How to Catch F1’s Shallow

One of my favourite summer tactics is catching fish on the long pole shallow.

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Line

Using Fluorocarbon hook lengths will give you a massive edge.

Sphere MgTi 30 Reel

For the money, these have some exceptional features that set them apart.

The Method Feeder for Crucian Carp

straight away the tip pulls round and I’m into my first crucian, which turns the scales to a…

Black Magic FB 35 S-Line Compact Roller

These compact rollers are ideal for canals, making the often long walks a little easier.

How to make Method Mussel Paste

One little trick I’ve been doing recently is making paste using the Method Mussel Green……

Xitan Roller & Accessory Bag

This bag is big, and simply swallows every long accessory.

Tench on the Slider Float

There is something about watching a float for tench.

Black Magic Power Handle

If you are looking for a strong, quality landing net handle that will last for years then look no…

More ways than one to get your angling fix

Life was very frustrating during the lockdown because we have had some fantastic spring weather in…