Xenos j32 feeder

Xenos Cage Feeders

A wide range of cage feeders, specifically designed for fishing accurately at range.

netting big f1 carp

F1’s Down the Edge

Garry Cooper looks at his tactics for catching big F1's down the edge.

Stillwater bream feeder

Stillwater Bream on the Feeder

How to bag-up on Stillwater bream on the feeder at this time of the year.

Sphere Pro-File Pole Rollers

A pole roller designed by fishermen for fishermen.

Xitan Microbore elastic 1

Xitan Microbore Elastic

Thinner, lighter, and more durable, Xitan Microbore Elastic has many advantages ....

National Feeder Squad Qualifiers 2021

Jens Koschnick looks back at the 2021 German World Feeder Fishing team qualifiers.

sphere 1m extender section 2

Sphere 1m Extender Section

A brilliant addition to your Sphere pole, for those times that you need to fish beyond 16 metres.