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Guide to Cenex Lines

Guide to Cenex Lines

The ever popular Cenex lines such as Classic Mono, Hybrid Power Mono and the fantastic Fluoro Carbon Hook Line are often raved about and reviewed, yet there is so much more to the growing Cenex range than just these, if fact there are four more, Feeder Braid Sinking, Low Stretch Mono, Method Mono and Feeder Mono, all of which I use on a regular basis and are such great mainlines.

Let’s take a closer look and discuss when and where I use them and where they could compliment your fishing and increase your catch rate.

Cenex Feeder Braid Sinking

I first started using this braid when fishing the matches in Ireland, often on big windswept venues where conditions at times couldn’t get much worse. The reason being was I needed a mainline that sunk, withstood the constant crashing of waves around the rod tip bit most importantly gave me instant bite detection. It gave me a massive advantage over using mono and is my first choice when fishing large venues for big fish such as bream. It has a lovely round profile which loads well on the spool and great for casting long distances. It really is a superb zero stretch feeder fishing braid which sinks straight from the spool so no bedding in needed, is extremely strong and has an exceptional fine diameter.

Available in three diameters on 150m spools –

0.08mm 10lb

0.10mm 12lb

0.12mm 15lb

cenex feeder braid

Mono/braid? Can’t make your mind up? Try this.  

cenex low stretch mono

My go to reel line on big venues. 

Cenex Low Stretch Mono

This mainline is a great for the angler that doesn’t feel comfortable using a braided mainline but understands its advantages and needs an in between option. I use this line on venues where braided mainlines are banned as it’s pre-stretched, creating an ultra-low stretch mono that boosts bite detection. Many use this when fishing at distance as it’s an easier-to-use alternative to braid and its low diameter, abrasion resistance and smooth surface fishing all heighten the experience. 

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm 4.60lb

0.16mm 5.80lb

0.18mm 6.90lb

0.20mm 8.50lb

Cenex Method Mono

This specialist Co-polymer reel line is one I use when I know it’s going to take some beating, such as bagging bigger than average carp from a commercial. It really is a dependable line that cuts through the surface tension and immediately sinks. An added advantage is its camou-coloured, great for the match or specimen angler that needs to be as inconspicuous as possible and once again its fine diameter and super soft feel make it a mainline to be reckoned with. 

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.20mm 8.10lb

0.22mm 10.40lb

0.24mm 12.80lb

0.26mm 15.00lb

cenex feeder mono

Hit the horizon with this one.

cenex feeder mono

One for some serious punishment.

cenex lines

Cenex Feeder Mono

If you’re looking for a quality, medium-stretch, sinking mono for feeder fishing then this is the one. Its special smooth surface seal increase casting distance, improves the retrieve and is highly abrasion resistant so it’s up taking some serious punishment. Being very supple it’s also become very popular with anglers fishing the waggler at medium to long distances and I’ve used it to great effect fishing the slider in really deep venues!

Available in eight diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm 4.00lb

0.16mm 5.00lb

0.18mm 6.00lb

0.20mm 7.40lb

0.22mm 9.70lb

0.24mm 11.80lb

0.26mm 12.80lb

0.28mm 13.70lb

If you haven’t tried these then you really need to check them out!


Tim Bruce

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cenex fluoro carbon line 1

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line

Modern day fishing lines have come on tremendously over the past few years and fluorocarbon is certainly one that has got better with time. When first introduced to the world of fishing some were OK but many were really poor, especially when it came to knot strength and if you happened to buy a poor one, well you are probably still somewhat sceptical now. Well you don’t have to be, especially if you decide to choice Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line as this is simply outstanding. 

Probably the most interesting part about Fluorocarbon is what’s known as its ‘Refractive Index’ which means once submerged in water it becomes almost invisible, obviously a massive edge when it comes to bait presentation. This is obviously a massive edge when it comes to getting more bites yet not all fluorocarbons are what is known as supple unlike Cenex which offers not only this but abrasion resistance, durability, high knot strength as well as an amazing fine diameter to knot strength. Something to consider is being transparent and supple means that you can use a thicker, higher breaking strain than before so if a rogue carp comes along then they can be tamed that much quicker. 

Another point to mention is not all fluorocarbon diameters are actually what’s stated on the spool, but then how many anglers actually get a micrometer to it and measure it, not many! I have and not only does this line mic up accurately its consistent throughout the spool.

Originally available in four sizes Browning have listened to their team of match anglers singing its praises and have now added a further five diameters ranging from 0.07mm (1.1lbs) to 0.23mm (10.2lbs) to the range.  

Available in the following diameters –

0.07mm 1.1lbs

0.09mm 1.87lb

0.11mm 2.7lb

0.13mm 3.5lb

0.15mm 4.6lb

0.17mm 6.5lb

0.19mm 7.6lb

0.21mm 8.7lb

0.23mm 10.2mm

If you aren’t using this for your hook lengths and leaders then you are really missing out. 

John Pantrey

cenex fluoro carbon line 2

The accurate diameter and high strength of this line make is ideal for demanding situations.

cenex fluoro carbon line 3

Cenex Fluoro Carbon is available in diameters to cover all of my fishing.

cenex fluoro carbon line 4

Some fluorocarbons can be fragile, but not Cenex, which is very reliable.

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popped up bread rig main

Popped-Up Bread Rig

Rig it Right - Popped-Up Bread Rig

Fishing a popped-up bread rig is a brilliant tactic in the winter months for carp and big F1’s, because the fish spend a lot more time a little way off the bottom than we might imagine. 

The blatant bread bait should be popped up straight off the lead, right in the face of any passing fish. It is essential that the bread is as buoyant as possible, so always leave the punched bread to expand before casting out. It can pay to make up a few hooklengths to allow a quick change between casts. I use a Warburtons sliced loaf, which is quite tough and nice and buoyant. 

There is no need for a big hook when fishing with bread, in fact the lighter the hook the better. I use a Sphere Beast in a size16, which is plenty enough to tame the biggest carp I am likely to hook.

I have found that a 20 gram bomb is about right, creating enough resistance to prick the carp, and  not making too much disturbance when I cast out. 

Because we are not introducing any feed try casting around the swim looking for fish. Once you have caught one, or had an indication it can be worth trying that spot again and the chances are more fish will be around. 

I know it can take a bit of confidence to fish with just popped-up bread, but believe me it is a brilliant tactic when the conditions are cold and the carp are not responding to other tactics. 

Tight Lines! 

Jim Hall

Cenex Hybrid Power mono

  1. I use Cenex Hybrid Power Mono in 0.14mm diameter for my bread and corn hooklengths. 

quick stop

2. Tie a Quick Stop onto a 40cm length of Hybrid Power using a small loop knot.

popped up bread hair

3. Tie on the size 16 Sphere Beast Eyed Barbless hook using a knotless knot. Make sure the hair is long enough to easily take three bread disks.

popped up bread loop

4. Tie a small overhand loop in the other end of the hooklength, giving a total length of about 30cm. Use a figure-of-eight loop for maximum strength.

popped up bread inline

5. Thread an inline bomb onto the end of the 0.20mm main line. 

popped up bread lead size

6. Having experimented with different weights, I find 20 grams is right, with enough weight to set the hook, without making too much splash.

popped up bread quick bead

7. Tie a Quick Change Bead to the end of the main line. 

popped up bread running rig

8. On most venues the rules dictate that the rig is free-running, with the bomb resting against the Quick Change Bead on the cast.

popped up bread in punch

9. Punch three 10mm disks of bread. It is very important to leave them in the punch for a few minutes to allow the bread to expand.

popped up bread on hair

10. Thread the bread disks onto the hair. There should be room on the hair for the bread to expand once it is cast out and becomes wet. 

popped up bread carp

Big carp like this can be your reward for fishing popped-up bread in winter.

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Cenex feeder mono 2

Cenex Feeder Mono

Cenex Feeder Mono

Designed specifically for feeder fishing, Cenex Feeder Mono is a  super-smooth line that flies off the spool with little resistance, making it ideal for long-range fishing. With its medium stretch bite indication is improved. Whilst the high abrasion resistance makes is perfect for all forms of legering. 

Cenex Feeder Mono cuts through the surface film easily, giving improved bite indication as soon as you cast out. 

Available in a wide range of breaking strains to cover all of your feeder fishing needs. 

The great value 150m spools give you just the right amount of line for shallow spooled big pit reels. 


Feeder Mono Specification

– Specifically designed for feeder fishing

  • Available in diameters from 0.14mm (1.8kg / 4lb) to 0.28mm (6.2kg / 13.7lb).
  • Medium stretch with high abrasion resistance
  • Super-smooth finish increases casting distance
  • Dark colour
  • 150m spools
  • Ideal as a main line or for leaders

Cenex feeder mono 1

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browning hybrid mono

Cenex Hybrid Power Line

Line choice is a very personal decision, but one thing we have notice time and time again is how many of our top anglers rely upon Cenex Hybrid Power line for their big fish work. Whether commercial carp, or big river bream and barbel are the target, any time the going gets tough this is the line of choice. 

Like all Cenex lines, Hybrid Power has an extremely accurate diameter, so you can absolutely rely on what is written on the spool. No more guessing or having to check diameters. 

Knot strength is also very good for such a supple line, and is combined with excellent abrasion resistance. Abrasion isn’t just caused by the line touching snags and rocks, but from contact with landing nets, feeders, in fact, anything that it touches. High abrasion resistance means less rig changes, less lost fish, and more time spent fishing. 

Pole anglers will appreciate the transparent colour of this line that makes it much less conspicuous when the line is vertical in the water column, bringing more bites. 

For 2022 the range of diameters available in the Hybrid Power range has been extended and now covers diameters from 0.10mm / 3lb right up to 0.22mm / 10.3lb in 0.02mm increments. 

Whether you are pole or feeder fishing, whenever you need a line with the extra strength to consistently land bigger fish then Cenex Hybrid Power is the first choice. 


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hook lengths in box

Cenex Hybrid Power is ideal for feeder and pole hooklengths, thanks to its abrasion resistance and clarity.

Cenex hybrid power mono

For demanding situations Cenex Hybrid Power is ultra reliable and the diameters are very accurate.

Jon Whincup big carp

Putting together big weights of strong fish puts a lot of strain on your tackle and will quickly find any weakness, especially in your line.

"The high abrasion resistance makes this line ideal for big fish."