Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag

Designed specifically for carrying long items, such as pole rollers and roosts.

Cenex Fluoro Carbon

A superior fluorocarbon line developed specifically with high knot strength in mind.

Black Magic FB Competition S-Line Rollers

A brilliant roller, ideal for long-pole fishing.

Sphere MgTi Reels

The incredible Sphere MgTi reels - perfect for float and feeder fishing.

Window Feeder Classic

The patented Window Feeder Classic is the choice for accurate, long-range feeder fishing.

Feeder Fishing Big Canals

Canal fishing with the feeder rod can be interesting and exciting!

Catch More with Maggots

Join Rory Jones as he enjoys a brilliant days sport on the humble maggot.

A Nice Mixed Bag on a Small Pool

A lovely day catching a mixed bag of fish from a lovely communal pool.

Rig it Right – Margin Carp Pole Float

Justin Watkins looks at a simple float rig that is perfect for big Margin Carp.

Bob Nudd’s Golden Memories #9

Join Bob as he heads back to the epic tale of the 2013 Cootehill Festival in Ireland.