Browning Hoody 1

Browning Hoody

With the days shortening I find myself wearing my Browning Hoody almost every day. When there is a little bit of a chill this is the ideal layer to keep the cold at bay.

The design of these hoodys is ideal for fishing. Made from a nice heavyweight material and with a long cut it keeps me really warm.

I don’t use the hood a great deal, but it does help to protect the back of my neck when the wind is blowing. 

The hand warmer pockets are a nice touch, and I find myself using them mroe than I ever suspected. 

The lovely Browning livery matches the rest of my kit perfectly, and certainly stands out well on the bank. Look out for them in your local Browning Stockist.

Available in sizes from M to XXXL. 

This is just a part of the large range of Browning clothing designed specifically for match anglers seeking the very best.

Look out for our distinctive waterproofs, hats and shirts to keep you looking as good as you perform on the bank.



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Browning Hoody 2

The Browning Hoody makes a brilliant layer for the Spring and Autumn.

Browning Hoody 3

The hand warmer pocket is a useful addition.

Browning Hoody 4

The distinctive Browning livery.


Feeder Connector Swivels

These little Feeder Connector Swivels have become an integral part of most of my feeder rigs. Like many of the best ideas, they are incredibly simple, yet very effective, and most importantly, tangle-free. 

These are extremely strong mini-swivels, but instead of having two eyes, one of the wires has been formed into a parallel hook-shape. A small piece of hard-wearing rubber tube fits over the hook effectively closing the loop when in use. 

So what you have is a very simple method of changing your hooklenghs instantly. Couple this with the anti-twist properties of the swivel, and the tangle-resistant design and you have a brilliant connector that is ideal for a multitude of feeder rigs. 

A little tip shown to me by England International Will Freeman was to use two stots instead of beads between the Feeder Connector Swivels and the feeder link. This creates a tiny boom that holds the hooklength away from the boom, massively cutting down on tangles. Give it a go, combined with these connector swivels it is a great little edge.


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Bob Nudd with a fantastic catch or Tidal River Yare roach.

Tim Bruce with a cracking early spring carp.

Andy Blay with a proper feeder caught bream.


Xitan EVA Pole Caps

The Xitan EVA Pole Caps are a godsend as they replace those irritating hard plastic caps that although are difficult to fit/remove by hand seem to have a habit of irritatingly coming off in transit.

These pole caps are different as they are soft and durable, offering so much more protection to those fragile section joints as they cover the last 10cm of the pole section and are so much easier to fit/remove.

I can now fish at ease, especially when there’s an obstruction or steep bank behind that potentially could damage the section. These caps also keep the joints in tip top condition whilst fishing as they eliminate any dust or grit getting inside or around the pole sections.   

Available in a range of sizes to cover 11m to 16m butt sections of most poles. 

Filipe Passeira


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These caps replace the hard plastic ones supplied with poles.


The Xitan EVA Pole Caps are available in a range of diameters to fit all pole butts.


The protection you get from these caps means I can concentrate on landing the fish when shipping back.

Ultra Lite Feeder Hook 1

Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks

For silverfish feeder fishing, with the chance of a big bonus fish, the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks are my choice.

A lot of my feeder fishing on natural venues revolves around catching numbers of silverfish averaging a few ounces each, but of course the chance of a rogue lump or two as well. Hooks and hooklengths need to be relatively refined for this style of fishing, but not so light that the ever-present chance of hooking a decent bream, eel or tench is ignored or worse still wasted when light gear loses the battle. Whilst they cannot be relied upon, those bonus fish can mean the difference between winning and losing, so I need to capitalise on every opportunity.


Light hooks are great for presentation, and ensure my hookbait looks as natural as the particles it’s surrounded by, but of course everything on a feeder tends to require stepping up a bit.  My choice for this style of fishing is the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks, which despite being exceedingly light weight, packs an amazing amount of strength – don’t be fooled by the larger sizes, these area great for bit baits and aggressive retrieves when you need to ensure fish stay on all the way back. This must be down to the Japanese wire and tempering process used, but also the shape too. Whatever the ‘secret alchemy’ used, they have proven to be extremely reliable for this style of fishing.


Another point (sic) worth mentioning are the points! These really are razor sharp, but last really well too, meaning I bump less fish and need to change my hooklength less often.


Hook shapes are a very personal thing, but I do like the slightly ‘wedge-shaped’ bend on these hooks that see the point facing very slightly towards the shank. This shape, combined with the straight point, goes in and stays in, meaning less lost fish when I am fishing at range.


Bait wise, this is an allrounder, but really is a great maggot hook, especially when fishing with two or three grubs. It also lends itself really well to fishing worm heads and bunches of caster too. The Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks are a great feeder hook that I use a lot.


Available in sizes 8 to 18


Kye Jerrom


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Ultra Lite Feeder Hook 2

This is a light, but very strong hook, that is ideal for silvers, but with enough strength to land bonus fish.

On venues like the Ely Ouse, where there are a lot of silver fish on the far bank, this is the ideal hook. It will even land the odd bonus bream or tench.

Ultra Lite Feeder Hook 3

The slightly inturned shape helps keep small fish on the hook when winding them in on the feeder.

"My choice for lighter feeder fishing."

CK Micro Waggler rod 1

CK 9’ Micro Waggler

Having used the CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod for around 12 months now I can honestly say that it really does stand out and is an absolute joy to use. This 9’ two-piece rod is feather-light yet it tames big fish far quicker than longer more conventional rods.

It is also ultra slim, made from high quality carbon and weighs a mere 152g. It also has a short handle, specially shaped for comfort and speed, which allows me to cast and catch repeatedly all day.

Ideally suited to short to medium distance fishing. The CK 9′ Micro Waggler rod is exceptionally accurate and brilliant for speed fishing up in the water. Especially when bigger than average carp can be expected.

Another massive advantage is being a two-piece rod means that it can be transported and stored ready made up. The snag-free keeper ring is an additional nice touch.

Incredibly priced a just over £50 the CK 9′ Micro Waggler is a great value float rod just made for fun and speed. These days I just wouldn’t venture onto a carp commercial without it.

This is just one of a whole range of fantastic value CK rods that cover a number of different Commercial Fishery applications. From Method feeder fishing, to winter straight lead fishing. Match them with the brilliant Browning MSF fixed spool reels.


Be sure to check them out and grab yourself a bargain!

Filipe Passeira


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CK Micro Waggler rod 2

Bob Nudd with a fantastic catch or Tidal River Yare roach.

CK Micro Waggler rod 3

Tim Bruce with a cracking early spring carp.

CK Micro Waggler rod 4

Andy Blay with a proper feeder caught bream.

"I wouldn't want to visit a Commercial without this great little rod."

Hyper carp handle 1

Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle

A crucial part of landing big carp quickly is having a landing net that is up to the job. Not only does it have to be strong enough to scoop big carp constantly. It also needs to be stiff enough to enable precise manoeuvres. Even when using heavy carp nets. Over the last year I have been very impressed with the Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle. Which has been more than up to the job of landing carp well into double figures easily.

This is an extremely stiff handle, enabling me to scoop carp quickly, often before they realise what is happening. Yet, unlike many stiff handles, it doesn’t feel delicate or brittle in any way. It has taken some serious abuse in its stride. I particularly like the reinforced wrap which gives extra reassurance that this handle is well up to the job. 

If you fish a variety of different venues the 4m length and three piece design will come in very useful. Although it is not designed as a featherweight handle, it is perfect at full stretch, thanks to that rigidity. 

The bull-nosed male joints are another nice feature. Along with the reinforced machined fitting they give maximum strength in all of the high-stress areas. There are even alignment markers that ensure the pole has maximum strength and rigidity when assembled.

Landing net poles have a tough, unsung life, but are absolutely crucial pieces of kit. If you are looking for a brilliant all-rounder then look no further than the Hyper Carp XTR landing net handle. 

Jim Hall


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Hyper Carp handle 2

The Hyper Carp XTR handle is very strong and stiff, ideal for quickly netting big carp.

Hyper Carp handle 3

The carbon wrap increases strength and rigidity.

Hyper Carp handle 4

The bull nosed joints make assembling the pole very easy.

"Landing net poles have a tough, unsung life, but are absolutely crucial pieces of kit."

Hyper Carp handle 5

The Hyper Carp XTR handle is ideal for use with modern carp-friendly nets, which require a strong, stiff handle.

The end of the pole has been strengthened around the metal screen-thread and is tapered to accept a short ‘tipper’ section, which is available separately.

Hyper carp handle 1

A brilliant piece of kit for the modern commercial fishery angler.

Big Pit Mini Feeder

One of my favourite feeders in the Browning range is the Big Pit Mini. This diminutive version of the standard Big Pit Feeder is my go-to on venues where I need to recast regularly, often catching fish on the drop, or when I want to limit the amount of bait that I am introducing. This is particularly important when fishing for silvers, where overfeeding can be a problem with many larger feeder designs.  If I’m fishing drains, big wide canals and short chuck on a lake, these are my go to feeder!

The reduced size of the Big Pit Mini allows me to feed a pinch of free-offerings compressed between two plugs of groundbait. Enough to keep the fish interested and no more. Although the feeder has a really open configuration, with much larger holes than many similar designs, the internal ridge hold groundbait really well. This ensures that you can punch these feeders out on the cast, when faced with a stiff cross wind, for example, without losing the contents – this is even the case with really dry mixes.

A lot of the venues that I fish are between 30 and 60 metres wide, so the 15 gram to 30 gram loading on these small feeders is perfect. Coupled with Cenex Feeder Braid and my Sphere Braid Special feeder rod they really fly accurately.

The moulded plastic construction have proven to be very reliable and doesn’t not suffer from the brittleness sometimes seen in other feeders. The short stem and moulded in swivel produces a strong and tangle-free design.

If you regularly target silverfish on slow-flowing rivers, drains or stillwaters, or perhaps want to introduce a snack-sized helping of sticky pellets for carp, then I can thoroughly recommend you give these feeders a go.


Dimensions 24mm long by 25mm in diameter.

Size 15 grams, 20 grams, 25 grams, 30 grams.

Kye Jerrom

The Big Pit Mini is just right for feeding small amounts of bait.

The moulded design is strong, but light and grips the bait well.

The range of weights is just right for medium range work on both rivers and stillwaters.

"The small size means there is no fear of overfeeding."

The weights are securely held in place.

Swivels are moulded into the stem, reducing tangles significantly.

The Big Pit Mini feeder is one of my favourites, especially when I want the bait to release quickly, thanks to the large holes.

Sphere Feeder MH 390 fishing rod - specialised for feeder fishing.

Sphere Feeder MH 390 fishing rod!

The Sphere 13ft Medium Heavy Feeder Rod is ideal for my style of fishing, especially on the larger stillwaters and wider rivers where casting further is often needed, bream dominate, massive weights are possible and heavier feeders and thicker lines are required.


Probably the most impressive part of this rod is its ultra slim and ultra light, weighing in at just 210g! Created from the highest quality carbon blank available this rod is as close to perfection as it comes and simply oozes quality throughout from the ultra low friction “Skeletal” SIC guides to the Fuji reel seat. The unique ergonomic weight reducing handle has been designed to follow the contours of your arm, hand and fingers when playing a fish or casting, transmits more feel throughout and the quality of the blank adds metres and accuracy to each and every cast made. The responsive blank reduces the chance of hook-pulls under the rod tip, especially from soft mouthed fish such as skimmers, yet it still has loads of power in the middle reaches to subdue bigger fish such as carp that will undoubtedly get hooked from time to time. 

Supplied with four tips, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz and 3oz makes this rod extremely versatile and easily capable of casting weights up to 100g on these bigger more demanding venues. 

Take a look at the Sphere range of rods and if possible give one a go, you won’t be disappointed. 

Justin Watkins  

Sphere Feeder MH 390 - fishing rod

The Sphere fishing rod is the best of the best.

Low friction ‘Skeletal’ SiC guides.

Custom Fuji reel seat saves weight and improves comfort.

"If you are looking for the best feeder & fishing rods check out the Sphere range."

I love the custom Fuji reel seats on the Sphere rods.

The fishing rods are made with true spigot joints giving flawless actions.

The Sphere MH Feeder is supplied with four tips, from 1oz to 3oz, covering a wide range of tactics and flows.

Sphere Square Pole Protectors

Fishing a long pole all day can be tough work, especially if there is a cross wind continually buffeting the sections. One feature of Browning poles which makes fishing in these tough conditions so much easier are the Square Ergonomic Pole Protectors (SEPP’s) that fit the 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections. 

These short butts feature Browning’s unique square section technology, which gives them a distinct flat-sided profile with rounded corners. This is so much easier to grip and hold under the forearm, reducing pole movement and making the pole easier to use for extended periods. This allows me to concentrate more on the fishing, enabling me to fish more precisely for longer than ever before. 

The profile of the Sphere SEPP’s is slightly more rounded than some of the other Browning poles, which gives them the perfect profile in my opinion for maximum comfort. When the conditions are rough this makes a massive difference to how well I can fish. 

The Square Ergonomic Pole Protectors also have brilliant integrated EVA foam bungs that protect the ends of the sections from damage when shipping back. 

All in all, a brilliant innovation that has made a massive contribution to fishing the long pole. Make sure you try them out the next time you visit your local Browning Pole Stockist. 

Jim Hall

The Square Pole Protectors are available for the 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections.

You can ship back with confidence, thanks to the built in EVA bungs.

The square profile fits perfectly under the elbow, giving more stability and control, especially in windy conditions.

Sphere MgTi Reels

Designed to perfectly complement the legendary Sphere rod range, the Sphere MgTi reels combine space-age materials and cutting-edge design to produce a range of reels suitable for match fishing at the top level, and used by all of the Browning team of anglers for much of their running-line fishing. 

Available in sizes from 30 for lighter float fishing and short range legering, through the 40 size all-rounder for heavier line pellet waggler and Method feeder work. Here we have Rory Jones using the 50 size reel on the river Wye in search of chub and barbel. With its larger spool diameter, this is a great reel for heavier main lines of 0.20mm plus. For hard-fighting fish in snaggy swims the cranking power, and extra strong stainless steel main shaft make this a brilliant reel for big fish. 


· Rotor in C4LF™ Carbon 

· Ultra-light magnesium housing 

· Front drag with Magnum carbon drag discs 

· Slimline handle 

· Titanium-nitride-coated line roller with anti-twist system 

· Thick bail arm for optimal balance 

· Extra-strong stainless steel main shaft 

· Duraluminium spool with anodized front edge and anti-slip spool core 

· Spare spool with special Anti-Slip-Core for braids 

· Two-speed oscillation system 

· Rapid line retrieval 

· Continuous anti-reverse 

· Outstanding line protection line clip 

Even the larger sizes of the MgTi reels are the perfect fit for high-performance rods, like the Sphere range.

Rory Jones fishing the river Wye for barbel with the Sphere MgTi 50-size reel, the perfect reel for powerful fish and heavier lines.

Every aspect of the MgTi reels materials have been chosen for high performance, from the Stainless Steel main shaft, to the titanium components and carbon drag.