ck bomb rod 1

Carp King Bomb Rod

Carp King Bomb Rod

If you are looking for a really versatile bomb and light feeder rod that won’t break the bank then check out the brilliant value CK Bomb rod. This 10 footer is rated up to 40 grams, making it perfect for bomb fishing and light Method feeders. The sort of fishing we all do on Commercial Fisheries right through the year. 

As you can see, the anti-lock action is brilliant for playing carp. Line breakages are a thing of the past, as the rod just bends and bends! You might think that it would be sloppy though, damaging casting accuracy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, this isn’t a top-of-the-range, super-light rod, but then it doesn’t have the price tag either! 

I like to use this rod for bomb fishing up to around 40 metres, or for dropping a Pellet Cone or small Method Feeder on a sixpence every time. It is supplied with two tips, of 1oz and 2oz rating, making it perfect for both summer and winter fishing. 

It can double-up as a nice skimmer rod too with the lighter tip fitted. 

The rod has some lovely features for the price. The rings are low-friction and braid-friendly, with a skeletal design with no liners to break. The screw down reel seat holds the reel securely, and the combination of cork and EVA handle is nice and comfortable. 

If you are new to Commercial fishing, or looking for a really nice tool on a tight budget then check out the CK range, you won’t be disappointed! 

ck bomb rod 2

The CK Bomb rod has a flawless action.

CK rod tip

Two tips of 1oz and 2oz are supplied with the CK Bomb Rod.

CK ROD Rings

Low friction Skeletal rings are standard on the CK rod range.

CK Rod handle

Simple, comfortable, and secure, that’s the handle on the CK rods.

ck rod handle

There are some nice little touches on the CK rods, like this embossed logo on the handle.

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CK Carp Waggler Rod

CK Carp Waggler Rods

With summer here there is no more fun way of catching carp than on the Pellet Waggler, and if you are new and want to get into this great tactic then why not check out the brilliant value Browning CK Carp Waggler rod?


This 11ft two-piece rod is ideal for catching hard-fighting fish like carp. It also comes in useful if you want to catch barbel and chub on the float in rivers too.


The blank has an anti-lock design, as Jim Hall recently demonstrated as we put the rod through its paces at Messingham Sands. This action makes playing carp dead-easy, just let the rod do the work!


The CK rod range are real gems, with quality fittings and rings throughout. The Screw reel fittings hold reels really securely, and the split cork / EVA handle is very comfortable to hold all day long.


However you plan to catch carp from your local commercial fishery there is a CK rod for you. Best of all, they won’t break the bank either!


The CK Carp Waggler has the perfect balance of power and finesse for punching to Pellet Wagglers.


The CK Carp Waggler rod handles powerful carp in its stride, thanks to the anti-lock blank.


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CK competition net 1

CK Competition Landing Nets

CK Competition Landing Nets

If you are looking for some great value landing nets then I can recommend the CK Competition Landing Nets. 

These nets are the ideal size and depth for my fishing, be it for smaller F1’s or decent-sized carp. The depth is just right for unhooking a decent carp with the net between my legs where I can keep it under control. 

The mesh is lovely and soft and has proved to be very hard-wearing. Two variants are available, a standard 8mm mesh, which moves through the water very easily, and a 2mm version that is ideal when hair-rigging. 

There is not that you can say about a landing net, apart from these do the job really well and won’t break the bank. Check them out at your local Browning stockist.

Jon Whincup

CK Competition Landing Nets are available in three sizes:

Small – 45cm long X 35cm wide X 28cm deep – 8mm mesh

Medium – 50cm long X 40cm wide X 28cm deep – 8mm mesh

Hair Rigger – 50cm long X 40cm wide X 28cm deep – 2mm mesh

CK competition net 2

The CK nets are well made and are great value for money.

CK competition net 3

CK Competition nets are available with either 8mm or 2mm mesh.

CK competition net 4

I use these nets for my commercial fishing.

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ck method feeder rod cover

CK Method Feeder Rod

CK Method Feeder Rod

Many of the venues I fish have carp that just seem to be getting bigger and bigger and I needed a rod that was capable of taming these, especially when fishing the feeder and straight bomb. The CK 11’ Method Feeder Rod fitted the bill perfectly as it not only combined sensitivity with power it also gave me a rod that was extremely balanced and versatile.  

A couple of my favourite features are – it’s a two piece rod which means it can be easily transported made up and instantly ready to go when I get to the fishery and being so versatile it can be used for all types of feeder and straight bomb work.  Created with some extra weight and casting power it’s great when fishing for big fish at range, but I’ve found it’s equally as good when sensitivity is needed close in.

It has a lovely balanced feel with a stepped-up-action, great for taming big fish, or casting feeders a long way, yet the tip is forgiving enough to reduce hook pulls under the rod tip. It’s also extremely slim, has ultra low friction guides throughout, a keeper ring and the contoured handle sits perfectly along my forearm when playing a fish as well as being supplied with 1oz and 2oz tips.    

If double-figure carp are giving you the run-around then it is time you got yourself a CK Method Feeder Rod.


Tim Bruce

ck method feeder rod casting
ck method feeder rod handle

The CK rods feature secure screw-down reel seats.

ck method feeder rod rings

Low-profile braid-friendly rings are fitted to all of the CK rod range.

ck method feeder landing

The CK Method Feeder rod is ideal for venues where the carp run big!


CK (Carp King) range of rods offer great value for money and ‘do what they say on the tin’ – covering a wide range of modern commercial carp fishing tactics without breaking the bank.

CK method feeder big carp

A stunning big winter common carp tamed by the CK Method Feeder rod.

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CK Carp Wand 2

Carp King Carp Wand

The first thing I noticed when picking up the Carp King Carp Wand for the first time was that it felt and looked like a rod that should have a much higher price tag, yet this rod as well as all the others in the CK range are classified as Browning’s budget rods, impressive or what? 

Just like all the rods in the CK range the Carp King Carp Wand is perfectly balanced, weighs just 157g and is fitted throughout with high quality fittings such as the low-friction rings, special contoured handle, reliable screw fit reel seat, snag-free hook keeper and it’s supplied with two tips, 1oz and 1.5oz.

Being a two piece rod I carry this rod made up to all my matches. Just add a pair of rod protectors or bands to hold the rod pieces together.

When the need arises to cast a small pellet feeder or Method feeder up to 25m it’s the perfect tool for bagging up on commercial carp. Its ultra slim blank and forgiving action almost eliminates hook pulls and its short length, just 8’ not only increases casting accuracy but lands those carp far quicker than longer rods.

If you’re looking for a short versatile rod that talks up very little room that can be grabbed when needed to target those hard fighting commercial carp then look no further.     

Alex Reynolds


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CK Carp Wand 1

The Carp King range covers a wide range of commercial fishing tactics, at a great price.

CK Carp Wand 3

A quality screw reel seat and split cork / EVA handle are standard on the Carp King rods.

CK Carp Wand 4

A low-profile hook keeper tube is a neat touch.

CK Carp Wand ring

Quality rings are fitted throughout.

Pellet Waggler 1

Pellet Waggler for Carp

The Pellet Waggler is a very fast and action-packed fishing method that requires a high level of concentration, but is also a lot of fun! In the summer, when the fish are actively swimming around in many layers of water, I like to use the Pellet Waggler and try to catch the carp in upper water layers. The intention of Pellet Waggler fishing is that you attract the carp by feeding pellets and we catch them close to the surface.

I modify the method a little and also like to feed only corn kernels and look for the depth where I get the most bites.

It is also important to feed a few kernels of corn continuously and to cast the float over and over again and to get into a rhythm.

The bites in when the hookbait is falling are tough to hit and really fun!

For this type of fishing I use a short, light but stable parabolic match rod that is built for Pellet Wagglers.

The Carp Waggler rod from the Carp King (CK) series is just right for this and is exactly the right choice in conjunction with a small and robust reel like the Black Magic MSF 330.

A 0.20mm mono line, a balanced Pellet Waggler and a 0.18mm hook length is all you need, and the fun begins!

best regards, 

Martin Siwon


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CK CARP Waggler 1
CK CARP Waggler 2
CK CARP Waggler 3

CK Micro Waggler rod 1

CK 9’ Micro Waggler

Having used the CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod for around 12 months now I can honestly say that it really does stand out and is an absolute joy to use. This 9’ two-piece rod is feather-light yet it tames big fish far quicker than longer more conventional rods.

It is also ultra slim, made from high quality carbon and weighs a mere 152g. It also has a short handle, specially shaped for comfort and speed, which allows me to cast and catch repeatedly all day.

Ideally suited to short to medium distance fishing. The CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod is exceptionally accurate and brilliant for speed fishing up in the water. Especially when bigger than average carp can be expected.

Another massive advantage is being a two-piece rod means that it can be transported and stored ready made up. The snag-free keeper ring is an additional nice touch.

Incredibly priced a just over £50 the CK 9′ Micro Waggler is a great value float rod just made for fun and speed. These days I just wouldn’t venture onto a carp commercial without it.

This is just one of a whole range of fantastic value CK rods that cover a number of different Commercial Fishery applications. From Method feeder fishing, to winter straight lead fishing. Match them with the brilliant Browning MSF fixed spool reels.


Be sure to check them out and grab yourself a bargain!

Filipe Passeira


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CK Micro Waggler rod 2

Bob Nudd with a fantastic catch or Tidal River Yare roach.

CK Micro Waggler rod 3

Tim Bruce with a cracking early spring carp.

CK Micro Waggler rod 4

Andy Blay with a proper feeder caught bream.

"I wouldn't want to visit a Commercial without this great little rod."