skyline kit 1

Skyline One-Piece Top Kits

Skyline One-Piece Top Kits

There has been a definite shift amongst Commercial Anglers towards using one-piece top kits for some styles of fishing over recent years. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this, and the benefits these kits have. 

One-piece kits replace the standard top two supplied with a pole, reducing the length by roughly a metre in most cases. The steeper taper of a one-piece kits obviously stiffens up the pole, and gives extra strength – ideal when big weights are expected. 

Browning kits come fitted with the brilliant Duo Bush as standard, so there is no need to cut back the pole to fit even large diameter elastics. As you wold expect, they are also fitted with side puller bushes, making elastication very easy. 

Browning’s one-piece kits come in either a standard carbon finish, or with a Skyline grey finish that blends in well with the colour of the sky, making them ideal when shallow fishing. The Skyline kits also feature coloured depth bands at 10cm intervals, making it easy to set the depth perfectly on multiple kits. 

Talking of multiple kits, another benefit of one-piece kits is that make it easy to store rigs ready-rigged on the kit. This makes getting organised on the bank so much easier,, and although you can do this with two-piece kits, nothing is simpler than a one-piece configuration. 

Finally, there is the price. One-piece kits are obviously great value and a lot cheaper than two-piece kits. Any time when maximum length isn’t required, especially when you are using heavier elastics for big weight fishing, the one-piece kits make a great solution. 

Skyline One-Piece Top Kits 2
Skyline One-Piece Top Kits 3
Skyline One-Piece Top Kits 4
Skyline One-Piece Top Kits 5

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CK Carp Waggler 1

CK Carp Waggler

CK Carp Waggler

I can’t quite believe that it’s over ten years since I first started using the Commercial King range of shorter rods. Back then they revolutionised my approach when targeting carp on commercial fisheries and have now become standard equipment for anglers on these high stocked venues. 

I was wrong in thinking that these brilliant rods couldn’t get any better, but advances in carbon and fittings have allowed Browning to take these mid range rods to a new level. Let’s first look at the two big upgrades that I’m really impressed with. The first is in the Carp King, as its been renamed, rods handle as all the range now come with the shortened ergonomic handle, similar to those fitted on the high end Sphere range. The reason for shortening the handle on the CK Carp Waggler is simply to allow anglers to cast quicker and the flattened handle makes it so much more comfortable, you can really ‘feel the difference’ when casting and playing fish as so much more is transmitted back to the angler. The second upgrade might seem very small but Browning have listened to their anglers and have straightened the end eye of the rod, something I have been doing for years, so that those annoying moments when the line catches around are eliminated. 

The CK Carp Waggler is 11ft/3.30m and is a two piece rod, like the rest of the CK range, and allows the match angler to arrive with multiple set up rods all rigged and ready to go. Weighing in at just 170g and with a casting weight of 20g it really is a dream to use, ultra slim with a lovely parabolic ‘non-lock’ action, a real all-round carp float rod.

Other features are high quality smooth guides, toned down graphics, keeper ring, plus a cork screw down reel fitting.

If you are looking for a versatile, mid priced, two piece carp float rod then you need to check this, and the rest of the CK range out.

The best has just got better!


Mick Fordham

CK Carp Waggler 2
CK Carp Waggler 3
CK Carp Waggler 4
CK Carp Waggler 5

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distance marker sticks 2

Distance Marker Sticks

Distance Marker Sticks

Distance sticks have become an essential for most feeder anglers, enabling several rods to be set up at exactly the same distance easily. These new sticks from Browning have been carefully thought through to make marking up as simple as possible. 

When setting up the screw-in solid points make getting the sticks securely into hard ground really easy, even on gravel pits. A t-bar is supplied with each set at the tops of the sticks have a solid oversized button for pushing the sticks into softer ground. 

Supplied with a 4m tape to give the exact distance between the sticks every time. Metre markers make it easy to set up at intermediate distances. We particularly like the fact that the tape is four metres as when using shorter rods it is easy to double this round so the sticks can be positioned at two metres apart.

Tangles can be an issue with some sticks, especially when using fine braided lines, but the ribbed finish on these Marker Sticks means that each turn of line falls into a groove and is held securely – perfect! 

If you are looking for a really well designed set of sticks then check these out at your local Browning Stockist. 

distance marker sticks 1
distance marker sticks 3
distance marker sticks 4

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ck bomb rod 1

Carp King Bomb Rod

Carp King Bomb Rod

If you are looking for a really versatile bomb and light feeder rod that won’t break the bank then check out the brilliant value CK Bomb rod. This 10 footer is rated up to 40 grams, making it perfect for bomb fishing and light Method feeders. The sort of fishing we all do on Commercial Fisheries right through the year. 

As you can see, the anti-lock action is brilliant for playing carp. Line breakages are a thing of the past, as the rod just bends and bends! You might think that it would be sloppy though, damaging casting accuracy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, this isn’t a top-of-the-range, super-light rod, but then it doesn’t have the price tag either! 

I like to use this rod for bomb fishing up to around 40 metres, or for dropping a Pellet Cone or small Method Feeder on a sixpence every time. It is supplied with two tips, of 1oz and 2oz rating, making it perfect for both summer and winter fishing. 

It can double-up as a nice skimmer rod too with the lighter tip fitted. 

The rod has some lovely features for the price. The rings are low-friction and braid-friendly, with a skeletal design with no liners to break. The screw down reel seat holds the reel securely, and the combination of cork and EVA handle is nice and comfortable. 

If you are new to Commercial fishing, or looking for a really nice tool on a tight budget then check out the CK range, you won’t be disappointed! 

ck bomb rod 2

The CK Bomb rod has a flawless action.

CK rod tip

Two tips of 1oz and 2oz are supplied with the CK Bomb Rod.

CK ROD Rings

Low friction Skeletal rings are standard on the CK rod range.

CK Rod handle

Simple, comfortable, and secure, that’s the handle on the CK rods.

ck rod handle

There are some nice little touches on the CK rods, like this embossed logo on the handle.

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Jayson Greatorex

Jayson Greatorex New Browning Media Manager

Jayson Greatorex New Browning Media Manager

Tostedt. Zebco Europe has appointed Jayson Greatorex as European Media Manager for its well-known match fishing brand Browning. Jayson is now supporting the responsible product and marketing managers and building the brand presence on all platforms. He will work closely with internal staff, as well as external agencies and the large team of Browning consultants and sponsored anglers. His fishing media experience and the past five years as a consultant at Matrix made him the perfect candidate for this role at Browning.

Martin Puchter, Marketing Manager Zebco Europe: “We are happy to have Jayson in our team and push our media activities. We know him for a long time and he is the perfect puzzle piece to fill in. It is a great opportunity for the Browning brand and part of our strategy to extend our marketing efforts.”

Christian Dörr, Browning Brand Manager: “Thanks to his many years of experience in the match fishing scene and the associated professional reporting in various media, Jayson Greatorex is the ideal choice for the position of Browning Media Manager. For that reason, I am sure that Jayson will do an excellent job and help to further establish the Browning brand in the market.”

Jayson Greatorex: “I am absolutely delighted to be working with one of the leading tackle brands of Europe and really looking forward to contributing new and fresh ideas, working alongside a great dedicated team and now being paid for something I love.”

Image: Christian Dörr (l.), Browning Brand Manager, and new arrival Jayson Greatorex (r.), Browning Media Manager.

Jayson Greatorex

Mick Fordham big carp

How to Tackle Deep Margins

How to Tackle Deep Margins

Most carp dominated commercials are very similar in topography with an average depth of around 4ft and very shallow margins. Fishing tight to the far bank, maybe to an island or down the edge is generally one of the best areas with eighteen inches and a relatively flat bottom being what we all are looking for, however there are exceptions where the margins are deep, maybe upwards of six feet just inches from the marginal vegetation and if you treat these in the same way as a shallow margin, well it’s a recipe for disaster!

Exception to the rule

One such venue is Willow Pool near Basingstoke in Hampshire; it’s a small deep water run by Adventure Angling Society and is one of very few fisheries that still contain true wild carp. Being an irrigation resource the water level can fluctuate dramatically, especially in the summer when the farmer needs to water the crops and even in these conditions it’s rare to find less than four-feet of water tight to the nearby rushes! 

deep margin pole fishing

Irrigation reservoirs often have deep margins.

Cenex Hybrid mono

Cenex Hybrid Power is such a versatile line.

Heavy particles

Feeding is so, so important when fishing deep margins and if you feed baits such as live/dead maggot, casters and groundbait all that will happen is as it descends through the water it will spread, depositing items all over the place along with the fish. On these venues it’s much better to feed heavier particle baits such as 4mm and 6mm pellets, corn as well as paste as these will fall far quicker, create a tighter feeding zone that can be accurately targeted throughout the session. 

Plumbing up, so important

Before feeding it’s really important to take your time plumbing up and its best to use a heavy plummet as this will transmit so much more through the pole, telling me what the bottom is made up off as well as if there are any obstacles such as reed roots lying around. Once I’ve found dead depth, as well as an even area really tight to the marginal rushes, I always add an inch as I want to know that my pellet is always lying in the feeding zone. I will always plumb up on both sides of the swim as this allows me to take a fish or two from one side before feeding and switching position.

Stand out bait

Having found a couple of marginal spots it’s time to get some feed in and I always start with half a big pot of 4mm pellets which are dampened down to add weight plus a nice scattering of bright visual corn. If the margin was deeper, say six feet plus then I would be feeding bigger 6mm pellets. Hopefully after leaving this to draw a few fish in for ten minutes bites should come almost straight away but if not then I will add more bait, not as much, say quarter of a pot and continue to do this until one or both lines start to produce. Having laid the table it’s time to drop in over the top and I like to use a big stand out bait, usually an 8mm pellet or double corn. If everything goes to plan it should be a case of taking a couple of carp from one spot, feeding more 4mm pellets and corn before switching sides and repeating the process. One small but very important tip is when positioning the rig within the swim instead of swinging the hookbait alongside the marginal cover its best to drop the bait and float in open water then drag the float into the rushes as this will allow your hookbait to fall unhindered through the swim coming to rest on the deck. 

commercial carp baits

Pellets and corn are my main baits, but I always have some paste as a change bait too.

"take your time plumbing up and use a heavy plummet"

pole float
bulk shotting

Getting it down

Rig wise I like to keep things nice and simple and use a .4g pellet shaped handmade float which has a nice visual 2mm bristle and leave plenty showing so that I can watch and hit those positive bites. The float is attached to 0.20mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono and positioned around six inches from the pole tip so I can hit those bites fast and hard. Below the float and positioned just above the four-inch hook length, which is made from 0.19mm Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line, is a spread bulk of seven No8 shot which gets the hookbait down to the bottom quickly. As for hook it’s a size 14 barbless eyed Sphere Beast which has a short hair extending from it which contains a small micro band which is really versatile as it retains different pellet sizes and corn firmly.

As expected the short evening session has once again been action packed with plenty of wild carp to around 6lb plus a few of the recent stockies gracing my net, proof that even in such hot temperatures and with a vast amount of the carp sunning themselves that by thinking about what and how you feed, keeping the rig nice and simple will still produce the goods. 

Mick Fordham

Mick’s Tackle

Zero-G F1+ Pole

Hybrid 2.2mm Elastic

.4g pellet shaped float

Sphere size 14 Beast barbless Hook

0.20mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

0.19mm Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line

Micro Bait Band

Spread bulk of seven No 8 shot


Mick’s Bait

4mm/6mm/8mm Pellets


hair rigged pellet
sphere beast hooks
netting big carp

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Hybrid Elastic

Jim Hall takes a look at the brilliant new Hybrid Elastic – the ultimate latest elastic.

With the stretch characteristics of hollow, but with the fine diameter of a solid, this elastic is a major step forward in pole fishing. Find it at your local Browning stockists now.


Hit the play button below to watch now.

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Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag 1

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag

Modern pole rollers and roosts are not only expensive bits of kit, but are surprisingly bulky to carry too. The Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag has been designed to swallow all of your rollers and kits and transport them with minimum fuss. Available in two sizes, these bags feature the legendary Sphere quality and attention to detail. 

The large bag will hold several triple rollers, such as the Sphere Pro-File, along with top kit roosts and accessory arms. The chunky main zip extends around three sizes, making it easy to get to the bags contents. The large front pocket is ideal for longer accessories, such as roosts and arms. 

The medium-sized version of the bag is ideal for double rollers and accessories. 

Made from the hard-wearing carbon-effect Sphere material with rigid nylon runners on the base of the bag to give added protection. Grab handles at either end make lifting the bag onto a barrow, or into and out of a vehicle much easier. 

A brilliant carryall that makes carrying those bulky pole fishing essentials a pleasure. 

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag 2

The Sphere Roller & Accessory Bags have the capacity to carry several rollers, roosts and other items.

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag 3

If you are looking for the very best quality then the Sphere range is for you.

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black magic specialist pole 1

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole

The Black Magic Allround pole has been a best-seller for Browning, and we have really outdone ourselves with the new Black Magic Specialist 10m. This brilliant short / margin pole has many of the features you would find on our top-end poles. Well balanced, yet with massive reserves of power, this pole is just at home bagging up with skimmers as it is margin fishing for big carp. 

Supplied with two extra top kits, each of which is fitted with Browning’s innovative Duo Bush system, that can take elastic to 20+, and are pre-fitted with side puller bushes. In the pole you will find Browning’s new pre-bushed Speed Kit, which gives the pole incredible poise. We have even added a cupping kit for the total package. With all of the kits pre-bushed there is no need to cut the pole back, even when using heavy elastics. 

Look closely and you will notice that the pole not only features a spiral strengthening wrap, but each of the section ends have been reinforced too for maximum strength and longevity. All this in a pole that weighs only 735 grams at 10 metres. 

The section alignment markers enable the pole to be assembled perfectly every time, and the Precision Points on the butt section mean you can ship out to the perfect distance every time. 

If you are new to pole fishing and looking for a brilliant package that will cover your needs, or looking for a second carp pole for margin and short work, then check out the Black Magic Specialist, you won’t be disappointed! 

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 2
Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 3
Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 4

Precision Points enable shipping out to the same distance every time.

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 5

Use the Section Alignment Points to get maximum stiffness every time.

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 6

The Black Magic Specialist has many of the features of Browning’s top-end poles.

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Xenos advance braid feeder 1

Xenos Advance Braid Feeder Rod

Xenos Advance Braid Feeder Rod

If you are looking for a brilliant feeder rod at a great price then check out the Xenos Advance range. 

Covering everything from a 3.3m medium action rod, suitable for feeders up to 70 grams, to a 4.2m heavy model that will cast feeders weighing 150 grams, there is a rod in this range for most applications. Made from 40 tonne carbon, all of the rods feel light and exceptionally well balanced, thanks to Browning’s long pedigree in designing high performance feeder rods. 

One of the most versatile rods in the range is the 3.6m / 12 foot Braid special. As the name suggests, this rod has been developed specifically for fishing with the fine diameter braided lines, with or without shock leaders, that have become an essential part of modern long-range feeder fishing. 

The Xenos Advance Braid Feeder has been designed with a slightly softer action in the middle and tip that gives a progressive build up of power on the cast and strike. This makes long-range casting with zero-stretch braided lines easier, and helps to eliminate hook-pulls when catching soft-mouthed fish. 

With reserves of power in the butt section the Braid Feeder will handle loaded cage feeders up to 50 grams, making it ideal for stillwaters and slow-flowing rivers where accurate fishing with light lines and small hooks are often the order of the day. Supplied with three tips, 0.5oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, this is the perfect bream and silverfish rod. Tips have a standard 3mm diameter, making them compatible across the range. 

Like all of the Xenos Advance range, the Braid Feeder has a stunning epoxy finish, with gold details. The genuine cork handle is comfortable and hard-wearing, with a positive EVA lower grip embossed with the browning logo. 

If you want to take your feeder fishing to the next level then check out the Xenos Advance range. 

Xenos advance braid feeder 2
Xenos advance braid feeder 3

The Xenos Advance rods have a modern twist on a classic epoxy finish with gold trimmings.

Xenos advance braid feeder 4

The minimal rings help save weight and are braid and mono friendly.

Xenos advance braid feeder 4

Quality fittings are used throughout the Xenos Advance rod range.

Xenos advance braid feeder 5

Quiver tips are interchangeable between all of the Xenos rods, thanks to their 3mm diameter.

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