Pole Cup Set

This set of two large Pole Cups have a tremendous capacity

Sphere Classic Hooks to Nylon

If you’re looking for a great all-round hook then look no further!

Black Magic Gold Power Elastic

Great for snaggy venues where the carp run big.

Catch Silver Fish on Slow-Flowing Rivers

Catching silverfish can be critical when fishing team matches on slow-flowing rivers.

Fish Counter

Fish Counters have become an essential part of a match angler’s kit

National Podium Finish for Mandy Swart

Mandy Swart wins silver National medal.

CK Competition Landing Net

The CK Competition Nets are up there with my favourite items of kit

Sphere Cool Bait Bag

A quality cool bait bag is an essential in my book

Perfecting the Pellet Waggler

The Pellet Waggler is a great way to catch big carp up in the water.