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Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic

Having used solid elastics for many years when fishing for small silver fish I saw little reason to switch to hollow elastic, but eventually I was persuaded to give it a go and instantly felt the difference when using Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic.

Nowadays I’m completely converted as it has numerous advantages. The first is that it lasts far longer than solid elastic; it’s also so much smoother, doesn’t stretch when a rogue carp comes along, has less memory, and doesn’t stick. Microbore is also available in a wide range of different strengths and is much thinner than normal hollow elastic.

Now completely converted, I use it when fishing for silvers, big bream right through to carp. I would highly recommend the green for roach, skimmers and perch, orange for big bream and pink for F1’s and carp.

If you are still using solid elastic then give Microbore elastic a go, you will be pleasantly surprised.  


Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic is available in six diameters –

Lime Green 1.3mm rated 3-5

Orange 1.5mm rated5-7

Pink 1.9mm rated 7-9

Blue/Pearl 2.3mm rated 9-13

Hunter Green 2.7mm rated 13-17

Rocket Red 3.0mm rated 17-21

John Pantrey

xitan microbore elastic 2

Microbore elastic runs smoothly through pole sections without sticking and is lighter than normal hollow elastic.

microbore elastic 3

Microbore is available in a wide range of different diameters, making it suitable for everything from silver fish to big carp.

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Xitan Microbore elastic 1

Xitan Microbore Elastic

For my heavier summer and autumn rigs, especially when I am expecting some decent hard-fighting carp, the Xitan Microbore Elastic really comes into its own. For rigs with a 0.14mm – 0.16mm hooklengths and hooks in the 14-16 range I go for the Blue / Pearl Microbore, which is rated 9-13 normal elastic. 

Despite being 30% thinner than normal hollow elastics, the Microbore retains a x7 stretch, meaning that I can run it through either one or two-piece kits, depending upon the size of the fish. Being thinner, Microbore is also a lot lighter than most hollow elastics, and you can really feel the difference when fishing long. 

If you are looking for a top-quality hollow elastic then do check out the Xitan Microbore Elastic. I think it offers some advantages over other elastics, it is also very long lasting, making it good value too. 

Jon Whincup


Microbore Specifications:

Lime Green – ⌀1.3mm – 3-5

Orange – ⌀1.5mm – 5-7

Pink – ⌀1.9mm – 7-9

Blue / Pearl – ⌀2.3mm – 9-13

Hunter Green – ⌀2.7mm – 13-17

Rocket Red – ⌀3mm – 17-21



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Xitan Microbore Elastic 1

Microbore Elastic covers a wide-range of different diameters.

Xitan Microbore Elastic 2

The small bore makes for a thinner, lighter elastic that deforms less when running through a bush.

Microbore elastic and bush

I use a Dacron Connector with Xitan Microbore Elastic.

Jon Whincup carp pole

The blue Microbore is perfect for hook lengths of 0.14mm – 0.16mm for summer carp rigs.