skyline kit 1

Skyline One-Piece Top Kits

How and why to use the brilliant Skyline One-Piece Top Kits.

CK Carp Waggler 1

CK Carp Waggler

Exceptional value, and great performance, the CK range of rods are designed to for the modern…

distance marker sticks 2

Distance Marker Sticks

Take your feeder fishing accuracy to the next level with the brilliantly thought out Browning…

ck bomb rod 1

Carp King Bomb Rod

Exceptional value, great performance, that's CK rods. This time we take a look at the brilliant CK…

Jayson Greatorex

Jayson Greatorex New Browning Media Manager

Jayson Greatorex joins Browning as their new Media Manager.

Mick Fordham big carp

How to Tackle Deep Margins

Mick Fordham looks at the tweaks he makes when fishing commercials that have deeper than normal…

Hybrid Elastic

Jim Hall takes a look at why he loves the new Hybrid Elastic in this short video.

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag 1

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag

Carry your pole rollers, roosts and box accessories in this hugely versatile carryall.

black magic specialist pole 1

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole

Looking for a second power pole, or new to pole fishing and looking for a brilliant allrounder?…

Xenos advance braid feeder 1

Xenos Advance Braid Feeder Rod

Abrilliant feeder rod for catching bream and silvers with braided main lines.