NEW VIDEO - Bolo Fishing on the river Wye

We join Rory Jones on the brilliant river Wye in Hereford as he runs through his Bolo fishing tactics. If you are interested in float fishing on rivers then this video is a must watch, with tons of top tips and insight into how to fish the Bolo.


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Black Magic SLF Bolo Fishing Trent

Black Magic SLF Bolo Rods

It is on big rivers like the Trent where the Black Magic SLF Bolo Rods really come into their own. Often, you need a long rod that will give better line control when trying to run a float through and match the pace of the river. The Bolo combines many of the benefits of a normal float rod with those of a pole. 

Even when the float is held back quite hard the length of the Bolo rods means that it will track straighter as it runs downstream and not be pulled off line. Don’t be afraid to use a big float carrying 5 grams or more to help with stability.

The Black Magic SLF Bolo rods are a great choice if you are new to this style of fishing, as they are reasonably priced, well balanced, and with a fast action that will help you hit more bites.

Available in lengths between 5m and 8m, these telescopic rods balance well when combined with a normal 30-size match reel, such as the Sphere MgTi. 

Fitted with quality rings that have a nice high stand-off that stops the line from sticking to the blank. The reel seat is the traditional adjustable clamp style that is common on Bolo rods. The handle has a lovely non-slip finish that keeps the diameter down, but stops it from moving under your elbow. 

On tricky days, especially when there is a strong down-stream wind, the Bolo can allow you to fish further down your peg than with a pole, and with better control than a normal float rod, making it a must-have in my rod holdall. 

Black Magic SLF Bolo Rods are available in the following lengths: 

5m – 5 sec – 240g

6m – 6 sec – 310g

7m – 7 sec – 470g

8m – 7 sec – 530g


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Black Magic SLF Bolo 1

The Black Magic SLF Bolo rods are available in a range of different lengths.

Black Magic SLF Bolo 2

The reel is securely fixed in place on the handle.

Black Magic SLF Bolo 3

The non-slip handle is just the right length and balances these long rods well.