by Ethan Etherington

Browning sponsored angler Ethan Etherington has recently taken delivery of 2 Sphere Power Perfection Poles. Here is why he chose them and what he thinks.

Browning Sphere Power Perfection 

Being a member of the England disabled team means I fish the disabled world championships which is a Fips competition so that comes with a strict pole limit which happens to be 11.5m.

I was looking for a top end pole that was strong enough to take the demand of fishing big heavy floats on the continent and cupping heavy balls of leams and ground bait.

With that being said, the pole still needs to be light and responsive, so the Sphere power perfection was the obvious choice, ticking all of those boxes and being a true 11.5m pole

It’s a pole packed full of features and truly is a joy to use.

Things I like about it is, the thought browning have put in to this pole, like all sphere poles it has tactile precision points which help with accuracy of feeding in the same place every time using the various tactile points the pole has.

It’s a pole packed full of features and truly is a joy to use.

Every section is marked up with what the section is and even has the part number should you unfortunately have an accident with the pole.

You could give the part number to your browning stockist and they can order it for you with ease.

Another great feature is the top kits, the top kits that come as standard are 2.75m 3.9/4.5mm duo bush multi kits .

The design of the multi kit is you have a reinforced wrap on both parts of the kit for you to fit a side puller if required.

But the bonus of the multi kit is you could elasticate the short section of the top kit and still use the long kit so you don’t lose the length of your pole, but you have the benefits of a shorter kit if that suits your angling needs. 

Also a nice touch are the Browning Eva pole caps which come as standard on any pole, they are easy to get on and off even on a cold winters day.

Other great features is the package it comes with :

1 sphere power perfection pole 11.5m

1 6/7 pole protector which once putt in the butt section of the pole makes it a true 11.5m pole,

1 2.75m Multi Cupping kit

2 2.75m 3.9/4.5mm duo bush multi kits

1 Power perfection 1/3 duo bush kit

Sphere Uni C Section

2 pole cups

You also get a Sphere multi pocket pole holdall and everything comes in high quality tubes as well as a separate lightweight pole bag to fit your pole.

A pole protector and the pole itself comes with a nice cloth bag so you don’t scratch your pole!

So as you can see it’s a great package, and just because it’s called a power perfection don’t let it fool you. It is equally as good fishing for shy biting silver fish, the pole is so responsive you won’t miss a bite.

I have recently used the pole to catch 27lb of silverfish and I can’t wait to use it this year in the disabled World Championships in France, 

So if your in the market for a 11.5m pole definitely check this out!

Ethan Etherington 

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