Specimen Bream on the Feeder

Ethan Etherington enjoys a brilliant session for specimen gravel pit bream on the feeder in this…

cenex lines

Guide to Cenex Lines

In this Guide to Cenex Lines, Tim Bruce takes a look at the range of Browning nylon and braided…

hybrid elastic for commercials

Choose the Right Elastic for Commercial Fisheries

Alex Reynolds takes a look at the new Hybrid Elastic from Browning and how to choose the right…

New Video Out Now – Feeder Fishing for Bream

We join Jim Hall as he talks about his spring bream feeder fishing tactics.

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Trotting for roach on small streams

Justin Watkins enjoys a brilliant session on a small stream trotting for roach.

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Why Use Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line?

We take a look at the advantages of fluorocarbon hook length lines in match fishing.

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Coldwater Bread Tactics

Colin Sheppard looks at how to approach commercial fisheries with bread this spring.

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Improve Your Accuracy with Distance Marker Sticks

How Distance Marker Sticks can ensure you hit the mark every time.

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Winter Elastic Choice for Commercials

Jon Whincup looks at his winter elastic choice for commercial carp and F1's and the advantages of…

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Popped-Up Bread Rig

Jim Hall looks at the straight lead rig he uses for fishing popped-up bread for winter carp and big…