ck method feeder rod cover

CK Method Feeder Rod

CK Method Feeder Rod

Many of the venues I fish have carp that just seem to be getting bigger and bigger and I needed a rod that was capable of taming these, especially when fishing the feeder and straight bomb. The CK 11’ Method Feeder Rod fitted the bill perfectly as it not only combined sensitivity with power it also gave me a rod that was extremely balanced and versatile.  

A couple of my favourite features are – it’s a two piece rod which means it can be easily transported made up and instantly ready to go when I get to the fishery and being so versatile it can be used for all types of feeder and straight bomb work.  Created with some extra weight and casting power it’s great when fishing for big fish at range, but I’ve found it’s equally as good when sensitivity is needed close in.

It has a lovely balanced feel with a stepped-up-action, great for taming big fish, or casting feeders a long way, yet the tip is forgiving enough to reduce hook pulls under the rod tip. It’s also extremely slim, has ultra low friction guides throughout, a keeper ring and the contoured handle sits perfectly along my forearm when playing a fish as well as being supplied with 1oz and 2oz tips.    

If double-figure carp are giving you the run-around then it is time you got yourself a CK Method Feeder Rod.


Tim Bruce

ck method feeder rod casting
ck method feeder rod handle

The CK rods feature secure screw-down reel seats.

ck method feeder rod rings

Low-profile braid-friendly rings are fitted to all of the CK rod range.

ck method feeder landing

The CK Method Feeder rod is ideal for venues where the carp run big!


CK (Carp King) range of rods offer great value for money and ‘do what they say on the tin’ – covering a wide range of modern commercial carp fishing tactics without breaking the bank.

CK method feeder big carp

A stunning big winter common carp tamed by the CK Method Feeder rod.

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