straight lead rig

Straight Bomb Rig

Rig it Right: Straight Bomb Rig

Although the Pellet Waggler and fishing the Bomb complement each other, especially on commercial fisheries that are carp dominated, there are times when the Bomb will out-fish the Waggler. One is obvious, simply because the carp just don’t want to come up in the water, another is it takes time to get the fish feeding confidently up in the water so the Straight Bomb Rig is a great method to start a match of with whilst pinging in pellets to tease them into rising up in the water.

Justin Watkins


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straight lead catch
straight lead rig 1

1 – Thread a small Quick Change Swivel onto the mainline. I use Cenex 0.20mm Feeder Mono.

straight lead 2

2 – Using a six -turn Blood Knot attach a medium Connector Bead, remembering to moisten and test once pulled down.

straight lead 3

3 – Remove around twelve inches of 0.18mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono to create the hook length.

straight lead 4

4 – Attach a silicone Pellet Band to one end of this line with a six-turn Blood Knot, moisten and tighten carefully as not to kink the line.

straight lead 5

5 – Passing the hook length through the back of the eye, thread on a size 14 or 12 Sphere Beast Barbless Hook.

straight lead rig 6

6 – Create a short hair and trap the line against the hook.

"ideal, when the carp want a bait hard on the deck."

straight lead rig 7

7 – Whip the hook length approximately seven times around the shank of the hook.

straight lead rig 8

8 – Pass the tag end, once again, through the back of the hook.

straight lead rig 9

9 – Moisten and tighten down.

straight lead rig 10

10 – The end product should look like this.

straight lead rig 11

11 – Using a figure of eight overhand knot create a loop in the tag end.

straight lead rig 12

12 – Moisten down and tighten.

straight lead rig 13

13 – Attach the hook length, which should be around ten inches to start with, to the Connector Bead.

straight lead rig 14

14 – Attach a 1/3oz (10g) Square Bomb Lead to the Quick Change Swivel.

straight lead rig 15

15 – You can always use a ready tied hook length if preferred such as a Feeder Leader ‘Method’.

Pellet Waggler 1

Pellet Waggler for Carp

The Pellet Waggler is a very fast and action-packed fishing method that requires a high level of concentration, but is also a lot of fun! In the summer, when the fish are actively swimming around in many layers of water, I like to use the Pellet Waggler and try to catch the carp in upper water layers. The intention of Pellet Waggler fishing is that you attract the carp by feeding pellets and we catch them close to the surface.

I modify the method a little and also like to feed only corn kernels and look for the depth where I get the most bites.

It is also important to feed a few kernels of corn continuously and to cast the float over and over again and to get into a rhythm.

The bites in when the hookbait is falling are tough to hit and really fun!

For this type of fishing I use a short, light but stable parabolic match rod that is built for Pellet Wagglers.

The Carp Waggler rod from the Carp King (CK) series is just right for this and is exactly the right choice in conjunction with a small and robust reel like the Black Magic MSF 330.

A 0.20mm mono line, a balanced Pellet Waggler and a 0.18mm hook length is all you need, and the fun begins!

best regards, 

Martin Siwon


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CK CARP Waggler 1
CK CARP Waggler 2
CK CARP Waggler 3

CK Micro Waggler rod 1

CK 9’ Micro Waggler

Having used the CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod for around 12 months now I can honestly say that it really does stand out and is an absolute joy to use. This 9’ two-piece rod is feather-light yet it tames big fish far quicker than longer more conventional rods.

It is also ultra slim, made from high quality carbon and weighs a mere 152g. It also has a short handle, specially shaped for comfort and speed, which allows me to cast and catch repeatedly all day.

Ideally suited to short to medium distance fishing. The CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod is exceptionally accurate and brilliant for speed fishing up in the water. Especially when bigger than average carp can be expected.

Another massive advantage is being a two-piece rod means that it can be transported and stored ready made up. The snag-free keeper ring is an additional nice touch.

Incredibly priced a just over £50 the CK 9′ Micro Waggler is a great value float rod just made for fun and speed. These days I just wouldn’t venture onto a carp commercial without it.

This is just one of a whole range of fantastic value CK rods that cover a number of different Commercial Fishery applications. From Method feeder fishing, to winter straight lead fishing. Match them with the brilliant Browning MSF fixed spool reels.


Be sure to check them out and grab yourself a bargain!

Filipe Passeira


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CK Micro Waggler rod 2

Bob Nudd with a fantastic catch or Tidal River Yare roach.

CK Micro Waggler rod 3

Tim Bruce with a cracking early spring carp.

CK Micro Waggler rod 4

Andy Blay with a proper feeder caught bream.

"I wouldn't want to visit a Commercial without this great little rod."

Method Feeder Carp 1

How to Fish the Method Feeder for Carp

How to Fish the Method Feeder for Carp

The Method-Feeder has dominated match fishing on many venues over the past few years. Today I am fishing the Match Lake at Blind Lane Fisheries in Essex where the huge population of carp really respond to this method.

Conditions are far from perfect so I’ve chosen my swim carefully, one that has plenty of cover on the island, an area I’m sure the carp will head too once the sun gets up. I’m also tackling this venue with a different bait, something you probably haven’t heard of or used before but one that’s bought me great success recently. All will be revealed later.

Tackle for the day consists of one of my favourite rods, the beautifully balance 10’ Sphere Bomb, however as I’m fishing clipped up right next to the snags and can’t give these fish an inch have opted for the slightly more powerful +10% version.  This has been complimented with the silky smooth Sphere MgTi 920, the smallest of four in this range, which is loaded with Cenex 0.16mm Feeder Mono. This mainline is a medium-stretch sinking line so bites are registered far quicker than standard monofilaments and the lack of stretch stops fish getting within the unforgiving snags on the far bank. On the business end I’m using a 30g Hydrus Metal Method Feeder which I set up so its semi fixed creating a bolt effect along with a four-inch hooklink made from Cenex 0.16mm Hybrid Power Mono which has a size 16 barbless Sphere Beast tied knotless-knot style with a hair containing a Silicone Pellet Band.  

Onto bait, one that’s very versatile, cheap and will catch you loads of fish wherever you take it. What is it, corn pellets? These can be bought in bulk from any animal feed outlet and all I do is place a small piece within the bait band. This bait is really light so a fish can really suck it in easily and it’s something they haven’t seen before and believe me it will catch you loads of fish. For the feeder mix what I do is create a 50/50 mix of finely ground corn pellets and Champion’s Choice Big Fish Groundbait. Together these create a light fluffy mix, great for the method feeder and oozing out a lovely irresistible sweet smelling flavour of corn, almond, vanilla and marzipan!

Sphere Bomb +10% Rod

The Sphere Bomb +10% Power rod is ideal for light Method feeder fishing on commercial fisheries.

Sphere reel line clip

Use the line clip on your reel to cast accurately every time. This is especially useful when fishing tight to far bank cover.

Cenex Feeder Mono

Always use a strong, abrasion resistant line when Method Feeder fishing. Cenex Feeder mono is ideal.

"Corn pellets are a versatile and cheap bait that carp love."

Cenex Hybrid Power Line

Cenex Hybrid Mono is perfect for hookengths, being clear in colour and with a very high strength for its diameter.

Sphere Beast Hooks

The Sphere Beast hooks are the best carp hooks I have ever used. Not only are they very strong for the wire thickness, but they are incredibly sharp too. Be sure to check them out.

Bait Bands

Bait Bands make changing the hard pellet hookbait very easy.

The session has gone to plan and as expected the bright conditions have seen many of the carp heading for the shade of the snags. Other anglers around fishing into open water are struggling, yet by continuously casting to the same spot I’ve tempted a nice net of carp and F1’s. The tackle I’ve used is balanced, yet robust and strong enough to stop everyone getting into the snags, so all in all a great mornings fishing showing that if you choose the right swim, use appropriate tackle and a bait they just can’t refuse, even on the toughest days, great sort can be had.

How to fish the method feeder for carp.

Alec Roberts 


Alec’s Tackle

Sphere 10’ Bomb Rod +10%

Sphere MgTi 920 Reel

Cenex 0.16mm Feeder Mono 

Hydrus 30g Metal Method Feeder

Cenex 016mm Hybrid Power Mono

Sphere size 16 barbless Beast Hook

Silicone Bait Band

Alec’s Bait

Corn Pellets

Champion’s Choice Big Fish Groundbait


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Use a Method Feeder 1

Place your hookbait in the indentation in the centre of the Method mould.

Use a Method Feeder 2

Fill the mould with groundbait, place the Method feeder over the top and push down firmly.

Use a Method Feeder 3

Flex the mould to release the feeder. The loaded feeder should look like this, with the hookbait sat right in the middle.