sphere mgti cover

Sphere MgTi Reels

Sphere MgTi Reels - The ultimate high performance reels for float fishing and feeder fishing for…

cenex feeder braid 1

Cenex Feeder Braid Sinking

Cenex Feeder Braid Sinking is the perfect main line for long range feeder fishing. Zero stretch and…

Xenos Feeder Rest System

Xenos Feeder Rest System - a brilliant feeder rest that will cover all of your fishing.

fish counter 1

Fish Counter

Essential kit for every match angler, the Browning Fish Counter enables you to keep track of how…

Xenos jet feeder 1

Xenos Jet Feeder

Designed for long range stillwater fishing, the Xenos Jet Feeder casts like a bullet, making it…

feeder rod holdall 1

Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

Carry your rods set up and ready to go in the innovative Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper carryall.

sphere hooks to nylon 1

Sphere Beast Hooks

The legendary Sphere Beast hooks and hooks to nylon, brilliant carp and big fish bagging hooks.

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods

Take a closer look at the new Jen Koschnick Silverlite Feeder Rods.


Black Magic CFX Waggler

Brilliant value, these 'short' Waggler rods are ideal for catching hard-fighting carp.

cenex fluoro carbon line 1

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line

John Pantry looks at the benefits of Cenex Fluoro Carbon line.