double pole sock cover

Polesafe Double Pole Sock

Polesafe Double Pole Sock

The Polesafe Double Pole Sock is ideal when you are fishing long but restricted behind and need to break the pole down into two sections rather than one long length. 

The sock section is made from soft EVA which emanates snagging or further damage to worn or chipped sections and are deep enough to hold the sections securely at all times. 

Something that I love about this pole sock is its frame is extremely rigid meaning that when I’m fishing long I can place the pole on top of the sock and effortlessly ship the pole out and into position. No need for a pole support anymore as this product serves two purposes.

John Pantrey

Polesafe double pole sock 1

This Pole Sock holds two sections securely in the soft padded material.

Polesafe double pole sock 2

Even when faced with a side wind the sections are not going anywhere.

Polesafe double pole sock 3

The soft mesh material holds section securely, whilst the central divider stops the sections from hitting each other.

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