f1's on the method feeder 1

The 'Method' for F1's

The ‘Method’ feeder or otherwise known as the Flatbed Feeder has revolutionised feeder fishing on commercials over the past few years. Hook lengths seem to be getting shorter and shorter with some anglers dropping this down to just an inch or so in order to get a quick bite and capitalize on the aggressive feeding nature of the fish found in many of these heavily stocked venues.

Orchard Place Farm Fishery in Kent has twelve lakes in total, three of which are classified as general/match lakes and today I’ve come to the biggest, Lake 6 which is heavily stocked with a mix of species, yet my target today are F1’s. F1’s are great fun, feeding all year round and can be very obliging on far from ideal conditions like today when other species simply refuse to feed. 

Activate the swim

My preferred method here is the feeder and I’ve picked a swim which features an island, as I’m sure the fish will be doing their best to avoid this bright sunshine and heading for some cover. Regular casting to activate the swim, especially at the start of a session, is essential, as is accuracy so after a few practice cast so that the feeder lands just inches from the bank, it’s time to clip up and get fishing. 

f1's on the method feeder 2
f1 method feeder 3

Sucking up the entire contents

Bait today is simple, a single red maggot on the hook and a 50/50 mix of Champion’s Method Mussel Green and Formula Fish groundbait. This was mixed on arrival with lake water and allowed to draw in the moisture for a few minutes, before dampening down again, waiting a few more minutes before mixing using a groundbait whisk. An addition to this is a good scattering of dampened down micros and when the mix can be compressed in the palm of my hand and on releasing expand without breaking up, I know I have the right consistency that will cling to the feeder. I have also bought along some 6mm hard pellets, just in case I need a switch but I’m guessing these won’t come into play as F1’s love maggots. It might sound strange using a groundbait mix with pellets in and then maggot on the hook but I think that the feeder delivers just enough bait for a fish to suck up the whole contents including the maggot. Speed is of the essence here and maggots offer just that without being detrimental to the time it takes to get a bite. No bait bands or fiddling around re-baiting and quite often the maggot is good for more than one fish.    

Creating a safe bolt rig

The tackle I’m using today consists of a rod that I just cannot fault, the Sphere Bomb +10% and I’ve teamed this up with a Sphere MgTi 930 loaded with Black Magic Gold 0.21mm (8lb) mono. This style of fishing punishes a mainline repeatedly but this multi-purpose reliable line is really abrasion resistant and simply deals with everything thrown at it. On the business end I’m using a 20g Black Magic Method feeder but instead of tying the mainline direct to the swivel I’ve threaded the feeder onto my mainline, through the swivel and then back through the feeder before tying a figure of eight overhand knot to secure. This doubling over of line simply gives me the security that the line won’t weaken near to the feeder and although the feeder can pass easily over the knot above, it does produce some resistance and in turn, a safe bolt rig. My hooklink which attaches to the feeder swivel is short, around two-inches, contains a barbless size 16 Sphere CPF LS Hook and is made from 0.16mm (6.6lb) Cenex Hybrid Power Mono. All in all a robust set up that’s easily capable of withstanding and dealing with the big weights of fish we get from here.  

method feeder hooks
f1 catch picture

Struggling to hit bottom

Having no other anglers targeting the island I wasn’t surprised that on the first cast, and moments after the feeder landing, a few liners revealed that a fish, or a few fish are active. After waiting a further sixty seconds it’s time to wind in and repeat. Four casts in and after a couple of indications, probably caused by a fish sucking in the contents of the feeder, the tip pulls round and the first F1’s comes to the net. More follow and after just thirty minutes the feeder is struggling to hit bottom before the tip pulls round and another F1’s gets hooked. This continues in the same manor for the next four hours before its time to call it a day and with upwards of 150lb of fish netted, it proves the point that the ‘Method’ is a tactic you simply can’t ignore.


Dean Tennant

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xcite bf reel 1


New Product Launch - XCITE BF Reels

Looking for the perfect reel for Method feeder fishing? The new Xcite BF free-spool reels are perfect for match fishing for carp and other powerful fish. The free-spool system instantly gives line when engaged to stop carp from smashing the line on vicious bites. 

As you have come to expect from Browning reels, the Xcite has been designed to be a rugged work-horse that will not let you down. The strong construction features a compact carbon graphite body and rotor which houses the precision engineered gears. Line lay on the aluminium spool is faultless, for improved casting distance and accuracy. 

Each spool is fitted with two line-friendly clips. One is a traditional design, whilst the second has a softer construction, enabling the line to release under pressure before the line breaks – a useful innovation when big carp are likely to be encountered. 

The precision front drag can be adjusted to give line consistently and can be relied upon to not let you down. The instant anti-reverse enable fish to be landed faster, and for the tension on the rod tip to be adjusted precisely, so no bites are missed. 

A brilliant addition to the Browning range of reels, just perfect for feeder fishing for big fish. 

xcite bf reel 2
xcite bf reel 3
xcite bf reel 4
xcite bf reel 5
xcite bf reel 6

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cenex method mono 1

CENEX Method Mono

CENEX Method Mono

The hurly-burly of Method Feeder fishing demands a really tough line that can stand up to landing big fish, time after time. Recently, I swapped to Browning’s excellent Cenex Method Mono, which not only has brilliant abrasion resistance, but several other key features too. 

Even the best tied knots can let you down in some lines when subjected to Method fishing, but this line really can take the strain and a well tied knot will take the strain. The breaking strain is also very high for its diameter, to I opt for the heaviest 0.26mm diameter in the summer months which has a breaking strain of 15lb. Why risk losing fish when you can use a string line to have that extra margin for error? 

Many modern nylon lines have a tendency to be neutral buoyancy and difficult to get to cut-through the surface film, especially when fishing at range. Method Mono certainly sinks quickly, and cuts through easily, making it a lot easier to gently tighten up to the feeder. 

Method Mono has a pleasing camouflage appearance made up of three different colours that certainly helps it blend in with the lake bed. All in all, it is great to see a company making a line specifically for this style of fishing. 

Jon Whincup

Diameters Available:

0.20mm – 8.10lb

0.22mm – 10.40lb

0.24mm – 12.80lb

0.26mm – 15.00lb

cenex method mono 2
cenex method mono 3

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hydrus method feeder

Hydrus Method Feeder

Hydrus Method Feeder

The Hydrus Method Feeders are my favourite when fishing at range or when the swim in front is very silty.

No spillage

The raised sides hold groundbait or pellets firmly in place, with no spillage when casting distances of up to seventy yards with the heaviest 80g version. These feeders also tend to sink slower coming to rest on the bottom and not burying into the silt so you can rest assured that every providing perfect presentation. 

Versatile and accurate

They cast really well also as when filled the wider end becomes heaviest so accuracy is ensured. This wider end also allows a fish to approach the feeder and easily suck in the hookbait and loose feed and being inline you can fish these easily as a running or semi-fixed bolt rig. 

There is a Mould that allows groundbait and pellets to be loaded neatly, however when speed fishing or casting at range I prefer to add a little feed, before adding the hookbait then simply compressing more bait within in the palm of my hand. 

Length 6cm

Width 3cm

Weight 20g/30g/50g/80g

 Colin Sheppard – Browning Team Crowsport

hydrus feeder 2
hydrus feeder 3
hydrus feeder 4
hydrus feeder 6

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Cenex Method Mono 2

Cenex Method Mono

Cenex Method Mono

One of my favourite mainlines in the Cenex range is the Method Mono. It’s a specialist camou-coloured Co-Polymer reel line, super abrasion resistant with limited stretch and sinks like a plummet!

I use this when I’m fishing the method and know the action is going to be fast and furious from numerous big fish as this reel line really can take everything I can throw at it. 

A really dependable, strong, reliable competition mainline that’s can take loads of abuse but equally as popular with the specialist big fish angler who wants their line to be as inconspicuous as possible. 

Available on 150m spools in four diameters –

0.20mm – 8.10lb

o.22mm – 10.40lb

0.24mm – 12.80lb

0.26mm – 15.00lb 

Tim Bruce

Cenex Method Mono 1

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feeder rod holdall 1

Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

New to the Xitan range of outstanding luggage is the Feeder Rod Keeper range consisting of four holdall options to protect and transport ready made up feeder rods.

The option I have is the Keeper 3+ standard length but there’s a three rod option in a slightly longer length plus a two and four rod holdall. As the name suggest it fully protect three made up rods and has been made deliberately wide for easy removal of rods. The main compartment has two zips situated in the centre of the bag and opens with unique grip handles providing quick and easy access to the rods. These zips are situated on the rear of the holdall which eliminates any possibility of damage to the line on the made up rods. 

Made from light, yet robust waterproof wipe down material this holdall has loads of additional external features such as two external pockets. The first contains two integrated tubes for storage of additional tips, the other houses items such as banksticks and feeder arms. 

There’s an external brolly pocket with elasticised straps to keep everything neat and tidy and it has both a Velcro’s carry handle and a padded adjustable shoulder strap. There’s even protective feet on the reinforced base to prevent any wear and tear to this crucial area and as expected it comes in the stylish black and red trim finish.

No more struggles getting rods in and out of tight rod holdalls and peace of mind that there is no way the mainline on the made up rods will get damaged.

Well thought through and a real problem solver!


 Tim Bruce

xitan feeder rod keeper 1
xitan feeder rod keeper 4
xitan feeder rod keeper 2
feeder rod holdall 1
xitan feeder rod keeper 3
xitan feeder rod keeper 5

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black viper sic reel 1

Black Viper SLC Reel

Black Viper SLC Reels - Designed for the most demanding venues.

Developed for anglers looking to feeder fish on the largest and most demanding venues across Europe, the new Black Viper SLC is the reel for powerful rivers and long range feeder fishing. 

Hidden inside the compact body lies a heart steel. The worm shaft gears are precision engineered to give years of service when retrieving heavy swimfeeders from long range. 

The balanced rotor and power handle also reduce fatigue and improve smoothness on the retrieve giving serious cranking power. Coupled with the 4.6:1 gear ratio and 94cm retrieve per turn of the handle fishing at ranges of 60 metres and beyond is easier than ever before. 

The spool design has been carefully designed to improve line release, especially when casting with fine braids. The long stroke spool delivers perfect line-lay, with a low resistance spool lip reducing friction. 

Two line-friendly sprung line clips are fitted to the spool, enabling the angler to clip up on two different lines when required. 

Whilst a lot of anglers will appreciate that the drag can be locked down, for those targeting carp on Boddington and other big stillwaters, the micro-adjustable drag enable powerful fish to be landed faster.

If you are serious about fishing big rivers such as the Trent or Severn, or want to consistently put a Method feeder beyond the competition, then the Black Viper SLC is the reel for you. 

black viper slc casting
black viper slc line lay

The worm shaft oscillation system gives faultless line lay, even with fine braided main lines.

black viper slc line clip

Two line-friendly clips are fitted to each spool, giving dual options when clipping-up.

black viper slc drag

The precision drag can be fully locked down for silverfish fishing, or adjusted to in micro-increments when fishing for big carp.

black viper slc rotor

The balanced rotor and powerful gearing make retrieving heavy feeders from long range stress-free.

black viper slc spool

The Black Viper SLC is the perfect partner for long-range feeder fishing on the most demanding venues.

black viper slc braid

Casting distance and accuracy is enhanced, thanks to the precision-designed spool and incredible line-lay.

black viper slc reel 3

Black Viper SLC reels feature: 

  • Continuous anti-reverse
  • Gear ratio 4.6:1
  • 2 easy to use line-safe clips
  • Balanced rotor, producing silky smooth action
  • Compact housing design
  • Finely adjustable large-surface front drag
  • Powerful handle
  • Large line roller with anti-twist system
  • Thick bail arm for optimal balance
  • Robust worm shaft power gears
  • Aluminium Long Stroke™ spool
  • Worm shaft oscillation system
  • Rapid line retrieval – 94cm per revolution
  • Weight 618 grams
  • Line capacity 300m of 0.16mm

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ck method feeder rod cover

CK Method Feeder Rod

CK Method Feeder Rod

Many of the venues I fish have carp that just seem to be getting bigger and bigger and I needed a rod that was capable of taming these, especially when fishing the feeder and straight bomb. The CK 11’ Method Feeder Rod fitted the bill perfectly as it not only combined sensitivity with power it also gave me a rod that was extremely balanced and versatile.  

A couple of my favourite features are – it’s a two piece rod which means it can be easily transported made up and instantly ready to go when I get to the fishery and being so versatile it can be used for all types of feeder and straight bomb work.  Created with some extra weight and casting power it’s great when fishing for big fish at range, but I’ve found it’s equally as good when sensitivity is needed close in.

It has a lovely balanced feel with a stepped-up-action, great for taming big fish, or casting feeders a long way, yet the tip is forgiving enough to reduce hook pulls under the rod tip. It’s also extremely slim, has ultra low friction guides throughout, a keeper ring and the contoured handle sits perfectly along my forearm when playing a fish as well as being supplied with 1oz and 2oz tips.    

If double-figure carp are giving you the run-around then it is time you got yourself a CK Method Feeder Rod.


Tim Bruce

ck method feeder rod casting
ck method feeder rod handle

The CK rods feature secure screw-down reel seats.

ck method feeder rod rings

Low-profile braid-friendly rings are fitted to all of the CK rod range.

ck method feeder landing

The CK Method Feeder rod is ideal for venues where the carp run big!


CK (Carp King) range of rods offer great value for money and ‘do what they say on the tin’ – covering a wide range of modern commercial carp fishing tactics without breaking the bank.

CK method feeder big carp

A stunning big winter common carp tamed by the CK Method Feeder rod.

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CK Carp Wand 2

Carp King Carp Wand

The first thing I noticed when picking up the Carp King Carp Wand for the first time was that it felt and looked like a rod that should have a much higher price tag, yet this rod as well as all the others in the CK range are classified as Browning’s budget rods, impressive or what? 

Just like all the rods in the CK range the Carp King Carp Wand is perfectly balanced, weighs just 157g and is fitted throughout with high quality fittings such as the low-friction rings, special contoured handle, reliable screw fit reel seat, snag-free hook keeper and it’s supplied with two tips, 1oz and 1.5oz.

Being a two piece rod I carry this rod made up to all my matches. Just add a pair of rod protectors or bands to hold the rod pieces together.

When the need arises to cast a small pellet feeder or Method feeder up to 25m it’s the perfect tool for bagging up on commercial carp. Its ultra slim blank and forgiving action almost eliminates hook pulls and its short length, just 8’ not only increases casting accuracy but lands those carp far quicker than longer rods.

If you’re looking for a short versatile rod that talks up very little room that can be grabbed when needed to target those hard fighting commercial carp then look no further.     

Alex Reynolds


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CK Carp Wand 1

The Carp King range covers a wide range of commercial fishing tactics, at a great price.

CK Carp Wand 3

A quality screw reel seat and split cork / EVA handle are standard on the Carp King rods.

CK Carp Wand 4

A low-profile hook keeper tube is a neat touch.

CK Carp Wand ring

Quality rings are fitted throughout.

Method Feeder Carp 1

How to Fish the Method Feeder for Carp

How to Fish the Method Feeder for Carp

The Method-Feeder has dominated match fishing on many venues over the past few years. Today I am fishing the Match Lake at Blind Lane Fisheries in Essex where the huge population of carp really respond to this method.

Conditions are far from perfect so I’ve chosen my swim carefully, one that has plenty of cover on the island, an area I’m sure the carp will head too once the sun gets up. I’m also tackling this venue with a different bait, something you probably haven’t heard of or used before but one that’s bought me great success recently. All will be revealed later.

Tackle for the day consists of one of my favourite rods, the beautifully balance 10’ Sphere Bomb, however as I’m fishing clipped up right next to the snags and can’t give these fish an inch have opted for the slightly more powerful +10% version.  This has been complimented with the silky smooth Sphere MgTi 920, the smallest of four in this range, which is loaded with Cenex 0.16mm Feeder Mono. This mainline is a medium-stretch sinking line so bites are registered far quicker than standard monofilaments and the lack of stretch stops fish getting within the unforgiving snags on the far bank. On the business end I’m using a 30g Hydrus Metal Method Feeder which I set up so its semi fixed creating a bolt effect along with a four-inch hooklink made from Cenex 0.16mm Hybrid Power Mono which has a size 16 barbless Sphere Beast tied knotless-knot style with a hair containing a Silicone Pellet Band.  

Onto bait, one that’s very versatile, cheap and will catch you loads of fish wherever you take it. What is it, corn pellets? These can be bought in bulk from any animal feed outlet and all I do is place a small piece within the bait band. This bait is really light so a fish can really suck it in easily and it’s something they haven’t seen before and believe me it will catch you loads of fish. For the feeder mix what I do is create a 50/50 mix of finely ground corn pellets and Champion’s Choice Big Fish Groundbait. Together these create a light fluffy mix, great for the method feeder and oozing out a lovely irresistible sweet smelling flavour of corn, almond, vanilla and marzipan!

Sphere Bomb +10% Rod

The Sphere Bomb +10% Power rod is ideal for light Method feeder fishing on commercial fisheries.

Sphere reel line clip

Use the line clip on your reel to cast accurately every time. This is especially useful when fishing tight to far bank cover.

Cenex Feeder Mono

Always use a strong, abrasion resistant line when Method Feeder fishing. Cenex Feeder mono is ideal.

"Corn pellets are a versatile and cheap bait that carp love."

Cenex Hybrid Power Line

Cenex Hybrid Mono is perfect for hookengths, being clear in colour and with a very high strength for its diameter.

Sphere Beast Hooks

The Sphere Beast hooks are the best carp hooks I have ever used. Not only are they very strong for the wire thickness, but they are incredibly sharp too. Be sure to check them out.

Bait Bands

Bait Bands make changing the hard pellet hookbait very easy.

The session has gone to plan and as expected the bright conditions have seen many of the carp heading for the shade of the snags. Other anglers around fishing into open water are struggling, yet by continuously casting to the same spot I’ve tempted a nice net of carp and F1’s. The tackle I’ve used is balanced, yet robust and strong enough to stop everyone getting into the snags, so all in all a great mornings fishing showing that if you choose the right swim, use appropriate tackle and a bait they just can’t refuse, even on the toughest days, great sort can be had.

How to fish the method feeder for carp.

Alec Roberts 


Alec’s Tackle

Sphere 10’ Bomb Rod +10%

Sphere MgTi 920 Reel

Cenex 0.16mm Feeder Mono 

Hydrus 30g Metal Method Feeder

Cenex 016mm Hybrid Power Mono

Sphere size 16 barbless Beast Hook

Silicone Bait Band

Alec’s Bait

Corn Pellets

Champion’s Choice Big Fish Groundbait


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Use a Method Feeder 1

Place your hookbait in the indentation in the centre of the Method mould.

Use a Method Feeder 2

Fill the mould with groundbait, place the Method feeder over the top and push down firmly.

Use a Method Feeder 3

Flex the mould to release the feeder. The loaded feeder should look like this, with the hookbait sat right in the middle.