Xenos Wire Mesh Feeder 1

Xenos Wire Mesh Feeders

Xenos Wire Mesh Feeders

Available in three diameters and a wide range of different weights the Xenos Wire Mesh Feeders have been manufactured using a new thermo-coating process that gives them a smooth, even coating that is camouflaged to blend in with the lake bed. 

Ideal for both stillwater and river fishing, these feeders have been designed with a wide square mesh that releases bait quickly. These mesh feeders also rise quickly on the retrieve and create minimum water resistance, making them much easier to retrieve. 

Great for a wide range of feeder fishing situations, from medium-range bream fishing in large still waters, to catching silverfish on the drop using an explosive groundbait mix. A brilliant allrounder that deserves a place in every feeder anglers box. 

4cm long by 4cm diameter – 10g to 40g

4.5cm long by 4.5cm diameter – 20g to 60g

5.5cm long by 6c, diameter – 40g to 100g



A good tip if you are river fishing is to wrap the feeder with tape or shrink tube to ensure all of the bait gets to the bottom before leaving the feeder. 

Xenos Wire Mesh Feeder 2
Xenos Wire Mesh Feeder 3

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