straight lead rig

Straight Bomb Rig

Rig it Right: Straight Bomb Rig

Although the Pellet Waggler and fishing the Bomb complement each other, especially on commercial fisheries that are carp dominated, there are times when the Bomb will out-fish the Waggler. One is obvious, simply because the carp just don’t want to come up in the water, another is it takes time to get the fish feeding confidently up in the water so the Straight Bomb Rig is a great method to start a match of with whilst pinging in pellets to tease them into rising up in the water.

Justin Watkins


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straight lead catch
straight lead rig 1

1 – Thread a small Quick Change Swivel onto the mainline. I use Cenex 0.20mm Feeder Mono.

straight lead 2

2 – Using a six -turn Blood Knot attach a medium Connector Bead, remembering to moisten and test once pulled down.

straight lead 3

3 – Remove around twelve inches of 0.18mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono to create the hook length.

straight lead 4

4 – Attach a silicone Pellet Band to one end of this line with a six-turn Blood Knot, moisten and tighten carefully as not to kink the line.

straight lead 5

5 – Passing the hook length through the back of the eye, thread on a size 14 or 12 Sphere Beast Barbless Hook.

straight lead rig 6

6 – Create a short hair and trap the line against the hook.

"ideal, when the carp want a bait hard on the deck."

straight lead rig 7

7 – Whip the hook length approximately seven times around the shank of the hook.

straight lead rig 8

8 – Pass the tag end, once again, through the back of the hook.

straight lead rig 9

9 – Moisten and tighten down.

straight lead rig 10

10 – The end product should look like this.

straight lead rig 11

11 – Using a figure of eight overhand knot create a loop in the tag end.

straight lead rig 12

12 – Moisten down and tighten.

straight lead rig 13

13 – Attach the hook length, which should be around ten inches to start with, to the Connector Bead.

straight lead rig 14

14 – Attach a 1/3oz (10g) Square Bomb Lead to the Quick Change Swivel.

straight lead rig 15

15 – You can always use a ready tied hook length if preferred such as a Feeder Leader ‘Method’.

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Autumn F1's - Match Fishing Live Video

In this new video we join Justin Watkins at Warwickshire’s Tunnel Barn Farm and follow his progress ‘live’ through his match.

With the first frost of the year having occurred the night before, how will the lake fish, and how will Justin adapt his tactics to the tough conditions?

Watch to the end of the video to find out if Justin can turn a good draw into a lake-winning weight.

Sphere Feeder MH 390 fishing rod - specialised for feeder fishing.

Sphere Feeder MH 390 fishing rod!

The Sphere 13ft Medium Heavy Feeder Rod is ideal for my style of fishing, especially on the larger stillwaters and wider rivers where casting further is often needed, bream dominate, massive weights are possible and heavier feeders and thicker lines are required.


Probably the most impressive part of this rod is its ultra slim and ultra light, weighing in at just 210g! Created from the highest quality carbon blank available this rod is as close to perfection as it comes and simply oozes quality throughout from the ultra low friction “Skeletal” SIC guides to the Fuji reel seat. The unique ergonomic weight reducing handle has been designed to follow the contours of your arm, hand and fingers when playing a fish or casting, transmits more feel throughout and the quality of the blank adds metres and accuracy to each and every cast made. The responsive blank reduces the chance of hook-pulls under the rod tip, especially from soft mouthed fish such as skimmers, yet it still has loads of power in the middle reaches to subdue bigger fish such as carp that will undoubtedly get hooked from time to time. 

Supplied with four tips, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz and 3oz makes this rod extremely versatile and easily capable of casting weights up to 100g on these bigger more demanding venues. 

Take a look at the Sphere range of rods and if possible give one a go, you won’t be disappointed. 

Justin Watkins  

Sphere Feeder MH 390 - fishing rod

The Sphere fishing rod is the best of the best.

Low friction ‘Skeletal’ SiC guides.

Custom Fuji reel seat saves weight and improves comfort.

"If you are looking for the best feeder & fishing rods check out the Sphere range."

I love the custom Fuji reel seats on the Sphere rods.

The fishing rods are made with true spigot joints giving flawless actions.

The Sphere MH Feeder is supplied with four tips, from 1oz to 3oz, covering a wide range of tactics and flows.