Hydrus Method Feeder

An innovative Method feeder design from Browning.

Xitan Feeder Rod Keeper

A great holdall for all of your float and feeder rods.

Sphere Multi Kits

We take a closer look at the innovative Sphere Multi Kits.

From old to new!

A common problem that pole anglers are exposed to can be effectively remedied with old lines and…

Catch Carp on the Groundbait Method Feeder

Colin Sheppard looks at this devastating Spring commercial fishery tactic.

Argon 2.0 Method Feeder Rods

An incredible new range of Method Feeder rods at a great price.

Rig it Right : Spring Carp Pole Rig

Hermann Tallonneau makes his favourite spring carp pole rig.

Catch Bream on the Helicopter Feeder

Justin Watkins demonstrates the Helicopter Feeder rig in this new video.

Mix it Right : Sloppy Cloud Groundbait

Kye Jerrom makes a brilliant cloudy groundbait for catching up in the water.