Catch Canal Silvers

Why the track line is key for catching silvers on canals.

Xitan 2eX-S Skyline Kit

An almost 'invisible' top-kit for shallow fishing.

Black Magic S-Line Groundbait Bowls

A very useful piece of kit that won’t break the bank.

Xitan Waterproof Keepnet Bags

Solidly built, waterproof bags for all your nets.

Xi-Dry Polar Clothing has kept me dry in monsoon-like conditions..

Catch Silver’s Feeder Fishing on the Drop

one line that is exploited less is the far bank ledge for silver fish.

Black Magic Gold Mono

I have been using it for years and can confidently say it is brilliant.

Cenex Method Mono

The hurly-burly of Method Feeder fishing demands a really tough line

King Feeder Swivel

Incredibly versatile micro swivels for neat rigs.

Meat fishing, but not as you know it…

You will love this brilliant alternative to luncheon meat.