Black Magic S-Line 8 Roost Kit

My Black Magic S-Line Roost kit is an item of tackle I wouldn’t be without. It’s strong, stable and with its clever deep slots design to stop the wind blowing the kits out the roost its ideal for keeping expensive top kits and rods safe in even the worst conditions.

The four fully adjustable legs ensure the roost can be easily levelled in the most uneven of pegs. The roost folds flat for ease of transportation and there is also a hook on the underside to add extra weight for more stability, not that I have had to use this function yet as I find the roost very stable. Supplied with a fully zipped double handled carry bag this is definitely an item of tackle I wouldn’t go on the bank without.

Gary Hollick

The roost holds all of my kits really securely.

I like being able to position this roost so everything is close at hand.

Champion's Feeder Black Roach Groundbait

Developed in conjunction with world renowned feeder angler Jens Koschnick, the Champion’s Feeder Black Roach mix has proven to be very effective for me right through the winter, even though the water temperatures have been extremely low and the big roach often difficult to tempt.

Black Roach has proven really useful in winter, thanks to the subtle smell and fine particle size, which make it ideal when the water temperature is really low.

I am expecting this groundbait to keep working right through the year, which is a real benefit, as it means that I do not have to worry about my groundbait mix.

The muted dark colour is also very useful when the water is clear, as it blends in very well with the lake or river bed.


Artur Kraśnicki 

Catch Bonus Fish on the Flat Float

Originally Published in English

A line that is often overlooked when fishing a big river is just beyond the marginal slope. Often, there will be the odd better fish patrolling here and, especially when the river is carrying a bit of extra water, dropping in here can put a few extra pounds in the net in no time at all. 

Whilst you could run a float through on this line, I often prefer to fish a flat float here. The lollipop shape allowing me to hold the hookbait still, and wait for a better fish to pick it up. Generally speaking, the flow is slightly less the closer in you fish, making presentation easier, so a I will plumb up carefully and fish as short as I can beyond the marginal slope. 

You can often need a big float for this set-up. Today I can get away with about 5 grams, but in the past I have fished big floats carrying upwards of 15 grams. Go as big as you need to get the bait down and hold it steady. The rig is very simple. Most of the bulk is in the form of an olivette set about two foot above the hook, with a couple of dropper shot equally spaced below this. I will fish a few inches over-depth to ensure the bait is on the bottom and static. 

This line is all about catching a better stamp of fish. These could be nice perch and roach, or decent bream, the odd chub, or even a barbel, so there is no point in fishing with light gear. Rigs are made up using 0.18mm Cenex Hybrid Power line to a 0.16mm hooklength of the same. Baits are going to be quite big, so a size 12 Sphere Ultra Strong hook is my choice. I want to land every fish I hook and so the top-two is fitted with pink Microbore elastic, which combined with the strong gear gives me more than a fighting chance. 

Often I will drop onto this line later on during a match, once the fish have had a chance to settle. To begin with I introduce two bait droppers of maggot and casters, maybe a bit of chopped worm too. This might not sound like much bait, but I just want to give the fish a focal point, so don’t go too heavy. 

Don’t be afraid to use a big float, it is essential that the rig is stable in the flow.

A bump bar makes it much easier to hold the pole steady.

Use an olivette set about two feet above the hook.

"The Sphere Ultra Strong hook is perfect when expecting bigger fish."

Hookbait is invariably a piece of worm, or worm and caster. These baits will catch just about everything with fins, and have a tendency to pick up a better size fish too. I will top up with the small bait dropper if I find the bites start to slow down on this line. You normally won’t be able to keep it going the whole match, but a bit more bait can revitalise things for a while. 

This is nice comfortable fishing. Using a bump bar I can rest my Xitan Z16 L Advance and hold the float very still, which is important with the flat float. The distance is also really comfortable to fish, and if you have been running a float through further out for a few hours it can be a nice rest to drop back on this line for a bit. 

Today I have left this line for a couple of hours whilst starting out longer. To be honest, the bites were still coming regularly further out as it is just a pleasure session as there is less pressure on the river, but I also wanted to try a few other things today as these practice sessions are not all about bagging up. 

First put in the big float settles and then slide majestically under. A firm strike and the elastic shoots outs as a better stamp of fish puts up a spirited fight. It turns out to be a decent perch, followed the next put in by a nice roach. The bites come regularly, and you can definitely see that the fish are a better stamp on this line, as you might expect. 

So there you are, a useful tactic on any big river really, especially when the conditions are a bit rough and fishing long can be hard work. Whenever I am fishing a match on the river you can normally find a flat float set up on my roost, as it is a useful way of putting a few better fish in the net. 

Tom Noton

Start off with two bait droppers to kick-start the line.

Use a big bait to select the better fish.

The Sphere Ultra Strong is my hook of choice.

Tom’s Gear

Xitan Z16 L Advance Pole

Pink Microbore Elastic on a Duo kit

0.18mm Cenex Hybrid Power rig line

0.16mm Cenex Hybrid Power hooklength

Size 12 Sphere Ultra Strong hook

5-20 gram flat float

Small Bait dropper

Tom’s Bait

Pint of casters

Half a pint of maggots

400 grams Dendrabenas

Hyper Carp HC40-2 Pole

For when only the strongest poles can compete – the new Hyper Carp HC4-2

Hyper Carp HC 40 – for many years, this name has been synonymous with concentrated and uncompromising power in pole building at Browning. With the new model, the Hyper Carp HC 40-2, this tradition is successfully continued. It comes into play wherever normal “power poles” prove to be too weak. 

Since there is no upper limit to the elastic strength, even the strongest set-ups can be used with full confidence. The Hyper Carp HC 40-2 will withstand all situations with even the biggest fish. 

Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold. 

As a further evolution, the length of the 2-piece top kits is now 2.60m, which is the optimal kit length for a large variety of waters. 

The sleek black design makes this pole look like it really means business. Built for whatever you can throw at it. 

Pole Package

  • 11.5m Hypercarp HC40-2 pole
  • Reversible Pole Protector for sections 4 and 5
  • Reversible Pole Protector for sections 6 and 7
  • HC 40-2 2.60m Cupping Kit
  • HC 40-2 2.60m 5.5/4.5mm Duo Kit

Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold. 

As a further evolution, the length of the 2-piece top kits is now 2.60m, which is the optimal kit length for a large variety of waters. 

"Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold."

The New Xitan Z9-3 Advance Pole

Originally Published in English

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Xitan Z9-3 Advance, a reliable and truly top-end pole that will never let you down!

The Xitan Z9-3 is the third generation of the famous “Z9” and reflects Browning’s strategy of continuously improving pole performance by taking advantage of the latest carbon technology and features. Like previous “9s”, the “-3” is a truly “top end” pole, but for this new generation we have been able for further reduce weight and improve both rigidity and response by applying the latest carbon technology developed for our outstanding Sphere poles. 

As you would expect the new Z9-3 is fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan power poles. 

However, the legendary Z9 strength, durability and general “toughness” has not been sacrificed, the Z9-3 is still the perfect choice for anglers that want a top performing, strong and totally reliable competition pole that will give many years service. Suitable for both natural and carp venues, with a true elastic rating of 16+.

To further increase strength and reduce wear and tear we have added carbon over-wrapped male & female joints on all sections. Carbon reinforced grips areas have also been added on the lower sections to protect the areas that are more commonly damaged. 

The Z9-3 now incorporates many of the advanced features found on our Sphere poles, including our unique “Tactile Precision Points” – raised areas on sections that can be felt when shipping out the pole – allowing accurate feeding and fishing without looking down for painted marks. 

Of course, being a Browning pole the Z9-3 includes our famous square “elbow friendly” Pole Protector sections which make holding a long pole so easy and comfortable.

As you would expect from a Browning pole, the Z9-3 has a comprehensive package, including our two-piece pre-bushed Duo-bush top kits and are fitted with an innovative directional PTFE puller bush. 

The Xitan Z9-3 has conventional length butt sections of 1.75m and is supplied in the latest, full-size, top quality Xitan pole holdall• 

The Legend Lives On! 

Use of the latest cutting-edge carbons has allowed us to further improve stiffness and balance.

Joints and pressure points have been strengthened with extra carbon wraps.

Duo Kits with our revolutionary dual bush system come as standard.

"The Z9-3 now incorporates many of the advanced features found on our Sphere poles."

The Z9-3 is equally at home catching carp as it is silver fish.

The Z9-3 inherits many of the features found on the more expensive sphere poles.

Z9-3 Advance Set (16m UK set):

• 16m Xitan Advance Z9-3 pole

• Xitan Square Pole Protector, suitable for 14.5m and 16m

• Xitan Square Pole Protector, suitable for 13m

• Reversible, round Xitan Pole Protector, suitable for the 9.5 and 11m sections

• 7x Xitan SLKA 2.60m, 2/1 kit, 4.5/3.9mm Duo Bush 

• 4x Xitan SLKP 1.85m 1pc kit, Duo Bush 4.5/3.9mm

• 2x Power C/3 full length sections

• Xitan SLK Cupping Kit 2.6m

• 1x Pole Cup Set

• Xitan 10 Tube Multipocket Rod Holdall


European 13m Package

  • 13m Xitan Advance Z9-3 pole
  • Xitan Squate Pole Protector to fit 13m
  • Reversible, round Xitan Pole Protector, suitable for the 9.5 and 11m sections
  • 2x Xitan SLKL 5.90m 4/1 kits
  • 4x Xitan SLKP 1.85m 1pc kit, Duo Bush 4.5/3.9mm
  • 4x Uni Top Kit 2/1 DL, 3.0m, 5.5/4.9mm
  • 2x Power C/3 Full length sections
  • 1x SLKL 2/1 3.0m Cupping Kit
  • 1x Pole Cup Set
  • Xitan Multipocket Rod Holdall

Rig it Right - Big Pit Bream Feeder Rig

Originally Published in English.

Big gravel pits are daunting venues but follow the wind, especially when targeting carp and bream and if you can fish a feeder accurately at distance then you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

Constantly casting all day requires strong robust tackle, yet the rig used needs to be refined enough to get the bites, it also needs to be as tangle free as possible. 

John Pantry is no stranger to this type of fishing and has caught some massive bags of bream, as well as the occasional rogue specimen carp and won many a match on such a venue, so who better to ask about the rig needed to tackle these vast windswept lakes. 


John Pantry

  1. Thread a Xitan Supper Stopper onto the main line.

2. Next onto the main line is a Feeder Connector Swivel followed by another Stopper.

3. Pull all these together and position up the mainline.

4. Place a Snap Link Swivel onto the main line.

5. Trapping the Link Swivel within, create a four-inch loop on the mainline by tying a figure of eight overhand knot remembering to moisten and tighten down carefully.

6. Pull the Stoppers and Connector Swivel down against the knot.

7. Remove a hook length from the retaining spool.

8. Place the hook length loop onto the Feeder Connector Swivel.

9. Pull down the retaining sleeve on the Connector Swivel to secure.

10. Attach a Big Pit Feeder to the Snap Link Swivel.

11. The finished rig should look like this, great for bream and skimmers when using worm and maggots, just remember to reduce the hook length if deep hooking. 


Sphere 12’ Medium Feeder Rod

Black Viper Compact 845 Reel

Cenex 0.22mm Low Stretch

50g Big Pit Large Feeder

Sphere size 14 Ultra Strong Hook To Nylon

Feeder Connector Swivel 

Rig Stoppers

Sphere Braid Special Feeder Rod

Originally Published in Polish.

When I was asked to write about my favourite feeder rod I knew there could be only one choice – the Sphere Braid Special. Not only are the Sphere rods in my opinion the best in the World, but the Braid version is something really special. 

Why braid?

After two years of fishing with this rod I can say that it is the most universal feeder rod in the entire series. Apart from exceptional situations (fishing in a river with a fast current or long distance fishing in large reservoirs) the Sphere Braid Special allows me to comfortably catch both roach at a distance of 20m and larger fish at distances of 50m and beyond.

In addition, the Braid Special is a rod with amazing blank dynamics. The use of different modulus carbons in individual sections creates a fast tip action, which under load turns into a full parabolic action. The lower carbon modulus in the middle and tip parts means that the rod not only perfectly absorbs the lunges of a big fish, but also loads beautifully during the cast. Making fishing with this rod a pure pleasure.

The entire Sphere rod series is equipped with high-quality components.

The well-thought-out ergonomic handle is made of hard Japanese foam, a detail very important for anglers who fish with groundbait. Hard foam is less absorbant and hygroscopic, and it is much easier to wash, helping to keep the handle in top condition for minimal effort. The ergonomic handle also transmits so much feel through the blank back to the angler, making playing much easier as you can feel every twist and turn of the fish.

The handle is complemented by a comfortable Fuji TVS TS grip that fits the hand perfectly.

Extremely light Pacific Bay Minima Tech guides do not adversely affect the dynamics of the blank. The rod loads very deeply, which helps when making long casts, but thanks to the quality of the blank it responds very quickly. A set of four carbon tips complements the rest of the rod. Tips ranging from 0.5 oz to 1.5 oz allow you to perfectly adapt to the conditions on the day. Swapping to the lighter tips means even the most delicate bites can be spotted easily. 

Some technical information.

The Braid Special was created for fishing with braided lines, thanks to which its upper part is softer than in other rods in this series to help cushion the cast and strike when fishing with zero-stretch lines.

Length 3.60m

Feeder weight up to 50 grams

Three piece design

Transport length 129cm

The rod is equipped with 4 carbon tips in 0.50oz, 0.75oz, 1.00oz, 1.5oz 

Weight of the rod 145 gr.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a rod that will stay with you forever, I recommend the Browning Sphere Braid Special.


Piotra Mołdocha

"After two years of fishing with this rod I can say that it is the most universal feeder rod in the entire series."

Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks

Originally Published in English

The Feeder Ultra Lite hooks have been a bit of a revelation for my silverfish fishing. These must rank as one of the sharpest hooks that I have ever used, they penetrate so easily and keep their points so well that they are ideal for situations when you are expecting plenty of bites. 

The fine wire gauge also means that they are a very light hook, making them perfect for small baits, such as maggots and pinkies, yet they have plenty of strength to help you land bonus fish that can make all the difference to your weight at the end of the day. 

This is a barbed hook and this, coupled with the swept shank design means that you will lose less fish on the retrieve, especially when feeder fishing. Small roach, which can have a tendency to come off as you reel them in on many hooks, stay on these much more effectively. 

The hooks have a nice black nickel finish and come in sizes between 8 and 18. The packets of 15 hooks are also great value too. For silverfish this is a brilliant hook, not just for feeder fishing, but on the pole and running line too. 

Chris Greensides (Browning Team Ossett)

Available in a wide range of sizes to cover most of my non-carp feeder fishing.

The shape means that very few fish drop off on the retrieve.

"The fine wire gauge means these are a very light hook"

Catch Carp with Pop-Ups

First Published in English.


Have you ever found that when fishing tight to an island, quite often when retrieving the rig you find the hook and bait covered in foliage? It’s an annoying situation and one that will certainly cost you fish, however what I have found and had great success with when fishing for big carp and F1’s is to put a couple of shot onto the hook length then placing a buoyant hookbait in the band as opposed to a sinking one. This will pop the bait up just above the foliage and right in sight of any feeding fish.  

Marginal test

Make sure that you test the bait in the margin before giving it a go, making sure the shot is enough to act as an anchor and try moving the shot about as you will find this can make a massive difference. By using a Feeder Connector Swivel it’s easy to change hook lengths so you can switch between a standard sinking bait and this rig to see what works best on the day.

Tackle needed

The tackle I use when using this rig is the brilliant 10ft Sphere Bomb +10% Rod teamed up with the Sphere MgTi 920 Reel loaded with either 0.20mm or 0.22mm Cenex Method Mono. The rig itself comprises of a Pellet Feeder, usually a large 3.5cm one weighing 30g with a hook length made from Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono down to a size 16 Sphere Beast hook tied knotless Knot style with a small Super Stretch Pellet Band attached. 

Give it a go, it solved my problems.

Craig Edmunds

Cenex Method Mono for my main line and Cenex Hybrid Power for the hooklength.

Sphere Beast hooks are brilliant for all sorts of carp fishing.

"A pop-up will keep the hook away from any debris."

Browning Pellet Feeders are perfect for introducing a small mouthful of bait in the spring.

The Sphere MgTi reels are silky smooth and strong, perfect for Method and Pellet Feeder fishing.

Craig’s Tackle

10’ Sphere Bomb +10% Rod

Sphere MgTi 920 Reel

Cenex 0.20mm Method Mono

Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono

Size 16 Sphere Beast Hook

30g Pellet Feeder

Feeder Connector Swivel

Super Stretch Pellet Band 

Craig’s Bait

Bright Buoyant Dumbell Pellet 

Improve your carp fishing with a pop-up.

Cenex Classic Mono

Cenex Power Mono

One essential item of tackle I wouldn’t be without is Browning Cenex Classic Mono. It’s definitely the best line I have used for both silver fish and carp pole rigs and hook lengths. 

It is exceptionally smooth, soft and supple which I consider to be very important, especially for hook lengths. I have found the diameter stated on the spool is far more accurate than the majority of lines on the market and it’s very strong considering how soft and supple it is which is a massive advantage.

Cenex Classic Mono is available in the following diameters, 0.06mm (0.45kg/1.00lb) to 0.16mm (2.60kg/5.70lb), if I need to go thicker than 0.16mm then I use Cenex Hybrid Power Mono which is stiffer than the Classic Mono but still very strong and abrasion resistant.

Pete Steward

This is a line that you can really rely on.

"The diameter is very accurate."