The Best Landing Net Combo for Carp 1

The Best Landing Net Combo for Carp?

Alex Reynolds takes a look at what he thinks is the best landing net combo for carp.

hybrid elastic group

Hybrid & Microbore Elastics for Carp

Alex Reynolds takes a look at his elastic choices for commercial carp in the summer months with…

duo bush 1

Duo Bush System

The innvoative Duo Bush system enables a wider range of elastics to be used without cutting back…

Mick Fordham big carp

How to Tackle Deep Margins

Mick Fordham looks at the tweaks he makes when fishing commercials that have deeper than normal…

mugging commercial carp 1

Mugging Commercial Carp

Alex Reynolds goes 'mugging' carp on the pole, in an article on this very effective summer tactic.

Mugging Carp web

New Video – Mugging Crafty Carp

Alex Reynolds looks at this useful summer tactic in this new video.

Shallow Fishing – Tips & Tricks 2022

Jim Hall takes a detailed look at shallow fishing in this new In-session video.

kennet & avon 1

The Brilliant Kennet & Avon!

Colin Sheppard enjoys a lovely days pole fishing on the Kennet & Avon canal, putting together a net…

big bream 1

Specimen Bream on the Feeder

Ethan Etherington enjoys a brilliant days fishing for specimen bream on the feeder.

commercial silvers worms 1

Worms – The Key to Unlocking Commercial Silvers

John Pantrey looks at why worms are such a brilliant bait for commercial fishery silvers.