Black Magic Standard Keep Net

The 2.50m Black Magic Standard Keep Net, which is the shortest of three lengths available, is ideal for my winter canal match fishing when a decent weight would be around 10lb, yet with 40cm x 50cm rings its easily capable of taking the 50lb commercial venue match weight limits.

The tough, fish friendly, dark 6mm mesh is ideal in the canal’s gin clear water as it blocks out any light, keeping the fish, mostly skimmers and roach at this time of year safe and reduces the chance of pike being attracted, which can be a problem trying to attack the fish in the net, and on occasions ruin a swim. 

All the weak points, like corners, have been reinforced and the metal framed top and bottom rings stop the net from collapsing. The angle lock is fantastic as it allows the net to be positioned perfectly every time and an innovative addition to this is the retaining cord which eliminates any of the parts being lost in transit. 

Another benefit of the mesh is it dries really quickly, reducing smells and disease transfer and the pegging points are great when fishing a shallow lake and staking out is required.

Available in three sizes – 2.50m, 3.00m and 3.50m.

 Jamie Burt

These are very well designed nets that are ideal for natural and commercial venues.

The dark mesh dries quickly, and keeps the fish in the shade.

The corners have been reinforced to stop wear caused by the net rubbing on the lake bed.

"A brilliant net for both commercial and natural venues."

The angle-adjuster is very strong and has a retaining cord that stops parts from being lost.

Rings enable the net to be pegged out in shallow water.

The dimensions of the net are perfect for both natural venues and commercials with net weight limits. Several nets can be positioned next to each other, giving you plenty of options.

Space Saver Carp Mesh Keepnets

I own quite a few keepnets, but the ones that I find I use more than any other are the Space Saver Carp Mesh models. These modern nets have proven to be really long-lasting and strong, making them ideal for the big carp found in many venues. 

I tend to use the fish-friendly carp mesh version, which is available in 2.5m, 3m, and 4m versions. The mesh has a lovely soft feel which I especially like. The top and bottom rings are made of alloy for added strength and I can report that the mesh shows no signs of wear in the corners – a common area of failure on many nets. 

The variable angle bankstick attachment has also been nicely reinforced and enables me to get the nets positioned perfectly on my footplate legs. 

As the name suggests, these nets don’t take up a great deal of space, and are remarkably lightweight too. For anglers that need to carry several nets you can pack these into a double net bag with room to spare. 

Often an unsung bit of gear that we all use, but one that has been thoroughly thought out to do its job with all of the common weak-points designed out to give a long useful life. 

Jim Hall

Carp mesh is brilliant for keeping carp and other big fish quiet and in the shade.

Nets have a tough life and these ones have past the test of time.

Carp King Micro Waggler Rods

Short rods have become incredibly popular for fishing on Commercials, where accuracy is much more important than casting range. Browning were at the forefront of short rod design with their Commercial King range, which proved to be a massive hit with anglers targeting hard fighting carp and F1’s.

The brilliant Carp King (CK) rods build on this reputation and represent amazing value for money too. With their parabolic actions, that absorb every lunge from a big carp, they are ideal for modern commercial carp fishing.

Let’s take a look at the two micro waggler rods in the range, which are ideal for Pellet Waggler and other commercial float fishing work.


The 9’/2.7m CK rod’s short length makes it much faster and more accurate to use than a conventional 11′ rod for pellet/shallow waggler styles. The short sections also make it easy to carry made up, and ready to go. This is a brilliant rod for Pellet Waggler fishing for BIG carp.


The 10’/3.0m “F1 Special” has a softer action primarily designed for F1s / smaller carp, but is also good for quality silverfish at small floats, light lines and small hooks can be safely used.


The high quality, ultra slim, blanks feature short handles specially shaped for comfort and speed, plus a snag-free hook keeper tube. Unbeatable value, and brilliant quality, check out the whole Carp King range at your local Browning stockist.

Xitan Z9-3 Advance Pole package

We take a closer look at the new Xitan Z9-3 Advance 16m Pole Package in this new video short video.


Please click the play button below to watch, or alternatively, you can also find it on our brilliant YouTube channel.

Distance Marker Sticks

Fishing accurately is so important and these new Distance Sticks have made it so much easier to instantly change set-ups and know that every cast is falling into the feeding zone. 

Fishing directly of the reels line clip is very common these days; however there are times when I’m bream fishing at distance or even fishing tight up against an island when a rouge carp comes along and I’m forced to release the clip. In the past making a number of casts back to the feature takes time, especially if there’s a side wind, yet having marker sticks set up firmly behind allows me to count how many wraps I was fishing at, clip up once more and continue fishing effectively and accurately. 

These new Distance Sticks are brilliant as they have solid hardened points that can be driven into the hardest of ground, with the help of the push in aid to create that extra leverage if needed. The groves near the top of the sticks hold each rap in place at a height allowing tangle free release and pin point accuracy when loading and releasing and the 4m dividing strap has a highly visible measuring scale allowing me to clip up to a certain length without having to move of the spot. 

If you’re going the distance and need to know that you are on the money every time then these are the sticks to get!

Justin Watkins  

Marker Sticks are a massive edge for fishing accurately.

The design has been very well thought out, with a side strap, solid points on the sticks and a ribbed section to hold the line.

The ‘T-bars’ make screwing the sticks into hard ground much easier.

"If you want to fish accurately then sticks are a must."

Black Viper III 4.2m Feeder Rods

Fishing powerful rivers like the lower Trent can be challenging for the feeder angler, and the right kit is essential to be able to fish effectively. One rod that really fits the bill for this type of fishing is the Black Viper 4.2m, which is available in two version, a 120 gram casting weight, and a 160 gram. 

The interesting thing about these rods is that although they are powerful enough to cast across the Trent if pushed, they aren’t pokers. Bite registration is really good, even when fishing lighter feeders at less extreme distances. Often in the summer months a 1.5oz feeder is enough to hold when fishing the middle of the river on the non-tidal sections. Fit the 4oz quiver tip and you have a lovely balanced set-up that shows plucks and drop-back bites really well. 

When the river is carrying some extra water you can step up the feeder weight without overloading the rods, making them very versatile for this style of fishing. Up the line strength and they are more than up to the job of handling big chub and barbel too. 

I match the Black Viper III 4.2m with the Black Viper Compact 855 reel loaded with 0.10mm Cenex Feeder Braid to an 8lb shockleader. The braid makes a huge difference to both the amount of lead required to hold bottom and bite indication. Having a round profile it does not catch the flow and forms a nice steady bow that makes bite detection very easy. 

If you are looking for a rod that won’t be outgunned on larger rivers then take a look at the Black Viper III’s you won’t be disappointed. 

Tom Noton

The Black Viper III 4.2m are brilliant for big rivers like the lower Trent.

I match the Black Viper II rods up with the Black Viper Compact reels.

These are the ideal rods for fishing at distance on big rivers and still waters for hard-fighting fish.

"If you are looking for a feeder rod for the lower Trent then take a look at these."

Xitan Xi-Box 36 Compact Seatbox

If you fish a lot of natural venues then long walks over rough ground, often with styles and other obstacles to overcome will be nothing new for you. Transporting a big seatbox in these conditions can be a real challenge, so given the choice, I prefer a more compact box such as the Xi-Box 36. The compact design of this box, plus its reduced weight, make it ideal for natural venues. 

Although the box is smaller the 36mm legs mean that it is incredibly stable and I have never felt compromised when fishing on soft or steep banks, thanks to the six telescopic legs that have oversized mud feet, keeping me really stable. The inbuilt spirit levels are another useful feature, enabling me to get the position of the box spot-on. 

As you would expect, the box is supplied in a great tray configuration for natural venues, with a full range of trays and other accessories available enabling you to customise the box to your needs. 

One other factor that is worth noting is that if you regularly travel with a friend the smaller size of this box means that you can get two, plus all your other gear, in the back of a regular estate car.

Rory Jones

The adjustable seat position means you don’t have to carry extra trays just to get the right seat height.

The chunky hand wheels make adjusting the legs very easy.

The frame is really strong and solid. I find the inbuilt spirit levels useful too.

"A really stable box, thanks to its 36mm legs."

Cassette-style footplate is really stable.

Extra threads in the front of the footplate for keepnets and other accessories.

All of the six legs are 36mm diameter with telescopic inners.

The Xi-Box 36 Compact is top of the Xi-Box range. It has been designed to have a small “footprint”, so easier to fit in a car, carry, or use on platforms than traditional cassette style boxes. The design is very strong and rigid with 36mm legs and specially designed clamps. The top frame of the box can be height adjusted to maintain a comfortable seating position if trays are added or removed. 

The Xi-Box 36 Compact features : 

• 36mm telescopic legs with hinged mud feet for total stability 

• Sliding footplate 

• Secure non-slip locking systems with large easy-to-grip knobs 

• Fixed mesh tray on bottom frame for under-box storage while fishing 

• Spirit levels and adjustable seat height for total comfort 

• 2 x 3cm plus 1 x 6cm side drawers 

• 1 x 4cm plus 1 x 3m tray units 

• Additional trays available 

The adjustable seat height means you only need to add the trays that you need.

A wide range of trays and accessories are available.

The over-sized self-levelling feet keep the box really stable on unlovely banks.

Sphere Feeder MH 390

If you are looking to fish big rivers, like the middle Trent, Thames, Severn or Wye, at this time of the year, especially when after bigger fish, then the Sphere Feeder MH 390 is the rod for you. Sensitive enough to fish for skimmers, but with the guts to fish a feeder at range, and enough low-down power to tame hard-fighting chub and barbel. 

A brilliant rod that will cover a wide range of feeder and bomb fishing for bigger fish. Match it with the brilliant Sphere MgTi 50 size reel for the perfect combination. 



The Sphere Feeder rods, like all rods in the Sphere range, have been developed using the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available. Every aspect of the rods has been carefully engineered to produce a product that is as perfect as possible. The rods are ultra light, ultra slim and are fitted with a unique ergonomic weight reducing handle which transmits more “feel” to the angler. They feature special ultra low friction “Minima” SIC guides – the best and lightest available.

The carbon quality of the blank adds meters to a cast and improves casting accuracy by minimising sideways flex when the rod under load. However, the blanks are responsive enough to safely play soft mouthed fish like skimmers without fear of hook-pulls. Supplied with 4 tips to give both sensitivity for bite indication and durability when casting. 


Sphere MH 390 Tech Spec:

Length – 3,90m / 13ft

Sections – 3

Weight – 210 grams

Maximum Casting Weight – 100 grams

Rings – Pac Bay Minima

Reel Seat – Fuji

Tips – 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 3oz

The Sphere MH 390 is perfect for summer rivers with both feeder and bomb.

A hard fighting Wye barbel tamed on the Sphere MH 390.

Match this rod up with the Sphere MgTi reel in either 40 or 50 size.

"All of the materials used are the best of the best"

The minimalist SiC rings reduce weight, whilst being incredibly durable.

The top of the range Japanese carbons used to make thee rods reduce weight and increase torsional stiffness, increasing casting accuracy and strength.

The sculptured ergonomic handle has been designed for maximum feel and comfort.

Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks & Hooks to Nylon

This hook is one of the lightest and sharpest currently available on the market. But it is still strong enough to land larger fish on the feeder. Hook weight can make a big difference to whether or not a fish picks up the hookbait, especially with smaller baits. If you want to catch fish on the drop then this is the hook for you. 

The straight point is perfect for hooking fish, whilst the slight angled design helps reduce small fish from twisting off the hook on the retrieve. 

Don’t let the name make you think that this hook is only suitable for feeder fishing, we know a number of anglers who also use this as a silverfish hook on the pole, thanks to its incredibly durable point and low weight. 

Available in sizes 8 to 18 in packs of 15 loose hooks, or ready-tied to premium nylon in packs of eight. 

The perfect hook for catching silvers on the feeder.

A brilliant shape that improves hooking of silvers and stops them twisting off the hook on the retrieve.

The hooks to nylon are first class and supplied on these soft plastic spools that keep the hook lengths neat and protected from UV light.

"Ideal for dace and roach on the feeder."

Cenex Classic Mono

Monofilament lines have progressed massively in recent years and it can feel a bit of a minefield when choosing the right one, but relax as there’s one that won’t let you down, and this is Cenex Classic Mono, a line I now use extensively for all my pole rigs. 

One of the most important properties anglers look for in a line is its strength in relation to its diameter and I can honestly say that this is one of the strongest fine diameter lines available on the market today. It’s also ultra supple which provides perfect bait presentation which will simply result in loads more fishing gracing your net. Another important area is knot-strength, something that lets many fine diameter lines down, yet Classic Mono beds down really well giving me the peace of mind that every possible weakness in my rigs has been removed, allowing me to get on a do what I love, catch fish. 

The range available is quite extensive, especially in the lower diameter/breaking strains, and allows me to fine tune rigs so they perfectly compliment every angling situation I’m faced with.

Definitely the choice of serious competition anglers.

0.06mm – 0.45kg/1.00lb

0.07mm – 0.55kg/1.20lb

0.08mm – 0.75kg/1.60lb

0.10mm – 1.00kg/2.20lb

0.12mm – 1.55kg/3.40lb

0.14mm – 2.05kg/4.50lb

0.16mm – 2.60kg/5.70lb

Garry Cooper

Cenex lines have a reputation for being very accurate, with great strength to diameter. The Classic mono is ideal for both rigs and hook lengths.

When fishing matches I need a line that I can rely on one hundred percent.

When every fish counts make sure you are using a line that you can really rely on.

"this is one of the strongest fine diameter lines available"