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Black Viper SLC Reel

Black Viper SLC Reels - Designed for the most demanding venues.

Developed for anglers looking to feeder fish on the largest and most demanding venues across Europe, the new Black Viper SLC is the reel for powerful rivers and long range feeder fishing. 

Hidden inside the compact body lies a heart steel. The worm shaft gears are precision engineered to give years of service when retrieving heavy swimfeeders from long range. 

The balanced rotor and power handle also reduce fatigue and improve smoothness on the retrieve giving serious cranking power. Coupled with the 4.6:1 gear ratio and 94cm retrieve per turn of the handle fishing at ranges of 60 metres and beyond is easier than ever before. 

The spool design has been carefully designed to improve line release, especially when casting with fine braids. The long stroke spool delivers perfect line-lay, with a low resistance spool lip reducing friction. 

Two line-friendly sprung line clips are fitted to the spool, enabling the angler to clip up on two different lines when required. 

Whilst a lot of anglers will appreciate that the drag can be locked down, for those targeting carp on Boddington and other big stillwaters, the micro-adjustable drag enable powerful fish to be landed faster.

If you are serious about fishing big rivers such as the Trent or Severn, or want to consistently put a Method feeder beyond the competition, then the Black Viper SLC is the reel for you. 

black viper slc casting
black viper slc line lay

The worm shaft oscillation system gives faultless line lay, even with fine braided main lines.

black viper slc line clip

Two line-friendly clips are fitted to each spool, giving dual options when clipping-up.

black viper slc drag

The precision drag can be fully locked down for silverfish fishing, or adjusted to in micro-increments when fishing for big carp.

black viper slc rotor

The balanced rotor and powerful gearing make retrieving heavy feeders from long range stress-free.

black viper slc spool

The Black Viper SLC is the perfect partner for long-range feeder fishing on the most demanding venues.

black viper slc braid

Casting distance and accuracy is enhanced, thanks to the precision-designed spool and incredible line-lay.

black viper slc reel 3

Black Viper SLC reels feature: 

  • Continuous anti-reverse
  • Gear ratio 4.6:1
  • 2 easy to use line-safe clips
  • Balanced rotor, producing silky smooth action
  • Compact housing design
  • Finely adjustable large-surface front drag
  • Powerful handle
  • Large line roller with anti-twist system
  • Thick bail arm for optimal balance
  • Robust worm shaft power gears
  • Aluminium Long Stroke™ spool
  • Worm shaft oscillation system
  • Rapid line retrieval – 94cm per revolution
  • Weight 618 grams
  • Line capacity 300m of 0.16mm

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