xitan Xtreme Margin pole 1

Xitan Xtreme Margin Pole

Xitan Xtreme Margin Pole

If you are looking for a great value margin pole this summer then check out the quality Xitan Xtreme Margin Pole. With an added wrap for strength along all sections, this is a one strong 9.5m pole, yet weighs under 500 grams at 8.7m, making it one of the lightest margins poles you can find. The light weight and stiffness make this a great short pole for all-round fishing too. 

Supplied with top kits that are fitted with Browning’s Duo Bush system and with side-pullers fitted, all you need to do is add some Hybrid elastic and you are ready to go!

The Xtreme Margin is fully section compatible with all current and past Xitan poles so is the perfect summer partner or backup pole for Xitan owners. 

  • The first choice for anglers needing a good quality, strong, but remarkably light, “short” pole for margin or general fishing 
  • Built to the same quality standards as other Xitan poles with special carbon reinforcing to add strength 
  • Supplied with a reversible Pole Protector section which fits the final two sections to add strength and protect from damage 
  • Supplied with large bore “pulla” power kits, pre-fitted with Browning’s unique Duo-bush, which accepts the heaviest elastics without cutting 
  • Fully section compatible with all current and past Xitan poles so a perfect summer partner or backup pole. 
  • Elastic rating 20+

Set content Xitan Xtreme Margin Set 9,5m:
– 9,5m Xitan Xtreme Margin pole
– 2x Xitan SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla Kit 4,5/5,5mm
– 1x Xitan Pole Protector 5/6

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xitan Xtreme Margin pole 5

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