hydrus method feeder

Hydrus Method Feeder

Hydrus Method Feeder

The Hydrus Method Feeders are my favourite when fishing at range or when the swim in front is very silty.

No spillage

The raised sides hold groundbait or pellets firmly in place, with no spillage when casting distances of up to seventy yards with the heaviest 80g version. These feeders also tend to sink slower coming to rest on the bottom and not burying into the silt so you can rest assured that every providing perfect presentation. 

Versatile and accurate

They cast really well also as when filled the wider end becomes heaviest so accuracy is ensured. This wider end also allows a fish to approach the feeder and easily suck in the hookbait and loose feed and being inline you can fish these easily as a running or semi-fixed bolt rig. 

There is a Mould that allows groundbait and pellets to be loaded neatly, however when speed fishing or casting at range I prefer to add a little feed, before adding the hookbait then simply compressing more bait within in the palm of my hand. 

Length 6cm

Width 3cm

Weight 20g/30g/50g/80g

 Colin Sheppard – Browning Team Crowsport

hydrus feeder 2
hydrus feeder 3
hydrus feeder 4
hydrus feeder 6

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Xenos jet feeder 1

Xenos Jet Feeder

Xenos Jet Feeder

The Xenos Jet Feeder has been developed for the stillwater angler looking for maximum distance and accuracy. The integral weight is ideally positioned at the nose of the feeder to give stability during the cast to improve accuracy. Thanks to the ring shape of the weight the feeder empties quickly and does not create any resistance on the retrieve. The plastic frame also creates little resistance and helps the feeder rise quickly away from snags on the retrieve. 

Available in a range of weights from 20 grams to 50 grams in our most popular 25mm length with a diameter of 27mm. 

Xenos jet feeder 2

The weight is precision moulded to fit perfectly into the frame.

Xenos jet feeder 3

The size of these feeders makes them ideal for long range fishing for bream and skimmers.

Xenos jet feeder 4
Xenos jet feeder 5

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Xenos feeder bream fishing

Xenos Feeders

Need to reach bream at long range? With the Xenos feeders you can hit the horizon with ease.

This plastic Xenos feeders have been designed with distance and accuracy in mind. The aerodynamically shaped weight can be exchanged in seconds, increasing flexibility should the conditions change.

The size of the holes in the feeder mean that particles, such as casters, pellets and chopped worm, can be packed into the centre of the feeder, with groundbait plugs holding the bait in place. The large slots in the base of the feeder allow the feed to be released quickly on the retrieve. Depositing the feed exactly where you want it. 

Martin Siwon


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Xenos feeders 1
Xenos feeders 2
Xenos bream fishing

Big Pit Mini Feeder

One of my favourite feeders in the Browning range is the Big Pit Mini. This diminutive version of the standard Big Pit Feeder is my go-to on venues where I need to recast regularly, often catching fish on the drop, or when I want to limit the amount of bait that I am introducing. This is particularly important when fishing for silvers, where overfeeding can be a problem with many larger feeder designs.  If I’m fishing drains, big wide canals and short chuck on a lake, these are my go to feeder!

The reduced size of the Big Pit Mini allows me to feed a pinch of free-offerings compressed between two plugs of groundbait. Enough to keep the fish interested and no more. Although the feeder has a really open configuration, with much larger holes than many similar designs, the internal ridge hold groundbait really well. This ensures that you can punch these feeders out on the cast, when faced with a stiff cross wind, for example, without losing the contents – this is even the case with really dry mixes.

A lot of the venues that I fish are between 30 and 60 metres wide, so the 15 gram to 30 gram loading on these small feeders is perfect. Coupled with Cenex Feeder Braid and my Sphere Braid Special feeder rod they really fly accurately.

The moulded plastic construction have proven to be very reliable and doesn’t not suffer from the brittleness sometimes seen in other feeders. The short stem and moulded in swivel produces a strong and tangle-free design.

If you regularly target silverfish on slow-flowing rivers, drains or stillwaters, or perhaps want to introduce a snack-sized helping of sticky pellets for carp, then I can thoroughly recommend you give these feeders a go.


Dimensions 24mm long by 25mm in diameter.

Size 15 grams, 20 grams, 25 grams, 30 grams.

Kye Jerrom

The Big Pit Mini is just right for feeding small amounts of bait.

The moulded design is strong, but light and grips the bait well.

The range of weights is just right for medium range work on both rivers and stillwaters.

"The small size means there is no fear of overfeeding."

The weights are securely held in place.

Swivels are moulded into the stem, reducing tangles significantly.

The Big Pit Mini feeder is one of my favourites, especially when I want the bait to release quickly, thanks to the large holes.