20K Bib and Brace 

If you are a match anger like myself that fish carp dominated commercials you will know only too well how uncomfortable it when bagging up to have a wet lap and legs due to inadequate overalls that are just not waterproof.

Finding a Bib and Brace that’s not only 100% waterproof but also comfortable hasn’t been straight forward, yet the launch of the 20k clothing range seems to have put all my headaches to bed. 

Pour ceux qui veulent connaître les spécifications techniques, voici ce qu'il en est : ce vêtement a une colonne d'eau de 20'000 mm et est respirant à un taux de 5'000 g/mm2/24h, ce qui signifie que même dans les conditions les plus humides, vous resterez complètement sec à l'extérieur et même après une session trépidante de lancer et de pêche, vous resterez également sec à l'intérieur !

It has adjustable shoulder straps, padded knee and rear areas, top quality waterproof hard wearing zip with Velcro’s fasteners to not only the front but also to the spacious legging bottoms which allows footwear from walking boots to wellies to be worn and secured. There is also a nice area at the front where you can tuck your hands in as well as placing items such a mobile phone which is ideal if it’s raining.  

Produced in the standard Browning colours and being amazingly lightweight and compact means it can be stored within your luggage without taking up to much space.

There’s also a matching jacket for uneatable protection against the elements.

Available in five sizes – 50/M, 52/ L, 54/XL, 56/XXL and 58/XXXL

Alex Reynolds

20k bib & brace 2
20k bib & brace 3
20k bib & brace 4
20k bib & brace 5

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