Match Fishing Live - Popped-Up Bread

Match Fishing Live – Popped-Up Bread


We join Jim Hall at Lindholme Lakes for the midweek Bomb and Feeder League, fished by some of the best anglers in the country. With storm Barra incoming the conditions are not ideal, but the fish are feeding and Jim enjoys an amazing days winter sport fishing simple popped-up bread tactics on the bomb.

Some great tips and tactics from Jim as he lands some proper carp and big F1’s in this brilliant new video.


Hit the play button below to watch now, or find it on the Browning Europe YouTube channel now.

pole fishing for roach 1

Pole Fishing for River Roach

Pole Fishing for River Roach

Whilst the huge numbers of big barbel might overshadow the other fishing available today on the river Trent, the silverfish have experienced a huge upsurge and today many stretches are full of silvers that make for a brilliant days fishing. What is more, you only need simple tactics to almost guarantee a bumper catch. Today I am pole fishing for river roach on the Trent near Nottingham. In fact, I haven’t fished this stretch before, so it will be interesting to see how we get on. 

Setting up in a comfortable swim just above a row of boats I am immediately struck by the amount of small fish topping. These are mainly bleak, which can be a nuisance, intercepting the bait as it falls through the water. The answer to this is to use a heavier rig – today I have set up 1.5gram and 2gram rigs, as the swim is about eight feet deep. With the bulk of the shotting down the line the hookbait will get down quickly and past the pesky bleak. 

pole fishing for roach 2

Simple River Roach Fishing Rigs

My rigs are quite simple consisting of a round-bodied Perfect Control float that has a solid plastic bristle and wire stem for stability. The bulk, in the form of an olivette, is about two feet above the hook, with droppers below this. I’m using the excellent Hybrid Mono in 0.14mm for my rigs with a 0.08mm Cenex Classic hooklength. Todays hookbaits are caster and possibly hemp, so I am using a size 16 Sphere Classic hook. I’m not fishing overly fine, because there is a good chance of a bonus fish coming along and I want to be able to swing decent stamp roach without worrying 

pole fishing for roach 3
pole fishing for roach 4

Focussed Feed When Pole Fishing for River Roach

To begin with, I have potted in four balls of groundbait laced with hemp and casters to try to encourage the fish to concentrate on the line I want to fish. The groundbait is a mixture of Black Magic and Champions Choice no. 1. The Champions Choice helps to bind the mix together and ensures the balls of bait reach the bottom intact. This is introduced just downstream of me, so that I can run the float through the hotspot. When fishing I will feed little-and-often with a pinch of hemp or casters, stepping up the feed if the bleak become a problem. 

Casters definitely pick out a better stamp of fish than maggots, so I will start on the chrysalis and see how things develop. If the session goes well I will try hemp, which can be a bit hit or miss, but on the right day can be very selective. 

Right from the off I have started to get bites simply by running the float through at the speed of the current. Most of these are roach, but with the odd good dace and perch mixed in. The roach are of all sizes, including a few ‘netters’.

river roach pole baits

Run the Rig Through for River Roach

Despite a downstream wind, I am fishing a fairly long line today; fishing the top-six of the pole. Using this longer rig helps in a couple of ways. Firstly, it means I only have to break down the pole once when shipping, making the process much faster, especially when the banks are steep. Secondly, I expect the fish to drop back down the peg as the day progresses, and the longer line allows me to follow them should I need to. 

Incredibly, it has been a bite every run through on caster, which has encouraged me to switch to the hemp. Normally, I would expect action to slow even if the roach were feeding on the hemp, but the bites are still coming regularly today and the size of the fish has definitely increased. 

You will often read that it is best to hook hemp through the split, where the white kernel is exposed, but I find that if I hook it through the shell the bait stays on much better and I can even catch several fish on the same hookbait. Don’t worry about the hook being exposed, if the fish are feeding confidently this won’t make any difference. 

Brilliant Sport on the Pole

After a few hours fishing I must have more than 25 pounds of fish in the net. The bulk are roach, but there are a few clonking dace mixed in too. What fantastic sport, that shows exactly what the middle Trent is capable of these days. If you are looking for an enjoyable days fishing then I cannot recommend it highly enough. 


Nick Crooks

Nick’s River Roach Pole Fishing Tackle

Browning Xitan Z8 Advance Pole

Cenex Hybrid Mono 0.14mm Rig Line

Cenex Classic 0.08mm Hooklength

Size 16 Sphere Classic Hook

1.5-2gram Round-bodied Float


Nicks Bait for River Roach




Champions Choice No. 1

Champions Choice Black Magic

river trent pole fishing roach

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hyper carp hc40 2 main

Hyper Carp HC 40-2

The Hyper Carp HC 40-2 has been specially designed for big fish.

This 11.5 meter pole is packed with up to date features.

You will be surprised by the power of this pole – suitable for the thickest of elastics. Its rigidity and strength enable big carp to be landed quickly.

This rod is fully compatible with older generation Hyper Carp poles.

The kits come with the side puller already fitted and a 4.5mm / 5.5mm Duo Bush, enabling thick elastics to be used without cutting back.

You can buy this pole at 11.5 metres, with a mini extension for sections 6 and 7.

The Huper Carp 40-2 is also available as a pack with the pole plus an additional kit and a mini extension for sections 4 and 5 as well as the mini extension for sections 6 and 7.

If big carp are your target then check out the Hyper Carp HC 40-2.

Hermann Tallonneau

hyper carp hc40 2 vertical
hyper carp hc40 2 1
hyper carp hc40 2 2
hyper carp hc40 2 3

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sphere multipocket holdall cover

Sphere Multipocket Holdall

Sphere Multipocket Holdall

Carrying a range of rods and poles that can total several thousand pounds in value deserves a proper holdall that gives the contents plenty of protection. For the last few months I have been using the Sphere Multipocket Holdall, which has really impressed me with its functional design and toughness. 

I use the 12-tube holdall which has two six-tube compartments side-by-side, enabling me to carry all the kit I could possibly need, whatever the venue. Next to this is a large pocket for feeder arms and other long items that are otherwise difficult to carry. The sleek design means there are no external pockets that can catch or get in the way, just zip everything in and you are ready to go! 

The 190cm length is perfect for carrying poles, in fact one side of my holdall is dedicated to carrying my pole, along with extensions, top kits and pole protectors, leaving the other side free for rods. 

Like all of the Sphere luggage range, the design and build quality are second to none. After a lot of hard use the holdall is still looking its best and will give me years of service. The zips are especially strong, and being nice and chunky they cope with the wet and muddy conditions that we are often out in with ease. 

The material used is the woven carbon-effect PVC found right across the Sphere range. This is really tough and heavyweight, and wipe clean, again ideal for us anglers. A brilliant piece of kit that I can’t fault.

The Sphere Multipocket Holdall is available in two sizes:

190cm long 6-tube design

190cm long 12-tube design

Dean Jacques (Browning Team Ossett)

sphere multipocket holdall vert
sphere multipocket holdall 1

This is a big holdall, capable of holding full length pole sections and two-piece rods. I use the 12 tube version, but a narrower 6 tube model is also available.

sphere multipocket holdall 2

As you would expect from a holdall carrying the Sphere name this is a seriously rugged piece of kit that has been built to last.

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Xenos feeder bream fishing

Xenos Feeders

Need to reach bream at long range? With the Xenos feeders you can hit the horizon with ease.

This plastic Xenos feeders have been designed with distance and accuracy in mind. The aerodynamically shaped weight can be exchanged in seconds, increasing flexibility should the conditions change.

The size of the holes in the feeder mean that particles, such as casters, pellets and chopped worm, can be packed into the centre of the feeder, with groundbait plugs holding the bait in place. The large slots in the base of the feeder allow the feed to be released quickly on the retrieve. Depositing the feed exactly where you want it. 

Martin Siwon


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Xenos feeders 1
Xenos feeders 2
Xenos bream fishing

sphere ultra strong hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks


When big, strong bonus fish are on the cards I reach for the Sphere Ultra Strong hooks. These spade-end hooks are the same shape as the Ultra Lite pattern that I use a lot in my feeder fishing, but in a stronger wire gauge. This makes them ideal for feeder fishing for big fish, with bigger, heavier baits. On the river Trent they are ideal, because you never know when a barbel, or big chub will put in an appearance. So if I am feeder fishing for bream on the river this will be my hook of choice.


Try it for the Flat Float

The Sphere Ultra Strong hooks are also ideal for fishing the flat float with bits of worm for perch when the river is carrying some extra water. Once again, you need a strong hook, but one that is balanced to the gear and baits used, and this fits the bill perfectly. 

For those demanding situations when you need a strong, yet light, hook, this is the one. 

Tom Noton

Available in sizes from 8 to 18 with a black nickel finish. 


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sphere ultra strong hook 2
sphere ultra strong hook 3
Tom Noton bream

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag

Sphere Large Multi Net & Tray Bag

Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag


Many of the matches and festivals that I fish are carp dominated and with winning weights at an all time high, and limits placed on each keepnet, several nets are often required. This also means having a net bag that is large enough to carry multiple keepnets.

The Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag has an inner net pocket that easily accommodates three standard-sized keepnets, as well as several landing net heads. The strapped side pocket is large enough for side trays.

One of the most important points about the zipped main net pocket is that the internal seams are welded together preventing any leakage. There’s also a large front pocket with a clip closure adjustable strap where loads more tackle, such as riddles, can be placed. 

The Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag also looks really good with its distinctive carbon-effect finish and is made from high quality, specialist PVC which also wipes clean really easily.

There’s also a padded adjustable shoulder strap which can be easily removed if placing on a trolley and two further carry handles which can be locked together with a Velcro’s strap for comfortable transportation.

Another great feature is all the areas that get the most wear have been looked at and reinforced and the top quality, hard wearing zip won’t let you down. 

An innovative quality large net / tray bag that takes everything I need and more.  

Michael Colsino


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Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 2

Extra strong zips are a key feature on the Sphere luggage range – they won’t let you down.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 3

The main compartment is large enough to hold three compact keepnets.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 4

All of the components are top-quality, to give years of service.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 5

The shoulder carry strap can be removed if not required when using the bag on a barrow.

straight lead rig

Straight Bomb Rig

Rig it Right: Straight Bomb Rig

Although the Pellet Waggler and fishing the Bomb complement each other, especially on commercial fisheries that are carp dominated, there are times when the Bomb will out-fish the Waggler. One is obvious, simply because the carp just don’t want to come up in the water, another is it takes time to get the fish feeding confidently up in the water so the Straight Bomb Rig is a great method to start a match of with whilst pinging in pellets to tease them into rising up in the water.

Justin Watkins


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straight lead catch
straight lead rig 1

1 – Thread a small Quick Change Swivel onto the mainline. I use Cenex 0.20mm Feeder Mono.

straight lead 2

2 – Using a six -turn Blood Knot attach a medium Connector Bead, remembering to moisten and test once pulled down.

straight lead 3

3 – Remove around twelve inches of 0.18mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono to create the hook length.

straight lead 4

4 – Attach a silicone Pellet Band to one end of this line with a six-turn Blood Knot, moisten and tighten carefully as not to kink the line.

straight lead 5

5 – Passing the hook length through the back of the eye, thread on a size 14 or 12 Sphere Beast Barbless Hook.

straight lead rig 6

6 – Create a short hair and trap the line against the hook.

"ideal, when the carp want a bait hard on the deck."

straight lead rig 7

7 – Whip the hook length approximately seven times around the shank of the hook.

straight lead rig 8

8 – Pass the tag end, once again, through the back of the hook.

straight lead rig 9

9 – Moisten and tighten down.

straight lead rig 10

10 – The end product should look like this.

straight lead rig 11

11 – Using a figure of eight overhand knot create a loop in the tag end.

straight lead rig 12

12 – Moisten down and tighten.

straight lead rig 13

13 – Attach the hook length, which should be around ten inches to start with, to the Connector Bead.

straight lead rig 14

14 – Attach a 1/3oz (10g) Square Bomb Lead to the Quick Change Swivel.

straight lead rig 15

15 – You can always use a ready tied hook length if preferred such as a Feeder Leader ‘Method’.

Xenos j32 feeder

Xenos Cage Feeders

The Xenos Cage Feeders, designed by German International Jens Koschnick, are plastic cage feeders with the weight located at the front of the feeder. The feeders have been designed to have just the right size holes so that the bait doesn’t leave the feeder during the casting process, but when it enters the peg, the bait can be released with ease.

The weight located at the front of the feeder has a screw thread that enables the feeder to be used with different size weights, enabling anglers to cover all conditions and approaches without carrying too many feeders.

The feeders are loaded through the top and a firm squeeze will hold the groundbait in place perfectly, even when giving it the big one! The weight distribution at the front makes casting these feeders a dream, a superb distance cage feeder that makes going that extra mile possible and with the weight being streamline shaped they enter the swim with minimal disturbance.

The Xenon Cage Feeders available in three different sizes with weights ranging from 30g-80g.

The J-25 feeder is 2.1cm in length and 2.5cm in diameter.

The J-28 is 2.4cm in length and 2.8cm in diameter.

The largest of the range is the J-32 feeder that is 3.0cm in length and 3.2cm in diameter, perfect for the days when the more you feed the more you catch! 

The J-25 even comes with a slow sinking head that you really need to check out further!

 Nick Crooks


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loaded Xenos feeder

The hole size on the Xenos feeders are perfect for micro pellets and casters.

browning Xenos feeders

The Xenos Cage feeder range covers a wide range of feeder sizes and weights, for applications as diverse as winter fishing at close range, to heavy baiting at range.

Xenos j32 feeder

Use the Xenos J32 feeder when you want to introduce plenty of bait.

j25 slow sinking feeder

The Xenos J25 Slow-sinking Feeder is brilliant for summer carp, as the buoyancy can be adjusted by filling it with water to catch carp right through the water column.

Autumn Roach Fishing

One of my favourite ways of spending and autumn day is in search of roach on the pole.

At this time of the year a dark groundbait with plenty of activity is the best choice for roach.

The Black Roach and Quick Skimmer groundbaits go well together and are ideal for autumn roach fishing.

Lifting and dropping the rig a little can often bring more bites from the roach and perch as it mimics the sinking loose feed through the cloud of groundbait.

The Xitan Z6-2 pole is a great all-rounder, and although I normally use it for carp fishing through the summer, it is equally good for more delicate roach fishing.

If you want lots of bites on the pole this autumn then roach are a great fish to target, and simple tactics are all you need.

Have a great autumn’s fishing.

Tight lines! 

Martin Siwon