Browning Sphere CTF Reels

I have to admit that although I look after my tackle and give everything a good clean after every match or pleasure session, during an actual competitive match my tackle does go through a bit of punishment. Rods and especially reels get most punishment and need to be up to the job, robust and reliable and the new CFT reels look like they are perfect in every way for my style of angling.

Straight away the lightness of these reels is incredible and this is down to using the very best high-quality composite materials wherever possible as well as the weight saving holes on the main body. Although light this reel feels solid and robust and it’s striking looks, set out in the Sphere colour, instantly transmits quality. Casting is a dream due to the line lay which is perfect on the CNC machined spool with optimised front edge. The reel is compact and the spool is easily reached even with short fingers, meaning trapping and feathering down is effortless. Once a fish is hooked the smoothness and power really kicks in due to the tuned gears and finely adjustable front drag. 

Other features include two line friendly line clips, one being made of rubber, so no worries here and they come with spares so you can fit the reel out with which ever you prefer. This reel is loaded with high tech features and created using some of the most modern materials available, ones that just will not only bring maximum satisfaction but will give you years of service.

I can see this reel being a massive hit with not just anglers targeting carp on commercials but anglers that love to float fish due to the easy accessible spool, perfect line lay and incredible smoothness. 

Technical specification 

Model 3500 – Line capacity 130m/0.20mm, Gear ratio 5.2:1, 74cm retrieve, 9 ball bearings, 6kg/13lb drag, Weight 210g

Model 4500 – Line capacity150m/0.20mm, Gear ratio 5.2:1, 78cm retrieve, 9 ball bearings, 6.5kg/14lb drag, Weight 216g 

Jan Pantrey


The line lay on these new Sphere reels is superb.


An accurate front drag means that you can play fish without having to back wind.


An oversized line roller helps reduce line twist and prolongs the life of the main line.

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