Method Feeder Carp 1

How to Fish the Method Feeder for Carp

Browning's Alex Roberts looks at How to fish the Method feeder for carp and F1's on Commercial…

how to elasticate your pole

How to Elasticate your Pole Top Kits.

Jim Hall looks at How to Elasticate your Pole.

Browning Osset 2

Match Fishing with Browning Osset.

Some great recent team results for Browning Osset.

Sphere Feeder MH 390 fishing rod - specialised for feeder fishing.

Sphere Feeder MH 390 fishing rod!

The brilliant Sphere MH 390 Feeder Rod, a great long-range rod for both rivers and stillwaters.

Catch Carp in the Margins

Jim Hall combines two brilliant tactics in one session - shallow fishing along a deep margin.

Sphere Square Pole Protectors

Take your pole fishing to the next level with Browning's Square Pole Protectors.

Sphere MgTi Reels

From light float fishing, to power work with big barbel and carp, the Sphere MgTi reels are the…

Simple River Wye Barbel Fishing

Rory Jones enjoys a lovely day after barbel on the river Wye.

Dacron Connectors

Jim Hall takes a look at the Browning Dacron Connectors.