Shallow Fishing - Tips & Tricks 2022

Jim Hall visits the prolific Lindholme Lakes and spends the day on the famous Bonsai lake in search and carp and F1’s shallow.


Jim looks at the rigs and tactics you need for shallow fishing, including the Jigga rig.


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popped up bread rig main

Popped-Up Bread Rig

Rig it Right - Popped-Up Bread Rig

Fishing a popped-up bread rig is a brilliant tactic in the winter months for carp and big F1’s, because the fish spend a lot more time a little way off the bottom than we might imagine. 

The blatant bread bait should be popped up straight off the lead, right in the face of any passing fish. It is essential that the bread is as buoyant as possible, so always leave the punched bread to expand before casting out. It can pay to make up a few hooklengths to allow a quick change between casts. I use a Warburtons sliced loaf, which is quite tough and nice and buoyant. 

There is no need for a big hook when fishing with bread, in fact the lighter the hook the better. I use a Sphere Beast in a size16, which is plenty enough to tame the biggest carp I am likely to hook.

I have found that a 20 gram bomb is about right, creating enough resistance to prick the carp, and  not making too much disturbance when I cast out. 

Because we are not introducing any feed try casting around the swim looking for fish. Once you have caught one, or had an indication it can be worth trying that spot again and the chances are more fish will be around. 

I know it can take a bit of confidence to fish with just popped-up bread, but believe me it is a brilliant tactic when the conditions are cold and the carp are not responding to other tactics. 

Tight Lines! 

Jim Hall

Cenex Hybrid Power mono

  1. I use Cenex Hybrid Power Mono in 0.14mm diameter for my bread and corn hooklengths. 

quick stop

2. Tie a Quick Stop onto a 40cm length of Hybrid Power using a small loop knot.

popped up bread hair

3. Tie on the size 16 Sphere Beast Eyed Barbless hook using a knotless knot. Make sure the hair is long enough to easily take three bread disks.

popped up bread loop

4. Tie a small overhand loop in the other end of the hooklength, giving a total length of about 30cm. Use a figure-of-eight loop for maximum strength.

popped up bread inline

5. Thread an inline bomb onto the end of the 0.20mm main line. 

popped up bread lead size

6. Having experimented with different weights, I find 20 grams is right, with enough weight to set the hook, without making too much splash.

popped up bread quick bead

7. Tie a Quick Change Bead to the end of the main line. 

popped up bread running rig

8. On most venues the rules dictate that the rig is free-running, with the bomb resting against the Quick Change Bead on the cast.

popped up bread in punch

9. Punch three 10mm disks of bread. It is very important to leave them in the punch for a few minutes to allow the bread to expand.

popped up bread on hair

10. Thread the bread disks onto the hair. There should be room on the hair for the bread to expand once it is cast out and becomes wet. 

popped up bread carp

Big carp like this can be your reward for fishing popped-up bread in winter.

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sphere bomb +10% power 3

Sphere Bomb +10% Power

I get asked a lot about rod choice when fishing for winter carp and F1’s and when it comes to bomb and feeder fishing then you can’t beat the awesome Sphere Bomb +10% Power.

For ranges up to about 40m – common fishing on most commercials, then these rods are an absolute must. Casting extremely accurately, yet telegraphing even the slightest bite or liner. 

I tend to use them with a 20 gram inline bomb, or small feeder, which loads them brilliantly for accurate casting. The weight is also sufficient to prick any fish that picks up the bait, even when the fish are quite lethargic. 

You might think that such a light rod would not be suitable for larger carp, but nothing could be further from the truth. The brilliant parabolic action of the Sphere Bomb +10% Power enables me to play big carp hard without the risk of hook-pulls. Landing fish quickly and, crucially, giving me extra fishing time.

Just look at the pictures and you will see how forgiving this rod is, the action is brilliant and I can land carp faster than ever before. The glass tips blend perfectly into the blank, magnifying even shy F1 bites.

Over the winter I am fishing the Bomb and Feeder League at Lindholme Lakes, and for most matches that means having just two rods set up. Both are the Sphere Bomb +10% Power. The first with a straight bomb for popped-up bread or corn. The second carrying a small Hybrid feeder loaded with micros. 

If you are looking for the very best tools for these jobs then check out the Bomb +10%. 

Jim Hall

sphere bomb +10% power 1
sphere bomb +10% power 2

Sphere Bomb +10% Power Specification

Length – 3m / 10’

Sections – 2 + tip

Weight – 133 grams

Casting Weight – 35 grams

Line Strength – 3 – 8lb

Tips – 0.5oz, 0.75oz, 1oz, 1.5oz

Tip Diameter – 3mm

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Match Fishing Live - Popped-Up Bread

Match Fishing Live – Popped-Up Bread


We join Jim Hall at Lindholme Lakes for the midweek Bomb and Feeder League, fished by some of the best anglers in the country. With storm Barra incoming the conditions are not ideal, but the fish are feeding and Jim enjoys an amazing days winter sport fishing simple popped-up bread tactics on the bomb.

Some great tips and tactics from Jim as he lands some proper carp and big F1’s in this brilliant new video.


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Match Fishing Live - Autumn Carp Pole Fishing Tactics

Join Jim Hall throughout the recent Browning Teams match at Rookery Waters in Cambridgeshire.


Having never fished the venue before, how will Jim’s years of commercial fishing experience translate into this new venue? Having drawn a decent peg, can he put together a good performance?

We follow Jim right through his match to see how it unfolds, his thinking and the tactics he uses.


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Hyper carp handle 1

Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle

A crucial part of landing big carp quickly is having a landing net that is up to the job. Not only does it have to be strong enough to scoop big carp constantly. It also needs to be stiff enough to enable precise manoeuvres. Even when using heavy carp nets. Over the last year I have been very impressed with the Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle. Which has been more than up to the job of landing carp well into double figures easily.

This is an extremely stiff handle, enabling me to scoop carp quickly, often before they realise what is happening. Yet, unlike many stiff handles, it doesn’t feel delicate or brittle in any way. It has taken some serious abuse in its stride. I particularly like the reinforced wrap which gives extra reassurance that this handle is well up to the job. 

If you fish a variety of different venues the 4m length and three piece design will come in very useful. Although it is not designed as a featherweight handle, it is perfect at full stretch, thanks to that rigidity. 

The bull-nosed male joints are another nice feature. Along with the reinforced machined fitting they give maximum strength in all of the high-stress areas. There are even alignment markers that ensure the pole has maximum strength and rigidity when assembled.

Landing net poles have a tough, unsung life, but are absolutely crucial pieces of kit. If you are looking for a brilliant all-rounder then look no further than the Hyper Carp XTR landing net handle. 

Jim Hall


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Hyper Carp handle 2

The Hyper Carp XTR handle is very strong and stiff, ideal for quickly netting big carp.

Hyper Carp handle 3

The carbon wrap increases strength and rigidity.

Hyper Carp handle 4

The bull nosed joints make assembling the pole very easy.

"Landing net poles have a tough, unsung life, but are absolutely crucial pieces of kit."

Hyper Carp handle 5

The Hyper Carp XTR handle is ideal for use with modern carp-friendly nets, which require a strong, stiff handle.

The end of the pole has been strengthened around the metal screen-thread and is tapered to accept a short ‘tipper’ section, which is available separately.

Hyper carp handle 1

A brilliant piece of kit for the modern commercial fishery angler.

how to elasticate your pole

How to Elasticate your Pole Top Kits.

In this new video Jim Hall looks at how to elasticate your pole top kits.

Using the new Browning Xitan Extreme Margin Pole Jim looks at the simple elastication set-up he uses on his top kits.


Jim uses the fitted side puller bushes and duo PTFE bushes in each two-piece top kit. The same method can be used on both one and two-piece top kits.


By using the side-puller the tension on the elastic can be increased when playing big carp. This gives improved  control as the pressure on the fish can be altered to land powerful fish faster.

The Duo bush system means that Browning top kits require no cutting back. Use them with a wide range of pole elastic diameters.


Setting up for big carp Jim uses the Rocket Red Microbore elastic. The same method can be used for both hollow and solid elastics.

Jim also uses the simple Dacron Connectors. These create a strong and neat connection between elastic and line.

Hit the play button below to watch the How to elasticate your pole top kits video now, or find the video on our YouTube channel here.


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