After Work session with the Method Feeder

By Jayson Greatorex


Summer time is quickly upon us and for most of us it´s a nice chance to sneak in a cheeky session during the week.

Just a couple of months ago the drive home at 5 O´Clock in the evening was still in dreary dark conditions, but now we have the luxury of those extra daylight hours and for those that don´t fancy mowing the lawn at home then head down to your local! No, not the beer garden, the local pond!

Travel light:

For my quickies, I like to just take the minimal amount of gear. The hefty old seat box is left at home and a camping chair and bivvy table will do for me. A bucket with all the terminal tackle needed for a bit of method feeder fishing, a simple but yet the most effective way to catch a few fish at any time of the year.

If someone said to me, “you have 30 minutes to catch a fish for a million quid” then this is exactly how I would tackle that goal. My rod is all set up and ready to go. Hook length, method feeder, and reel are already attached, and all I have to do is stick my 2 piece rod together, get some ground bait on the feeder and a bait on the hook and I´m all good to go.

Even my ground bait was knocked up before clocking off from work 😉

Again, keeping everything simple and basic, I´ve mixed up a bag of Sweet Magnum from the BBQ Method series and cracked open a tin of sweet corn. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

The lake I´m fishing today contains every fish you can think of, so a session with corn can produce anything from Carp and Tench to Roach and Bream. I´m not targeting any species, I´m more than happy to slip my net under anything with fins, just as long I´m not stuck at home on the sofa tonight.

Using a Method push stop ready-made hook length, I like to push the stopper through the top of the piece of corn with the needle (which is supplied with every packet) in such a way that I can bury the stopper into the soft and open end of the corn, giving me an excellent presentation on the hair.

It´s then just a case of placing the hook into the mould, cover with ground bait, push the cage into the mix, and that´s it.



All the gear I need hardly takes up any space in the car, I´ve still got half a bag of method mix left over so looks like I´ll be doing a bit more overtime in the office this week. (just in case Mrs G asks 😉 )

Advertising bit…

The kit I have ready to go at any time for an after-work session:

Argon 2.0 Method feeder rod 3,3m (also available in 3m. & 3,6m)

Black Magic FD 430 Reel (also available in 420 & 440)

Black Magic Uni Reel line 0,23mm (available from 0,17mm – 0,27mm)

Black Magic Method Feeder Set

Feeder Leader Method Push Stop Hook rigs

Method BBQ Sweet Magnum Mix (for Vegan Fish)

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