Sphere CFT Reels

Browning Sphere CTF Reels

I have to admit that although I look after my tackle and give everything a good clean after every match or pleasure session, during an actual competitive match my tackle does go through a bit of punishment. Rods and especially reels get most punishment and need to be up to the job, robust and reliable and the new CFT reels look like they are perfect in every way for my style of angling.

Straight away the lightness of these reels is incredible and this is down to using the very best high-quality composite materials wherever possible as well as the weight saving holes on the main body. Although light this reel feels solid and robust and it’s striking looks, set out in the Sphere colour, instantly transmits quality. Casting is a dream due to the line lay which is perfect on the CNC machined spool with optimised front edge. The reel is compact and the spool is easily reached even with short fingers, meaning trapping and feathering down is effortless. Once a fish is hooked the smoothness and power really kicks in due to the tuned gears and finely adjustable front drag. 

Other features include two line friendly line clips, one being made of rubber, so no worries here and they come with spares so you can fit the reel out with which ever you prefer. This reel is loaded with high tech features and created using some of the most modern materials available, ones that just will not only bring maximum satisfaction but will give you years of service.

I can see this reel being a massive hit with not just anglers targeting carp on commercials but anglers that love to float fish due to the easy accessible spool, perfect line lay and incredible smoothness. 

Technical specification 

Model 3500 – Line capacity 130m/0.20mm, Gear ratio 5.2:1, 74cm retrieve, 9 ball bearings, 6kg/13lb drag, Weight 210g

Model 4500 – Line capacity150m/0.20mm, Gear ratio 5.2:1, 78cm retrieve, 9 ball bearings, 6.5kg/14lb drag, Weight 216g 

John Pantrey


The line lay on these new Sphere reels is superb.


An accurate front drag means that you can play fish without having to back wind.


An oversized line roller helps reduce line twist and prolongs the life of the main line.

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sphere hook range

Sphere Beast hooks

The awesome Sphere Beast hooks are available in three different versions, to cover the majority of your big carp and barbel rigs. Designed to cope with the demands of landing big fish without drama, the custom design and Japanese high-tensile steel enable the wire gauge to be impressively thin for such a strong hook. With needle-sharp points, which retain their points longer, these are exceptional hooks for both pole and feeder work for big fish. 

Choose between barbless Sphere Beast hooks in both eyed and spade-end versions, for commercial fisheries, or the spade-end only barbed version that is ideal for river feeder and float work for barbel and big chub.

Sphere Beast hooks are available in sizes 8 to 16, including a useful size 13 for medium-sized baits, such as pellets.


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Jim Hall playing big carp
sphere beast hair rig
Jim Hall netting carp
sphere beast hooks

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Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag 1

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag

Modern pole rollers and roosts are not only expensive bits of kit, but are surprisingly bulky to carry too. The Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag has been designed to swallow all of your rollers and kits and transport them with minimum fuss. Available in two sizes, these bags feature the legendary Sphere quality and attention to detail. 

The large bag will hold several triple rollers, such as the Sphere Pro-File, along with top kit roosts and accessory arms. The chunky main zip extends around three sizes, making it easy to get to the bags contents. The large front pocket is ideal for longer accessories, such as roosts and arms. 

The medium-sized version of the bag is ideal for double rollers and accessories. 

Made from the hard-wearing carbon-effect Sphere material with rigid nylon runners on the base of the bag to give added protection. Grab handles at either end make lifting the bag onto a barrow, or into and out of a vehicle much easier. 

A brilliant carryall that makes carrying those bulky pole fishing essentials a pleasure. 

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag 2

The Sphere Roller & Accessory Bags have the capacity to carry several rollers, roosts and other items.

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag 3

If you are looking for the very best quality then the Sphere range is for you.

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1. The Multipocket bag has a huge capacity

Sphere Large Multi-Pocket Bag

Sphere Large Multi-Pocket Bag

It is amazing just how much gear I can take with me much of the time, especially when fishing festivals and matches away from home. On many venues the conditions have a heavy influence on the gear I need on the day, and so slimming down is simply not an option. Recently I have swapped to the new Sphere luggage range and I must say that it is without doubt the best gear that I have ever used.


What I particularly like about the Sphere range is the quality of the material and fittings used. Very often a good bag or holdall can be let down by a zip, poor stitching or a buckle breaking, but there are no such weak points on this range. The material, with its distinctive carbon-effect look, is also incredibly tough, reinforced in all the high-wear places, such as the base and corners and it’s wipe clean too!


One of my favourites from the range is the Multipocket Bag. This has proven to be ideal for storing the mountain of gear that I tend to carry with me. Available in two sizes, the Compact 85 litre version is ideal for most situations, with the Large 110 litre version being ideal when you need maximum capacity. The dimensions of both bags are perfect for sitting on a barrow, making transportation really easy with all of my gear stored in a single bag. The side pockets also help me keep kit organised and I know exactly where everything is.


The carry handles positioned at each end of the bag are a really useful touch, enabling me to easily lift the loaded bag out of the car and off the barrow. The reinforced base, with plastic runners that mean that material isn’t in contact with the ground or your car boot, will reduce wear and tear.


For me this is a great example of a simple product done right. It might not be the cheapest, but in the long run I can see the Sphere range lasting the distance – mine looks as good now as it did a year ago when it first hit the bank – it’s also keeping my gear in tip-top condition for many years to come.


Kye Jerrom

4. The zips are super-strong and will give years of service

The zips on the Sphere luggage are superb quality and over-sized for maximum strength.

2. The end pockets have a big capacity on their own

The end pockets have a large capacity for catapults and other items that you want to have close to hand.

5. The Large Multipocket bag has a huge 100 litre capacity

If you are looking for the ultimate luggage then Sphere is it.

6. The Sphere luggage range is designed to be the 'best of the best'

Available in two sizes, the Sphere Multi-Pocket carryall is a must-have.

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sphere beast hooks 1

Sphere Beast Hooks

Sphere Beast Hooks

Hooks are a very personal choice, but if you are looking for a design specifically made for carp and other big, powerful fish then check out the Sphere Beast hooks.

The strength of these hooks takes some beating. They are heavily forged and quite light, yet they are incredibly strong and dependable. In the cooler months don’t be afraid of scaling down to a 16, especially useful when using popped-up bread, where a light hook helps the bait stay buoyant. 

The dull teflon finish not only makes the hooks less visible, but also means that they penetrate easier and further than normal plated hooks. This is especially useful when using bolt rigs with the Method feeder, or straight bomb in the winter months, when the fish are not going to tear off with the bait.

The in-turned point of this hook pattern definitely ensures that these hooks stay put, but look more carefully an you will notice that the point is also forged to give a flat chisel-shape that not only makes these hooks super-sharp, but ensures they keep their point really well too. 

The eyes on these hooks are really well formed, close-up inspection shows that the eyes are fully closed – essential when hair-rigging to stop the line becoming trapped in the eye and eventually breaking unexpectedly. A spade-end version is also available, and being a barbed hook it is ideal for river anglers after chub and barbel. 

Whether you are after carp on the pole, fishing the Method of feeder fishing for big barbel, the Sphere Beast hooks can handle it all and can make a significant difference to your fishing. 

Available in sizes between 8 and 16 in both eyed and spade-end versions.

Find out more here – https://tackle-box.eu/en/p/4611008

Sphere Beast Hooks 2

Sphere hooks are great value and are available in packs of 15, or as ready tied hooks to nylon.

Sphere Beast Hooks 3

The shape of the Sphere Beast makes it ideal for hair-rigging as well as pole fishing with pellets and bread with the spade-end version.

Sphere Beast Hooks 4

The forging on the hook gives it maximum strength. It retains its point brilliantly, thanks to the long swept, ‘chisel-shaped’ design.

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chub fishing 1

Float Fishing with Bread for Chub

Float Fishing with Bread for Chub

One of my highlights of each winter is heading south to sample the fantastic coarse fishing on Hampshire’s River Test. In particular, float fishing with bread for chub.

Predominantly a game river, many beats open their doors to the hoards of coarse anglers willing to pay for an expensive day ticket and go in search of one of our most graceful and obliging winter species, the grayling, and I’m one of them! 

Plan B

Don’t get me wrong, on a frosty bright day, when the rivers running crystal clear  you just can’t beat catching ‘The Lady of the Stream’, however once booked, if the river conditions aren’t favourable and it has a tinge of colour then it’s worth having a plan B, and for me its trotting bread for chub.

Key areas

Chub swims often reveal themselves on grayling days with the odd accidental capture, yet if I didn’t know a stretch of river the two areas that I would look for first are drop offs, where shallow water abruptly drops away into deeper water, or creases, where fast and calm water meet, often found directly below wooden structures to increase the flow, at the back end of a pool or where the main flow is directed past an object in the water such as a fallen tree or bank side bush. 

Use your loaf!

If allowed, bait choice would always me maggots, lots of them but unfortunately the beat I fish ban worms and maggots as the owners want to protect the salmon and if catching salmon parr, which love maggots, can be avoided then it has to be a good thing. Sweetcorn is an option, especially when grayling fishing but the next best bait to maggots, for chub has to be bread and you just can’t beat a couple of loaf of Warburtons. Bread mush is an option, but I prefer to liquidise a whole loaf, crusts as well, the night before and feed a small ball at a time through the swim. The other loaf is kept simply as hookbait.  

chub fishing with bread 2

Resist the temptation

It’s really important not to be greedy when float fishing for chub, even when using maggots, and its worth getting the chub competing before making the first cast by feeding a small ball of liquidised bread every few minutes. By doing this, in a swim that contains chub, you are almost guaranteed a chub first trot through and if you can repeat this process and resist that immediate next cast, then sport should be steady all day.

Avoiding an abrupt end

Something worth remembering when chub fishing is, if you are allowed its worth retaining chub in a keepnet, not for too long though, as returning them into the swim will see an abrupt end to sport as a disturbed chub returns to the shoal and spooks them. Unfortunately retaining any fish on most game beats is banned so if this is the case then its best to return each fish fifty yards up or downstream.

Refined but robust

Chub are masters at finding any bank side vegetation so tackle used must be refined enough to get a bite but robust enough to extract each and every fish hooked. Float control is also vital as if the bait is passing through the swim quicker than the flow then it will be simply ignored so a 15ft, even a 17ft will provide that extra control. I use the fantastic Sphere 15’6 Spiced-Tip River Rod and team this up with MgTi 930 Reel loaded with Black Magic Gold 0.17mm/4.50lb mono. Although length is important when choosing a rod, its weight and action is also vital as it needs to be light enough to hold all day, the Sphere 15’6 weighs just 175g and has an action classified as ultra-fast and stiff, ideal for picking the line and hitting those bites, yet its soft forgiving 50cm solid carbon tip is perfect when using fine lines and small hooks. Reel choice is also important and in some most cases, especially when grayling fishing, a centerpin just can’t be beaten, yet many of the chub swims here on the Test mean trotting close to the far bank and this is where a fixed spool reel comes into play, just ensure its small enough so that your finger can cover and trap the line coming of the front of the spool. As for the rig itself this consists of a big float, one that is man enough to dominate the swim. Big traditional stick floats are ok, but on these fast flowing, often turbulent swims I prefer alloy stems and you just can’t beat Dave Harrell No1 Alloy Stem Avon’s and I keep a range of sizes to hand from 2g right up to 6g! To shot these floats I use an inline olivette, the same weight as the float (these floats take a bit more shot than stated), and trap it above the hook length with two No6 shot. The hook length, which is usually around twelve to eighteen inches and created from Cenex Hybrid Power Mono is attached to the mainline on a simple loop-to-loop basis and apart from a further No6 and two No8 spaced evenly to the hook the rig is finished off with the non-forgiving, sharp and reliable Beast in a size 12.

chub float fishing tackle

Hybrid Mono hook lengths and Beast hooks give me total reliability. 

chub float fishing olivette

Use an olivette to create a tangle-free bulk shot.

chub float fishing reel

Sphere MgTi fixed spool, perfect in this situation thanks to its brilliant line-lay and precision front drag.

Don’t forget

Two vital items of tackle are a bait apron which contains the bait and avoids constantly bending down and a peaked cap which makes spotting bites easier due to it blocking any unnecessary glare off the water.

Tricky one

For today’s session I’ve picked a reliable but extremely tricky swim, one where rapid shallows drop away into deeper water. It would be great if the chub were on the near bank but the bank side cover on the far bank mean that’s where they live. The rivers faster than normal and carrying some colour so although I’m confident of catching, it’s not going to be plain sailing but certainly far more productive than if I were to fish for grayling!

Bare hook reward

Can you believe it, whilst trotting through with a bare hook and getting my depth set I’ve hooked a chub, fair and square in the bottom lip. Things go to plan with a number of chub gracing the net in the first couple of hours before a dull in action but persisting a further four cracking chub fall in as many casts before two more late in the day send me home a very contented angler.

Chomping at the bit!

Can’t wait for a return; maybe for a grayling session next time, but how can I ignore such a fantastic chub swim.

Colin Sheppard

chub float fishing

Colin’s Float Fishing for Chub Tackle

Sphere 15’6 Sliced-Tip River Rod

Sphere MgTi 930 Reel

3g Alloy Avon Stick Float

Inline 3g Olivette

Black Magic Gold 0.17mm/4.50lb Mono

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono 0.12mm/3.70lb Hook Length

Sphere Beast size 12 Hook

No 6 and No8 Split Shot

Colin’s Bait

Two loaves of Warburton medium sliced bread  

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sphere multi kit camou 2

Sphere Multi Kit Camou

Sphere Multi Kit Camou

If you are looking for an edge in your margin or shallow fishing then the Sphere Multi Kit Camou are well worth having in your armoury. As the name suggests, the number one sections of these two-piece kits feature a specially designed camouflage finish. The disruptive surface design of these kits casts less of a silhouette when viewed from underneath, especially against cloud cover. 

Carp can easily spook when a kit is waved around over their heads, especially in shallow water, but these kits tilt the odds in your favour. 

Like all Sphere kits, the Multi Kit Camou models feature Browning’s innovative Duo Bush system, which eliminates the need to cut them back to fit thicker elastics. 

The kits are have a reinforced area for fitting a pulla kit as standard and are available in both a standard and light versions, and measure a full 2.5 metres in length.

If you are looking to add more kits to your Sphere or Silverlite pole then these Camou kits are well worth checking out. 

Length – 2.5 metres

Weight – standard 43 grams / light 35 grams. 

Tip Diameter – 3.9mm / 4.5mm Duo Bush System

sphere multi kit camou 1
sphere multi kit camou 3

"The Camou version of the Multi Kit is perfect when fishing shallow."

sphere multi kit camou 6

Sphere Multi Kit’s give you maximum flexibility, and thanks to the brilliant Duo Bush system they do not need to be cut back to fit heavier elastics.

sphere multi kit camou 7

Poles can easily scare carp when fishing shallow in open water. The camouflage finish on these kits is ideal in this type of fishing situation.

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SPHERE MATCH hooks to nylon

Sphere Match - Hooks to Nylon

In this new short video England International Rory Jones takes a look at one of his favourite hooks for natural venues – the Sphere Match, and why he chooses hooks to nylon for much of his river fishing.


Hit the play button below to watch now.

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sphere ultra strong hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks


When big, strong bonus fish are on the cards I reach for the Sphere Ultra Strong hooks. These spade-end hooks are the same shape as the Ultra Lite pattern that I use a lot in my feeder fishing, but in a stronger wire gauge. This makes them ideal for feeder fishing for big fish, with bigger, heavier baits. On the river Trent they are ideal, because you never know when a barbel, or big chub will put in an appearance. So if I am feeder fishing for bream on the river this will be my hook of choice.


Try it for the Flat Float

The Sphere Ultra Strong hooks are also ideal for fishing the flat float with bits of worm for perch when the river is carrying some extra water. Once again, you need a strong hook, but one that is balanced to the gear and baits used, and this fits the bill perfectly. 

For those demanding situations when you need a strong, yet light, hook, this is the one. 

Tom Noton

Available in sizes from 8 to 18 with a black nickel finish. 


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sphere ultra strong hook 2
sphere ultra strong hook 3
Tom Noton bream

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag

Sphere Large Multi Net & Tray Bag

Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag


Many of the matches and festivals that I fish are carp dominated and with winning weights at an all time high, and limits placed on each keepnet, several nets are often required. This also means having a net bag that is large enough to carry multiple keepnets.

The Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag has an inner net pocket that easily accommodates three standard-sized keepnets, as well as several landing net heads. The strapped side pocket is large enough for side trays.

One of the most important points about the zipped main net pocket is that the internal seams are welded together preventing any leakage. There’s also a large front pocket with a clip closure adjustable strap where loads more tackle, such as riddles, can be placed. 

The Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag also looks really good with its distinctive carbon-effect finish and is made from high quality, specialist PVC which also wipes clean really easily.

There’s also a padded adjustable shoulder strap which can be easily removed if placing on a trolley and two further carry handles which can be locked together with a Velcro’s strap for comfortable transportation.

Another great feature is all the areas that get the most wear have been looked at and reinforced and the top quality, hard wearing zip won’t let you down. 

An innovative quality large net / tray bag that takes everything I need and more.  

Michael Colsino


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Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 2

Extra strong zips are a key feature on the Sphere luggage range – they won’t let you down.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 3

The main compartment is large enough to hold three compact keepnets.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 4

All of the components are top-quality, to give years of service.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 5

The shoulder carry strap can be removed if not required when using the bag on a barrow.