ck bomb rod 1

Carp King Bomb Rod

Carp King Bomb Rod

If you are looking for a really versatile bomb and light feeder rod that won’t break the bank then check out the brilliant value CK Bomb rod. This 10 footer is rated up to 40 grams, making it perfect for bomb fishing and light Method feeders. The sort of fishing we all do on Commercial Fisheries right through the year. 

As you can see, the anti-lock action is brilliant for playing carp. Line breakages are a thing of the past, as the rod just bends and bends! You might think that it would be sloppy though, damaging casting accuracy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, this isn’t a top-of-the-range, super-light rod, but then it doesn’t have the price tag either! 

I like to use this rod for bomb fishing up to around 40 metres, or for dropping a Pellet Cone or small Method Feeder on a sixpence every time. It is supplied with two tips, of 1oz and 2oz rating, making it perfect for both summer and winter fishing. 

It can double-up as a nice skimmer rod too with the lighter tip fitted. 

The rod has some lovely features for the price. The rings are low-friction and braid-friendly, with a skeletal design with no liners to break. The screw down reel seat holds the reel securely, and the combination of cork and EVA handle is nice and comfortable. 

If you are new to Commercial fishing, or looking for a really nice tool on a tight budget then check out the CK range, you won’t be disappointed! 

ck bomb rod 2

The CK Bomb rod has a flawless action.

CK rod tip

Two tips of 1oz and 2oz are supplied with the CK Bomb Rod.

CK ROD Rings

Low friction Skeletal rings are standard on the CK rod range.

CK Rod handle

Simple, comfortable, and secure, that’s the handle on the CK rods.

ck rod handle

There are some nice little touches on the CK rods, like this embossed logo on the handle.

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Xenos advance braid feeder 1

Xenos Advance Braid Feeder Rod

Xenos Advance Braid Feeder Rod

If you are looking for a brilliant feeder rod at a great price then check out the Xenos Advance range. 

Covering everything from a 3.3m medium action rod, suitable for feeders up to 70 grams, to a 4.2m heavy model that will cast feeders weighing 150 grams, there is a rod in this range for most applications. Made from 40 tonne carbon, all of the rods feel light and exceptionally well balanced, thanks to Browning’s long pedigree in designing high performance feeder rods. 

One of the most versatile rods in the range is the 3.6m / 12 foot Braid special. As the name suggests, this rod has been developed specifically for fishing with the fine diameter braided lines, with or without shock leaders, that have become an essential part of modern long-range feeder fishing. 

The Xenos Advance Braid Feeder has been designed with a slightly softer action in the middle and tip that gives a progressive build up of power on the cast and strike. This makes long-range casting with zero-stretch braided lines easier, and helps to eliminate hook-pulls when catching soft-mouthed fish. 

With reserves of power in the butt section the Braid Feeder will handle loaded cage feeders up to 50 grams, making it ideal for stillwaters and slow-flowing rivers where accurate fishing with light lines and small hooks are often the order of the day. Supplied with three tips, 0.5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, this is the perfect bream and silverfish rod. Tips have a standard 3mm diameter, making them compatible across the range. 

Like all of the Xenos Advance range, the Braid Feeder has a stunning epoxy finish, with gold details. The genuine cork handle is comfortable and hard-wearing, with a positive EVA lower grip embossed with the browning logo. 

If you want to take your feeder fishing to the next level then check out the Xenos Advance range. 

Xenos advance braid feeder 2
Xenos advance braid feeder 3

The Xenos Advance rods have a modern twist on a classic epoxy finish with gold trimmings.

Xenos advance braid feeder 4

The minimal rings help save weight and are braid and mono friendly.

Xenos advance braid feeder 4

Quality fittings are used throughout the Xenos Advance rod range.

Xenos advance braid feeder 5

Quiver tips are interchangeable between all of the Xenos rods, thanks to their 3mm diameter.

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Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods

Take a look at the new Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods in this short video. Click the play button below to watch now.


These rods are based upon the World Champion feeder rod series developed by Jens Koschnick for Browning in 2016.


The range now includes 3 models, all of which have been customised to Jens’ requirements. The old rods have been optimised for length, action and design according to Jens’ vision. The new blanks set themselves apart with the most precise casting properties. Specific areas above the handle have been stiffened. However, the overall soft action required by Jens in the last third of the rods has been retained.


Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Despite the delicate appearance and pleasant action, the rods can take brutal loads and are also suitable for targeting carp.


The insert of the tips remains at the familiar 2.2mm, allowing you to use tips from the World Champion series. However, as an innovation, there are tips available for the Silverlite feeder rods with different ring diamaters. The 3.15m and 3.5m model are supplied with small rings as per the World Champion Range. The 3.85m version comes with big rings.

feeder rod holdall 1

Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

New to the Xitan range of outstanding luggage is the Feeder Rod Keeper range consisting of four holdall options to protect and transport ready made up feeder rods.

The option I have is the Keeper 3+ standard length but there’s a three rod option in a slightly longer length plus a two and four rod holdall. As the name suggest it fully protect three made up rods and has been made deliberately wide for easy removal of rods. The main compartment has two zips situated in the centre of the bag and opens with unique grip handles providing quick and easy access to the rods. These zips are situated on the rear of the holdall which eliminates any possibility of damage to the line on the made up rods. 

Made from light, yet robust waterproof wipe down material this holdall has loads of additional external features such as two external pockets. The first contains two integrated tubes for storage of additional tips, the other houses items such as banksticks and feeder arms. 

There’s an external brolly pocket with elasticised straps to keep everything neat and tidy and it has both a Velcro’s carry handle and a padded adjustable shoulder strap. There’s even protective feet on the reinforced base to prevent any wear and tear to this crucial area and as expected it comes in the stylish black and red trim finish.

No more struggles getting rods in and out of tight rod holdalls and peace of mind that there is no way the mainline on the made up rods will get damaged.

Well thought through and a real problem solver!


 Tim Bruce

xitan feeder rod keeper 1
xitan feeder rod keeper 4
xitan feeder rod keeper 2
feeder rod holdall 1
xitan feeder rod keeper 3
xitan feeder rod keeper 5

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Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods

In 2016 Jens Koschnick developed the World Champion feeder rods for Browning, that proved to be a massive hit with match anglers across Europe looking to catch shy-biting roach and bream on the feeder. 

Now in 2022 Jens has done it again, improving and updating the original World Champion series to develop the new Silverlite rod range. With optimised blanks and updated components these rods really do set the standard at this price point for the modern match angler seeking the perfect silverfish rod. 

What sets the Silverlite range apart from the rest is the unique action, which retains the softness to not pull hooks and to magnify bite indication, yet which has enough back-bone to cast accurately at range. A huge amount of development went into getting these blanks perfectly balanced.

Those who already own Browning feeder rods will be pleased to know that the Silverlite rods retain the 2.2mm tip diameter, making them compatible with older models and giving a wide choice of quiver tips. 

The 3.15m and 3.5m rods are fitted with normal sized rings, whilst the 3.85m rod, designed for longer range fishing with larger reels, has been fitted with larger stand-off rings. 

If you are looking for feeder rods optimised for natural venues where every roach and skimmer counts then check out the Silverlite range at your Browning stockist. 

Silverlite rod 1
Silverlite feeder 2
Silverlite feeder 3
Silverlite feeder 6
Silverlite feeder 5

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Big Pit Feeders

Let’s face it, we’ve all had cage feeders that have split, broken or simply exploded on impact with the water, yet in all the years of using Browning’s Big Pit Feeders I can honestly say not one has let me down and when they cost half the price of most other cage feeders on the market, then you really do need to check them out.

Made from an almost indestructible (in a fishing application) clear plastic the Big Pit feeder range consists of three sizes – Mini, Standard and Large, there’s also an Inline version and they range in weight loading of between 15g to 60g. The large holes allow for a quick bait release once landed and the ridges within hold the groundbait in place even when casting to the horizon. The stem of the feeder holds a standard swivel and is of a length to create a boom and reduce any chance of tangling and the weight is evenly spread across the base for accurate casting and securely locked into the design of the feeder to eliminate them letting you down.

I used the 50g Big Pit Large Feeder to great effect recently whilst targeting big bream. Casting out a dozen times to lay a bed down bait it wasn’t long before the bream arrived got their heads down and provided me with some outstanding sport. 

Reliable and affordable, what more do you need from a feeder?

Tim Bruce


Big Pit Feeders have a near-indestructible plastic frame.


There is a Big Pit Feeder for almost every situation.


The weights are carefully moulded to the bottom of the fame and available in a wide range of sizes.

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jk feeder rod 2

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’ 

Developed in conjunction with Jens’, the Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’ rods are designed for the angler looking to catch shy-biting silverfish on the feeder in the most demanding situations. The designed has been optimised to offer brilliant casting performance, thanks to the butt and lower mid-section having the back-bone to cast feeders up to 60 grams without folding. The Upper mid-section and tip are softer, helping to spot shy-bites and reduce the number of fish coming adrift on the retrieve. 

Whilst the action is optimised for feeder fishing for bream, roach and other silvers, these rods pack enough punch to handle big F1’s and rogue carp too. The optimised blank really can handle everything! 

The 12’ 6’’ model has been fitted throughout with larger diameter SiC rings, making it ideal for combining with modern ‘Big Pit’ style feeder reels, with their large diameter spools. Quiver tips are available with both larger and standard ringing. 

The exceptional finish and quality fittings add to the overall package, making these serious rods for the aspiring match angler, without the a wallet-busting price tag. 

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’ / 3.85m model is fitted with large diameter rings throughout for casting performance. 

Tips compatible with original 2.2mm diameter World Champion series rods.

Casting Weight – 60 grams

Quiver tips – 0.5oz, 1.0oz, 1.5oz

silverlight feeder casting
jk feeder rod 3
jk feeder rod 5
jk feeder rod 7
jk feeder rod 4
jk feeder rod 6
jk feeder rod 8

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Xenos advance rod butt

Xenos Advance Feeder Rods

Xenos Advance Feeder Rods - designed for the modern feeder angler.

If you are looking for a superb-quality feeder rod that won’t break the bank then check out the new Xenos Advance Feeder rods. Covering everything from medium range mini-feeder work for silvers, through Stillwater bream at range, right up to long-range Stillwater feeder and Method feeder tactics on the biggest stillwaters, there is something in this range for everyone. 

Built on exceptional 40 tonne carbon blanks, that combine plenty of backbone in the butt section, with a forgiving middle and tip, these rods cast extremely accurately, with the power to punch a feeder out, even in a cross-wind. The softer in the mid-section makes playing decent bream and carp a pleasure rather than a nerve-jangling chore! 

Perhaps the first thing that you will notice about these rods is the ringing pattern. Fitted with braid-friendly skeletal rings, the tips are fitted with large-diameter rings as standard. Because of the low weight of the skeletal rings this does not effect the action of the rod, but does increase casting distance. When fishing with braided main lines and shockleaders the connecting knot flies through the rings almost silently for much smoother casting. 

For anglers that prefer smaller rings, perhaps when fishing with monofilament main lines, standard tips are also available in a range of different strengths. 

Xenos advanced feeder casting
Xenos advance rings

Skeletal large diameter rings are used throughout to minimise friction and weight.

xenon advance tip

Tips are available in a range of strengths and with standard and large rings.

Xenos advance keeper ring

Handy keeper rings are fitted to the Xenos Advance rods.

Xenos advance reel seat

The lock-down reel seat are very secure and comfortable to use, and look great!

These rods look as good as they perform, with their custom-designed reel seats and optimised handles. The ergonomic shape of the reel seat provides a firm anchor point when casting without adding weight or bulk. The lower part of the handle is made from non-slip EVA, which is easy to grip even when caked in groundbait and slime. 

The 3.9m three-piece ML version is ideal for Stillwater feeder fishing with groundbait feeders up to around 40 grams unloaded, with an optimal feeder weight of 30grams unloaded. This is a brilliant bream rod, for medium range fishing, where the sensitive tips show up every liner and twitch. Supplied with three tips of 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz, this is the perfect choice for the stillwater angler. 

Check out the full range of Xenos Advance Feeder rods in our digital catalogue here –

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Xenos j32 feeder

Xenos Cage Feeders

The Xenos Cage Feeders, designed by German International Jens Koschnick, are plastic cage feeders with the weight located at the front of the feeder. The feeders have been designed to have just the right size holes so that the bait doesn’t leave the feeder during the casting process, but when it enters the peg, the bait can be released with ease.

The weight located at the front of the feeder has a screw thread that enables the feeder to be used with different size weights, enabling anglers to cover all conditions and approaches without carrying too many feeders.

The feeders are loaded through the top and a firm squeeze will hold the groundbait in place perfectly, even when giving it the big one! The weight distribution at the front makes casting these feeders a dream, a superb distance cage feeder that makes going that extra mile possible and with the weight being streamline shaped they enter the swim with minimal disturbance.

The Xenon Cage Feeders available in three different sizes with weights ranging from 30g-80g.

The J-25 feeder is 2.1cm in length and 2.5cm in diameter.

The J-28 is 2.4cm in length and 2.8cm in diameter.

The largest of the range is the J-32 feeder that is 3.0cm in length and 3.2cm in diameter, perfect for the days when the more you feed the more you catch! 

The J-25 even comes with a slow sinking head that you really need to check out further!

 Nick Crooks


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loaded Xenos feeder

The hole size on the Xenos feeders are perfect for micro pellets and casters.

browning Xenos feeders

The Xenos Cage feeder range covers a wide range of feeder sizes and weights, for applications as diverse as winter fishing at close range, to heavy baiting at range.

Xenos j32 feeder

Use the Xenos J32 feeder when you want to introduce plenty of bait.

j25 slow sinking feeder

The Xenos J25 Slow-sinking Feeder is brilliant for summer carp, as the buoyancy can be adjusted by filling it with water to catch carp right through the water column.

Stillwater bream feeder

Stillwater Bream on the Feeder

I love feeder fishing and throughout the colder month’s bream, a reliable winter species, become my main target on stillwaters. Today I’ve come to Northlands Park, a shallow day ticket venue in Basildon, Essex, and will be fishing the Café Lake which is a mixed fishery but more importantly it contains a good head of silvers and regularly produces bumper bags of Stillwater bream on the feeder. 

Stillwater bream love the deeps

When it’s really cold I instantly head for the deeper area of the lake, which is around 6ft deep, as this is where the bream will be held up and if there’s a brisk south west wind blowing even better. Ideally I would prefer to have this wind in my face, however today it’s just too cold and strong, so I have decided to fish of the back of it, with the aim of casting into the main body of the lake. 

Little bream feeder fishing edges = big advantages

Tackle for today consists of my trusted 11’ Sphere Feeder Rod, a brilliant rod for this and coming in two sections means that I can have it made up and ready to go straight away. I’ve teamed this up with a Black Viper NK FD reel, a big reel some would say for this type of fishing but as I’m only using a small feeder the benefit of its large spool is it allows me to cast a long way effortlessly. This is loaded with Cenex 0.18 (6lb) Feeder Mono, a line that has a really smooth surface, which once again aids casting, is off medium-stretch; sink’s well, is supple and highly abrasion resistant, perfect for feeder fishing and the punishment it will go through from regular casting. The reason for using a small feeder is it make minimal disturbance when entering the water, something I think is really important on shallow lakes and one that gives me a big advantage over other anglers. On the business end I’m using what’s known as a Twizzle Boom set up, two loops one of which has been twisted along with a further smaller standard loop tied to the end of my mainline. Above these two loops is a short boom that comes to rest against an Oval Super Stopper. This short boom contains an Easy Snap Swivel onto which the feeder is attached. Twizzle Booms reduce tangles and can be bought already made, such as Browning Feeder-Rig II, as well as the Feeder Boom Link. Hook lengths, attached to the lower loop, are made from Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line in either a 0.13mm or 0.15mm diameter, are on average eighteen inches in length and have either a size 16 or 18 barbless Sphere CPF hook attached. These hooks are extremely sharp and are perfect for baits such as maggots, casters, pinkies and worms.  

bream feeder fishing 2

Find the right spot and be accurate

Before fishing the first thing I do is to have a lead around to find out what lies in front of me. I use a Sphere Bomb Rod to do this and simply attach a small lead, cast out and feel what the rod transmits back through it. Feeling the lead down will give me an indication of the depth and this light, sensitive rod will tell me what the lake bed is made up off. Ideally I’m looking for an area of relatively firm silt as this will not only hold natural food like bloodworm in the winter but also give me good presentation of rig and hookbait. Once I have found the spot I will be targeting I simply use Marker Sticks to find the same distance on my feeder rod, before clipping the line in the reel seat so I can constantly hit the same area throughout the session. 

sphere match hooks

Light, sharp hooks are essential as the bream are quite timid at this time of the year.

Cenex fluorocarbon line

I use Cenex Fluorocarbon for my hooklength, which is normally around 18 inches (45cm) in length.

bream feeder rig

Easy Swap Swivel for quick feeder change.  

A stillwater bream feeder fishing banquet

Bait today consists of a live and dead maggots (hook bait), pinkies (for when the going gets tough), casters (mainly for feed in the feeder), 2mm pellets (which are added to the groundbait) and corn (to pick out bigger fish). Groundbait is the ever reliable Champion’s Feeder Quick Bream with around 25% Black Roach added which darkens the mix down. 

"Tackle for today consists of my trusty Sphere feeder rod."

Lay the table for stillwater bream on the feeder

Having found the area to target and clipped my feeder rod to the desired distance, today its around 30m, the next job is to ‘lay-the-table’ and get some feed into the swim in order for the bream to home in on. Using the feeder rod I simply add a larger capacity feeder, plug one end with groundbait before adding some dead/live maggots before plugging the other end. This is cast to the desired spot, left for a few seconds to empty before repeating a further five times. Once done it’s simply a case of attaching a smaller feeder and the hooklink, baiting with a couple of red maggots and casting out. Sometimes you will have to wait for the fish to arrive, on others bites will come straight away and on other occasions a switch of hookbait or altering the hook length will work, it’s simply a case of working out how and what they want as quickly as possible. One thing that is important is regular casting, even if bites aren’t forth coming, probably every three or four minutes, as this keeps the swim topped up. If the bream are really on the bait it’s a good idea, from time to time throughout the session, to switch to a Streamline Window Feeder as this introduces lots of particles and will keep the bream grubbing around, but don’t overdo it, a couple of casts then its back on the cage feeder.  Another small tip is if the swim slows up its worth unclipping, pulling a couple of feet of line of the reel before clipping up again. This little trick has worked wonders for me and often keeps the bream coming.

If you have a shallow lake, like Northlands Park near you, why not get the feeder rod out and give my approach a go, I’m sure you will be rewarded.


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browning black viper line clip

Always use the line clip on your reel to maintain the same distance every cast.

streamlined window feeder

Streamlined Window Feeders are great for introducing only a small amount of bait very accurately.

winter bream

Bream will feed right through the winter and are a great target on many still waters.

Filipe’s Stillwater bream feeder tackle

Sphere 11’ Feeder Rod

Black Viper MK FD Reel

0.18mm Cenex Feeder Mono Mainline

0.13mm or 0.15mm Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Length

Sphere CPF LS Barbless size 16 or 18 Hook

Big Pit Mini 15g Feeder

Streamline Window Feeder

Filipe’s Stillwater bream feeder bait

Champion’s Feeder Mix Quick Skimmer

Champion’s Feeder Mix Black Roach

2mm Coarse Pellets

Live/Dead Maggots