Xitan Microbore elastic 1

Xitan Microbore Elastic

For my heavier summer and autumn rigs, especially when I am expecting some decent hard-fighting carp, the Xitan Microbore Elastic really comes into its own. For rigs with a 0.14mm – 0.16mm hooklengths and hooks in the 14-16 range I go for the Blue / Pearl Microbore, which is rated 9-13 normal elastic. 

Despite being 30% thinner than normal hollow elastics, the Microbore retains a x7 stretch, meaning that I can run it through either one or two-piece kits, depending upon the size of the fish. Being thinner, Microbore is also a lot lighter than most hollow elastics, and you can really feel the difference when fishing long. 

If you are looking for a top-quality hollow elastic then do check out the Xitan Microbore Elastic. I think it offers some advantages over other elastics, it is also very long lasting, making it good value too. 

Jon Whincup


Microbore Specifications:

Lime Green – ⌀1.3mm – 3-5

Orange – ⌀1.5mm – 5-7

Pink – ⌀1.9mm – 7-9

Blue / Pearl – ⌀2.3mm – 9-13

Hunter Green – ⌀2.7mm – 13-17

Rocket Red – ⌀3mm – 17-21



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Xitan Microbore Elastic 1

Microbore Elastic covers a wide-range of different diameters.

Xitan Microbore Elastic 2

The small bore makes for a thinner, lighter elastic that deforms less when running through a bush.

Microbore elastic and bush

I use a Dacron Connector with Xitan Microbore Elastic.

Jon Whincup carp pole

The blue Microbore is perfect for hook lengths of 0.14mm – 0.16mm for summer carp rigs.

Jon Whincup beast hooks

Sphere Beast Hook

When I am looking for a strong but light hook the Sphere Beast hook is my choice. Available in both eyed and spade-end versions, the barbless Beast is ideal for hard-fighting carp from spring to late autumn. 

There is something special about the steel used in these hooks. They are very light for such a strong hook, yet they keep their points very well and hook changes are almost a thing of the past. 

The attention to detail is also very good. Spades are formed perfectly, and the eyes are well closed, reducing line breakages significantly. 

The eyed version is ideal for hair-rigging, especially for Method feeder fishing. I like the spade-end version when fishing soft pellets on the pole. Being a light hook the weight doesn’t effect the movement of the bait as much as some other patterns. 

Hook shape is very much a personal preference, but I have noted that I get few hook-pulls with patterns like this that have a short shank, and in-turned point, which is especially noticeable when Method fishing. 

One more thing to note is that the Sphere Beast hook is available in an unusual size 13. You might think this is a big deal, but the difference in size is quite noticeable, and I have found it very useful. 

A really useful hook, especially as it is available in both eyed and spade versions. Good value too as you get 15 hooks in each pack. 


● The perfect big fish hook, use them for carp and barbel

● Short shank, wide gape, in-turned point

● Made using fine Japanese steel for unrivalled strength to weight

● Teflon coating helps you hit more bites

● Available in both eyed and spade-end barbless versions in sizes 8 to 16. 

● Available in barbed spade-end version in sizes 8 to 16

● Fifteen hooks per pack


What makes the Sphere Beast hook so special?

The popular Sphere Beast hooks are now also available in a barbless version. With their straight design, wide gape and Japanese high-performance steel, they have quickly become the number one when it comes to landing feisty fish such as carp and barbel in difficult conditions. The special feature of the barbless Sphere Beast is the Teflon coating that guarantees particularly easy penetration into the mouth of the fish. As a result, the hook holds particularly firmly and pull-outs are significantly reduced.


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sphere beast hook eyed and spade

The Sphere Beast hook is available in both eyed and spade-end versions.

sphere beast eye

Quality control on all of the Sphere hooks is second to none.

"The unusual size 13 has proven to be really useful for pellet fishing."

sphere beast hook 1

There is something about the shape of the Beast hook that means I lose less fish.

sphere beast hook spade

The spade version of the Sphere Beast is ideal for pole fishing for carp with expander pellets.

autumn carp pole fishing

Autumn Commercial Carp Tactics

Jon Whincup shares his autumn commercial carp tactics during a session at the lovely Rookery Waters in Cambridgeshire.


Jon looks at why this can be a tricky time of the year when the weather conditions can play havoc with your plans. By staying flexible and explaining the three lines that he will fish, Jon keeps catching a puts together a lovely net of fish.


With the weather still remarkably warm for the time of year Jon finds plenty of carp and F1’s still willing to feed in the near and far margins. Here he finds around two to three feet of water. Unlike in summer, the carp are happy to feed on the deck in this depth of water.


Whilst, on the day, the deeper centre line, with around six feet of water, doesn’t produce consistently on the day, this can be a really good line once the temperatures start to drop.


To learn Jon’s Autumn Commercial Carp Tactics just hit the play button below to watch, or check out the video (and many others) over on the Browning YouTube channel.


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Browning Hoody 1

Browning Hoody

With the days shortening I find myself wearing my Browning Hoody almost every day. When there is a little bit of a chill this is the ideal layer to keep the cold at bay.

The design of these hoodys is ideal for fishing. Made from a nice heavyweight material and with a long cut it keeps me really warm.

I don’t use the hood a great deal, but it does help to protect the back of my neck when the wind is blowing. 

The hand warmer pockets are a nice touch, and I find myself using them mroe than I ever suspected. 

The lovely Browning livery matches the rest of my kit perfectly, and certainly stands out well on the bank. Look out for them in your local Browning Stockist.

Available in sizes from M to XXXL. 

This is just a part of the large range of Browning clothing designed specifically for match anglers seeking the very best.

Look out for our distinctive waterproofs, hats and shirts to keep you looking as good as you perform on the bank.



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Browning Hoody 2

The Browning Hoody makes a brilliant layer for the Spring and Autumn.

Browning Hoody 3

The hand warmer pocket is a useful addition.

Browning Hoody 4

The distinctive Browning livery.