Black Magic Uni Reel Line

If you are looking for a tough, no nonsense reel line, specially for feeder and heavier float fishing, then the new Black Magic Uni Reel Line will be perfect. A supple, yet abrasion resistant line with a consistently high knot strength, this is a great all-rounder, and better still, it is supplied on great value bulk spools too. 

The dark brown colour blends in really well with most lake beds and the line sinks naturally, cutting through the surface film easily. Like all Browning lines, it has an accurate diameter and breaking strain, taking the guess-work out of choosing the right line for the job. 

Available in diameters between 0.17mm (4.5lb) and 0.27mm (12.6lb) with between 680m and 490m per spool. 

black magic reel line 1

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