xcite bf reel 1


Introducing the brilliant new XCITE BF free-spool reels - perfect for Method Feeder fishing.

20k bib & brace 1

20K Bib and Brace

Alex Reynolds takes a look at the new Browning 20K Bib & Brace.

black magic reel line 2

Black Magic Uni Reel Line

An exceptional reel line designed for feeder fishing and heavier float fishing.

xi-match hollow 1

XI-Match Hollow Elastic

Alex Reynolds gives the low-down on the new Xi-Match Hollow elastic.

bobble hat 1

Warm and Stylish – New Browning Bobble Hat

Right in time for winter, a super-warm bobble hat from Browning.

xitan carryall 1

Xitan Carryall

Great value and super strong, the Xitan Carryall has a huge capacity and is made from a brilliant…

uni reel line 1

Black Magic Uni Reel Line

A great value new line for both feeder and float fishing.

Xi-Match Hollow Elastic 1

Xi-Match Hollow Elastic

The brilliant new Xi-Match Hollow Elastic - durable, x7 stretch, great value elastic.

sphere cool bait bag 1

Sphere Cool Bait Bag

Keep your bait in tip-top condition with this premium cool bag.

sphere hooks 1

Sphere Beast Hooks

The amazing Sphere Beast hooks go from strength-to-strength, find out why so many top anglers rate…