tidefest 1

Tidefest Second Place for Colin Sheppard

Colin Sheppard clinches second spot in the river Thames Tidefest match.

hydrus method feeder

Hydrus Method Feeder

Colin Sheppard takes a look at the versatile Hydrus Method Feeder.

sphere hook range

Sphere Beast hooks

Looking for the ultimate 'power' hook for big carp, barbel and other hard-fighting fish? Look no…


Silverlite Plus Pole

Find out more about the brilliant new all-round Silverlite Plus pole in this video with Bob Nudd.

Ethan big carp

Big Carp on Paste

Ethan Etherington targets big carp on the pole and paste.

xitan waterproof keepnet bag 3

Xitan Waterproof Net Bags

Xitan Waterproof Net Bags - ideal for the match angler looking to carry several landing nets and…

pole fishing perch 1

Thames Perch on the Pole

Justin Watkins enjoys a lovely mornings sport on the river Thames.

slow sinking feeder

Slow Sinking Feeder with Mick Fordham

Mick Fordham takes a look at the Slow-sinking Feeder in the short video and catches some great big…

xitan Xtreme Margin pole 1

Xitan Xtreme Margin Pole

Xitan Xtreme Margin Pole - great value 9.5m Margin pole that is fully compatible with all Browning…

Xitan EVA Pole Support 1

Xitan EVA Pole Support

Justin Watkins looks at how he uses the Xitan EVA Pole Support.