Great Value Float Fishing Combo!

Tim Bruce takes a look at this brilliant value float fishing combo from Browning.


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A great quality and durable front drag reel with all the advanced features needed when targeting quality fish. The ultra smooth and strong gear set is reliable when the pressure is on – these reels won’t let you down. These reels look good with a classy, subdued finish that matches our Black Magic range.


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CFX is the latest Browning rod range to carry the famous Black Magic® name. The new high-modulus carbon blanks are incredibly slim, but also tough and durable to give many years reliable service. The rods perform well beyond their price and are true “do anything” rods. The range includes float, feeder and bomb rods. The CFX Match rods are perfect general purpose float rods with the classic “waggler rod” action through the top and middle sections. Available in 2 lengths to cover all needs – lakes and rivers – small floats or large – plus a special “power match” version for fishing with heavy floats or bigger fish.


Black Magic CFX Waggler

Black Magic CFX Waggler

The Black Magic CFX range of rods are amazing and offers the modern day angler with everything they require including outstanding quality, performance and affordability.

I particularly like the 2 piece CFX Waggler as at 11ft I can carry this rod made up and ready to go saving me valuable time when I get to my swim. At less than fifty pound, yes less than fifty pound some might question its reliability, quality and performance but let’s face it Browning have been developing rods for many years, they know all there is to know so when you decide on purchasing one you can be assured that it’s not going to let you down and give you years of satisfaction.

Featuring a high-modulus carbon blank this ultra slim rod is not just tough and durable but amazingly light at just 202g which means you can use it effortlessly all day. This rod performs way above its price tag and if you weren’t aware you’d be fouled in thinking it was a top of the range rod! At 11’ and being two-piece it will appeal to the modern day general angler as well as it can be transported ready made up. Offering a fully parabolic action it has plenty of power in the middle reaches but is still soft enough to minimise hook pulls making it ideal for the pellet waggler or more conventional waggler fishing for bigger fish like carp. 

And it’s amazing value for money doesn’t just end there as not only does it look like the real deal it boasts a full cork handle, SIC guides throughout and is Epoxy coated! 

If you are looking for a real value for money quality rod/reel combination then why not team this rod up with a Black Magic FD reel, you won’t be disappointed!

Tim Bruce


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CK Micro Waggler rod 1

CK 9’ Micro Waggler

Having used the CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod for around 12 months now I can honestly say that it really does stand out and is an absolute joy to use. This 9’ two-piece rod is feather-light yet it tames big fish far quicker than longer more conventional rods.

It is also ultra slim, made from high quality carbon and weighs a mere 152g. It also has a short handle, specially shaped for comfort and speed, which allows me to cast and catch repeatedly all day.

Ideally suited to short to medium distance fishing. The CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod is exceptionally accurate and brilliant for speed fishing up in the water. Especially when bigger than average carp can be expected.

Another massive advantage is being a two-piece rod means that it can be transported and stored ready made up. The snag-free keeper ring is an additional nice touch.

Incredibly priced a just over £50 the CK 9′ Micro Waggler is a great value float rod just made for fun and speed. These days I just wouldn’t venture onto a carp commercial without it.

This is just one of a whole range of fantastic value CK rods that cover a number of different Commercial Fishery applications. From Method feeder fishing, to winter straight lead fishing. Match them with the brilliant Browning MSF fixed spool reels.


Be sure to check them out and grab yourself a bargain!

Filipe Passeira


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CK Micro Waggler rod 2

Bob Nudd with a fantastic catch or Tidal River Yare roach.

CK Micro Waggler rod 3

Tim Bruce with a cracking early spring carp.

CK Micro Waggler rod 4

Andy Blay with a proper feeder caught bream.

"I wouldn't want to visit a Commercial without this great little rod."