Cenex Classic Mono

A brilliant line for rigs and hooklengths.

Xitan X Shelter Side Tray

A large and stable side tray.

Sphere Large Accessory Bag

Brilliant bags that hold all my accessories.

Xi-Dry Polar Bib & Brace

A brilliant Bib & Brace for year-round fishing.

Browning Big Pit Feeders

Brilliant Groundbait Feeders in four handy styles.

Window Feeder Classic

An innovative design that is easy to load and allows the release of bait to be accurately…

Xenos Wire Pro Cast Feeder

This stainless steel model has a thermoformed plastic coating to make it more impact resistant and…

Connector Bead

A neat and strong connector for feeder and leger rigs.

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks

A super-strong hook, ideal for big fish on the float or feeder.