Black Magic Gold Line

Tom Noton takes a look at the great value Black Magic line.

New Products for Spring 2021

Check out our great new products arriving this Spring.

How to Feeder Fish a Deep River

Chris Greensides enjoys a brilliant feeder session on the river Don.

Black Magic S-Line 8 Roost Kit

The brilliant S-Line Pole 8 Kit Roost.

Champion’s Feeder Black Roach Groundbait

Developed in conjunction with world renowned feeder angler Jens Koschnick.

Catch Bonus Fish on the Flat Float

Tom Noton describes his Flat Float tactics for the river Trent.

Hyper Carp HC40-2 Pole

It comes into play wherever normal “power poles” prove to be too weak.

The New Xitan Z9-3 Advance Pole

Introducing the groundbreaking new Xitan Z9-3 Advance Pole.

Rig it Right – Big Pit Bream Feeder Rig

John Pantry Looks at a great long-range feeder rig.