Sphere Beast Hooks

The awesome Sphere Beast hooks are available in three different versions, to cover the majority of your big carp and barbel rigs. Designed to cope with the demands of landing big fish without drama, the custom design and Japanese high-tensile steel enable the wire gauge to be impressively thin for such a strong hook. With needle-sharp points, which retain their points longer, these are exceptional hooks for both pole and feeder work for big fish. 

Choose between barbless Sphere Beast hooks in both eyed and spade-end versions, for commercial fisheries, or the spade-end only barbed version that is ideal for river feeder and float work for barbel and big chub.

Sphere Beast hooks are available in sizes 8 to 16, including a useful size 13 for medium-sized baits, such as pellets.

"A brilliant hook pattern for carp, barbel and chub fishing."

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

When developing the amazing Cenex Power Hybrid Mono the goal was to produce the perfect line for hook lengths and pole rigs for the modern angler. The line had to be clear with a dull finish, and to meet the rigours of modern fishing for big weights of carp, F1’s and feeder fishing it need advanced abrasion resistance, exceptional knot strength and along with being easy to knot and retaining a high knot strength, especially when hair-rigging. 

With anglers of the calibre of Bob Nudd, Jon Whincup and Jim Mathews using Cenex Hybrid Power Mono for their commercial fishery work you know you are on to a winner. 

Available on 100m spools in the following diameters / breaking strains : 

0.12mm – 3.7lb

0.14 mm – 5.6lb

0.16mm – 6.6lb

0.18mm – 8.5lb

0.20mm – 9.2lb

"Great abrasion resistance, high knot strength, ideal for big fish."

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag

Protecting, storing and simply being organised are major parts in my fishing. Everything needs to have its place and be in tip-top condition when I arrive at the lake and begin fishing and the extensive range of Sphere luggage provides just that.

The Sphere Roller + Accessory Bag is another item that I’m really satisfied with as the larger of the two sizes available simply swallows up all my pole rollers plus additional items of kit such as feeder arms and tackle box accessories. 

The main compartment has a large double zip flap opening giving easy access and is large enough for multiple pole rollers. There is an additional large side pocket, large enough for long accessories, once again with a double zip for easy opening and access. In addition to this there are numerous innovative features such as rigid nylon runners on the base to prevent wear caused by sliding across rough ground or van/car floor, grab handles on each end for easy pulling and lifting along, padded carry handle plus many more. 

Not only is this product extremely practical and made from the highest quality material it’s also a good looker with its distinctive carbon effect finish and understated graphics.

If you’re looking for a classy, versatile, practical feature packed pole roller bag, one that stands out from the crowds and will last for years, then look no further.

Available in two sizes –

Medium – length 90cm x width 30cm x height 20cm

Large – length 110cm x width 36cm x height 25cm

Mick Fordham – Browning UK

Extra strong moulded end handles.

The smart and distinctive Sphere design.

A really useful bag for carrying rollers and roosts.

"An essential bag for the serious match angler."

All of the handles and fittings are designed to last.

The zips are made from metal and are really chunky to last a lifetime.

This bag really helps me stay organised when getting to and from my peg.

Cenex Fluoro Carbon

There are many advantages of using Fluorocarbon over standard monofilament, the most obvious and important for me is its near invisibility in water, yet finding one that knots up really well along with being extremely supple is often hard to find! Well look no further as Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line provides all the right properties.  

Just knowing that it’s almost invisible in the water gives me a massive confidence boost and those little edges difficult to find these days, ones that definitely place extra fish in the keepnet come the end of a match are priceless. 

Extensive testing went into formulating this product, tests that eventually produced a fluorocarbon that not only delivered a high breaking strain to line diameter but one that’s supple and provides high knot strength. 

I use Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line almost extensively for all my hook lengths and leaders and can confidently say it’s the best on the market. 

Available on 50m spools in the following diameter and breaking strains.

0.11mm 1.25kg/2.70lb

0.13mm 1.60kb/3.50lb

0.15mm 2.10kg/4.60lb

0.17mm 2.95kg/6.50lb

Mick Fordham – Browning UK

Thanks to its suppleness, this fluorocarbon knots really well.

When taming big carp you need total confidence in your line.

Black Magic FB Competition S-Line Rollers

One of the secrets of fishing the long pole, especially if you are fishing shallow, is to get your roller set-up ‘just right’ This always means setting up with two double-width rollers that are positioned to evenly support the weight of the sections so that the pole sits level with your thigh when shipping in and out. 

The Black Magic FB Competition S-Line rollers  have all of the attributes needed for fishing the long pole efficiently, even when fishing at a full sixteen metres.

Depending upon the ‘lay of the land’ the rollers can be anywhere from a couple of inches off the ground to full extension. On snake lakes in particular the spoil created when excavating the lake can often be piled up behind the pegs, meaning that the rear roller needs to positioned low to the ground on the banking itself. At other times the ground may slope downwards, requiring a roller with long adjustable legs to get the right height. The Black Magic rollers can handle all of these positions with ease.

Rollers need to be stable, as the wind can spring up at any time and the last thing you want is several sections of very expensive carbon skidding across the ground. The FB 55  is ideal in this respect as not only are the adjustable legs angled correctly to give excellent stability, but a central hook under the roller allows a bucket full of water, or a bungee to be easily attach to provide some extra ballast. 

Both the reverse-tapered side rollers and main rollers rotate very easily, which makes shipping easier and much smoother, perfect for when you are fishing long. Finally, the rollers fold up to a small size and come in their own storage bag, which makes carrying them easy. 

At the end of the day rollers are one of those bits of kit that shouldn’t have to think about when fishing in that respect the Black Magic FB Comp is the ideal choice.

Set your two rollers so that the pole is level with your thigh to make things so much easier when shipping.

These rollers offer excellent stability and maximum adjustability for uneven banks.

Choose between the double or triple rollers. We recommend using a triple roller at the back to give a bigger target area.

The rollers rotate with very little resistance, making shipping much easier.

The angled, folding legs make this roller very stable.

In really windy conditions you can add some extra weight, such as your carryall, to the centre hook to anchor the roller down.

Sphere MgTi Reels

If you are looking for a top-quality reel for float and light feeder work, without breaking the bank, then you need to check out the Sphere MgTi range. For the money, these have some exceptional features that set them apart.

The 30-size reel is the perfect partner for the Sphere 10’ Bomb +10% for catching carp on the mini Method feeder and straight lead on Commercial Fisheries. The incredibly low weight of this set-up belies the quality and carp-stopping power it has, enabling me to land big carp quicker than ever before.  At just 250grams the 30-size reel really hits the spot for both leger and float work. 

The carbon fibre drag on these reels is absolutely silky-smooth, ideal if you like to play fish off a tight clutch. Alternatively, the lack of play in the machined handle means that backwinding is a lot more precise than on many reels. You can let the reel do the work without worrying about whether it will give line at their crucial moment. 

Talking of precision, the line-lay is superb, thanks to the two-speed spool oscillation and stainless steel main shaft. This definitely aids accurate casting, thanks to the smoothness that the line leaves the spool. Many anglers worry about damaging their main line when clipping up to give consistent distance, but the ‘line-friendly’ clip on the Sphere really lives up to its name.

It might be the least important factor of all, but the MgTi reels looks awesome too. A real masterpiece of design that sets off the Sphere rods perfectly. The Sphere MgTi reels really are a quality piece of kit.

Available in 20, 30, 40, and 50 sizes to cover all of your float and feeder fishing. 

Sphere MgTi reels are the perfect complement to the Sphere range of rods.

The precision carbon disk drag of the MgTi reels makes them more than a match for any carp.

Sphere reels are precision engineered to be the pinnacle of our reel range.

The balanced rotor, stainless steel main shaft, and precision engineering ensure the reel will last longer.

The twin-speed line-lay and line-friendly clip ensure you will hit the mark every time.

Machined super-stiff handle and EVA grip on the Sphere reels.

Window Feeder Classic

The unique streamlined shape of the Window Feeder not only casts further than traditional feeders, it can be used in two different ways, allowing you to precisely control the release of bait. Use it with the window open and plugged with a small amount of groundbait will give a faster release of the feed. Rotate the internal window and the release of bait is slowed without using groundbait. 

These feeders are brilliant when fishing at long range, when accuracy is of utmost importance. On tough days the, when every bite counts, the window feeder with its precise, controllable release of bait, is the way to go. 

Available in three lengths – 4.4cm, 5.3cm, & 5.8cm and weights from 20 grams to 50 grams. 

The window can be rotated to control the release of feed.

Window feeders cast very accurately, making them ideal for natural venues where bream can often be found at range.

With the window open use a plug of groundbait to add extra attraction and to close the feeder.

Jet Feeders are Go!

New Product – Big River Jet Feeder

Designed to go the distance, the Jet Feeder has been developed to cast further and more accurately than ever before, even when faced with strong side-winds. 

Made from stainless steel mesh, with the weight moulded into the cage means that you can also use softer groundbait mixes, and even neat sticky maggots, with no bait loss on the cast. 

The shape of the feeder also makes retrieval far easier over long distances and because the feeder rises in the water column on the retrieve there is less chance of snagging too. 

The 6 mm mesh size means that baits are held securely on the cast, but released quickly once the feeder settles.

Total feeder length is approximately 5 cm, depending on the model, and 3 cm diameter. 

Available in weights from 80g – 160g

"Probably the longest-casting feeder available."

Big River Block Claw Feeder

When the current gets too strong, or the weight too heavy, this feeder comes

into its own. The same design as the Big River but with two additional “claws”

(Length: 3.5cm) on the end, allowing the feeder to firmly grip the bottom and hold

securely in place even in strong currents. Thanks to the use of the claws, the

feeder can be fished around 20-30g lighter than regular cage feeders with

no claws.

Length – 3cm

⌀ – 3cm

Weight – 80g – 140g

"Grips the bottom, requiring less weight to hold-fast."

Sphere Beast Hooks

If you are fishing for big, hard-fighting fish, such as carp, barbel and tench, then there is only one choice of hook – the Sphere Beast. This is a hook that really lives up to its name, it will tame the biggest fish with ease, yet has a remarkably sharp point that, thanks to the high-grade steel used keeps its point.

Available in both eyed and spade-end patterns (barbless in eyed only), Beast hooks are ideal for hair-rigging baits, such as pellets, corn and mini-boilies for carp. Alternatively, use them when fishing meat, corn or side-hooking soft pellets with the slightly lighter spade-end pattern.

You can even buy the spade-end barbed version of the Beast hook ready-tied to Cenex nylon.

The shape of the Beast hook has been optimised for strength and hooking potential, ensuring that you hit more bites, especially when fishing the Method feeder, where the fish will hook themselves consistently against the resistance of the feeder.

A fantastic range of hooks that are ideal for all hard-fighting fish, find them at your local Browning Stockist.

Sphere Beast Hooks are available in a wide range of sizes, in both barbed and barbless and eyed and spade-end patterns.

The eyed Beast hooks are brilliant for hair rigging, creating just the right angle between the line and the hook.

If you re fishing for big fish then there is only one choice. The super-sharp, incredibly strong, Beast hooks.

"A brilliant hook choice for big, hard-fighting fish."