chub fishing 1

Float Fishing with Bread for Chub

How to catch winter chub trotting with big baits with Colin Sheppard.

SPHERE MATCH hooks to nylon

Sphere Match – Hooks to Nylon

In this short video Rory Jones looks at why he favours the Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon.

netting big f1 carp

F1’s Down the Edge

Garry Cooper looks at his tactics for catching big F1's down the edge.

Stillwater bream feeder

Stillwater Bream on the Feeder

How to bag-up on Stillwater bream on the feeder at this time of the year.

National Feeder Squad Qualifiers 2021

Jens Koschnick looks back at the 2021 German World Feeder Fishing team qualifiers.

web cover f1s live

Autumn F1’s – Match Fishing Live Video

We join Justin Watkins for a live match video in search of F1's at Tunnel Barn Farm.

How To Fish Snake Lakes 1

How To Fish Snake Lakes

Alex Reynolds looks at his tactics for fishing Snake Lakes in the Autumn.