4

You are just as likely to see me fishing with the Power Partner on the river Trent as on a commercial.