Sphere Silverlite Whip System

Kye Jerrom takes a look at the ultimate take-apart whip system.

Black Magic S-Line 8 Kit Roost

A brilliant roost for top kits and rods.

Mini Pole Cups

Super light and soft mini cups, perfect for feeding little and often.

CK Competition Nets

A great range of nets for the match and pleasure angler.

Sphere MgTi Reel

A great workhorse reel for float and feeder fishing.

Sphere Feeder Ultra lite Hooks

A great light weight feeder and all round hook.

Cenex Low Stretch Mono Line

A brilliant low stretch main line.

Black Viper Compact Reels

A brilliant reel for modern feeder fishing techniques.

Gold Landing Net

A brilliant net for commercials, especially where big fish are the norm.

Xitan Combi Bait Bag

Perfect for carrying all my bait and accessories in one bag.