Sphere Hooks & Hooks to Nylon

There are some brilliant hook patterns in the Sphere range that will cover your match fishing needs, and in this video Colin Sheppard looks at some of the patterns he uses in both loose hooks and hooks to nylon from the range.

Xitan X Pole Support Bar

Although poles such as the Sphere range have become incredibly light these days, fishing at lengths upwards of 16m over the length of a match can take its toll, especially as we get older so the need of a reliable pole bar is essential to keep the aches and pains away. 

The Xitan X Pole Bar being fully adjustable does everything needed of it and fits all 25mm leg systems. It’s easy to fit, locking in place with tightening screws and the dense foam groves locate the pole whilst protecting it as well. 

If you are beginning to struggle holding that pole all day then ease the pain and get yourself one of these, you will wonder how you ever managed without!

Justin Watkins  

Front bars are great if you are expecting to wait a while for bites, enabling you to fish easily at a full 16m.

The Xitan X Pole Bar is fully adjustable so you can position it just where you need.

The scalloped bar holds the butt sections securely.

"you will wonder how you ever managed without it!"

Xitan Waterproof Net Bag XL

Carrying the several landing nets and keepnets that are often needed to cover all your venues can be a pain, but these X-large Xitan Waterproof Net Bags are just the ticket, with room inside for four keepnets and a bunch of landing nets in the two compartments. 

Often, it is not possible to dry nets out completely at the end of a session, so the waterproof material, welded design and waterproof zips will not only keep the damp inside, but the smell too. Once you get home hang the nets out to dry fully before your next session and be sure to dip them if possible. 

All of the stress points on the net bags have been welded and reinforced to handle the weight of several wet nets. The zips are extra chunky, along with being waterproof.

All in all, this is a brilliant bag for carrying all of your nets at a great price. 


Browning’s Xitan luggage range combines very practical designs plus unique and useful features.

The Xitan Waterproof Keepnet Bag features :- 

Made in strong but soft waterproof material with welded seams 

Wide opening zip top and welded carry handles 

Single size will accommodate 2 standard sized keepnets plus net head

XL size will accommodate 4 standard sized keepnets plus net head 

Material: 300D Polyester 

Single – 60cm length x 15cm wide x 60cm high

X-Large – 60cm length x 33cm wide x 60cm high

The internal divider enables you to keep your nets organised.

The material is waterproof and very hardwearing and all fittings are welded in place.

The chunky zips are designed to last and resist damp and grit.

Xitan luggage is well known for its quality and performance.

Distance Marker Sticks

Watch the video about the Browning Distance Marker Sticks below.


The new Distance Marker Sticks are clearly playing in the Champions League. The elongated, sharp tip in solid material penetrates the hardest ground with ease, ensuring that the sticks stand firm. In addition, the top of the sticks includes a screw-in aid to make setting the sticks even easier. The riffle near the top holds the line winding securely at a height, enabling precise setting of the exact fishing distance with no variation. The supplied strap for setting the distance between the sticks has a perfect length of 4 m, allowing the angler to wind the line around the sticks without moving off the spot. A slightly wider strap has been provided, which is printed with a highly visible scale. The time-consuming tangles frequently encountered when using cords with clips are finally a thing of the past. 


Sphere Silverlite Whip System

Rory Jones takes a look at the Sphere Silverlite Whip System from Browning and looks at the situations where he would use either the flick tips, or hollow tips, plus some of the other features that he loves about this unique 10m whip system.

Feeder Connector Swivel

Feeder Connector Swivel

These little gems have become an integral part of most of my feeder rigs. Like many of the best ideas, they are incredibly simple, yet very effective, and most importantly, tangle-free. 

These are extremely strong mini-swivels, but instead of having two eyes, one of the wires has been formed into a parallel hook-shape. A small piece of hard-wearing rubber tube fits over the hook effectively closing the loop when in use. 

So what you have is a very simple method of changing your hooklenghs instantly. Couple this with the anti-twist properties of the swivel, and the tangle-resistant design and you have a brilliant connector that is ideal for a multitude of feeder rigs. 

A little tip shown to me by England International Will Freeman was to use two stots instead of beads between the Connector Swivel and the feeder link. This creates a tiny boom that holds the hooklength away from the boom, massively cutting down on tangles. Give it a go, combined with these connector swivels it is a great little edge. 

Available in 10mm and 12mm sizes.

Kye Jerrom

Feeder Connector Swivels are available in 10mm and 12mm sizes, allowing you to match them to your hooklength line strength.

The simple, anti-tangle, feeder rig that I tend to use these days.

"These little gems have become an integral part of most of my feeder rigs."

Xitan EVA Pole Caps

When you have made an investment and bought the pole of your dreams keeping it in tip-top condition is an absolute must. Wiping each section down before leaving the venue, then giving them a right good wash as soon as possible when I get home is something that I always do. Protecting sections during a session, in transportation and once again at home after each day out is paramount and one of the simplest but most effective ways is to cover them with Xitan EVA Pole Caps. These caps are a god send and replace those irritating plastic, often difficult to remove caps, those that only protect maybe an inch or so of the section end. These EVA Caps are easy to add/remove, far less likely to fall off in transit but more importantly protect 10cm of the pole end, eliminating any dust/dirt/grit sticking to the joints and potentially damaging them, or worse still, having a joint chipped or cracked. They are also great when you are on a tight swim which has potential damaging vegetation or structure behind as they simply offer so much more protection than other more commonly used pole caps. 

Made from soft but durable EVA these caps are available in a range of diameters between 43mm to 51mm that will to cover the 11m to 16m butt sections of most poles. 


Garry Cooper

The EVA caps are available in diameters between 43mm and 51mm.

The soft EVA really protects pole sections and because they are a snug fit there is no chance of losing the caps.

It might only be a small thing, but knowing my sections are safe means I can concentrate on putting more fish in the net.

"These EVA caps offer brilliant protection."

Cenex Feeder Mono

I’ve been using Cenex Feeder Mono for a while now and really feel it gives me a massive edge when feeder fishing as it sinks almost immediately and being of medium-stretch it transmits everything back to the rod tip instantly. 

Having a special smooth surface seal increases casting distance and improves retrieve, it’s also very abrasion resistant so it’s a very versatile mainline and will appeal to the bream angler casting to the horizon or the angler targeting carp up against snags where you just can’t give them an inch! Its sinking properties and suppleness are also advantageous when there is a heavy surface tow, especially when float fishing at distance.

I just love this line as it has so many uses, as it’s simply not affected by the rigorous demands of modern day match fishing.

Available on 150m spools in the following diameters/breaking strains –

0.14mm – 4lb

0.16mm – 5lb

0.18mm – 6lb

0.20mm – 7.40lb

0.22mm – 9.70lb

0.24mm – 11.80lb

0.26mm – 12.80lb

0.28mm – 13.70lb


Alec Roberts

This is a very well behaved line, that has brilliant abrasion resistance, and high knot strength.

There are a wide range of diameters available to cover all aspects of feeder fishing.

"it’s also very abrasion resistant so it’s a very versatile mainline"

Sphere Cool Bait Bag

Ever since Browning launched the Sphere range of luggage I have to admit I’ve been completely sold.

One of the newest products and another that I’m hugely impressed with is the Sphere Cool Bait Bag. Its innovative design has numerous features includes a Velcro’s carry handle, reliable double zip, classy looks and quality stitching that delivers a product that will last for years, yet it’s the convenient size, shape and full thermal foil insulation and reinforced base that makes this product stand out from the crowd. 

Having a capacity of 22L it’s capable of carrying six large bait boxes so more than adequate of keeping all my bait options in tip-top condition. The double-zipped, flat top provides easy access and its practical size is great for filling that small space in the car, behind my tackle box or on the trolley.

Another great addition to the already extensive range of Sphere luggage and one I just wouldn’t be without.


 Size – length 55cm x width 22cm x 20cm

Mick Fordham – Browning UK

I use this bag to store all of my baits and keep them in top condition.

The foil lining and padded insulation keep baits cool all day long.

All of the materials, zips and fittings are top-class and designed with longevity in mind.

No Snag Latex Landing Nets

We all have products that we rave about and one of mine is the No-Snag Latex Landing Net as it fits every eventuality, from being durable and strong as well coming in a range of sizes to cover wherever, and for whatever I’m targeting.

It’s the Latex material that really impresses as I can just push the net down the edge, irrespective of bankside vegetation without the fear of any ripping. 

The smallest is simply brilliant for silvers, with the medium ideal for F1’s and the largest simply unbeatable on venues where bigger carp are expected. They are really light so manoeuvrability isn’t an issue, the frame is sturdy, the spreader block really strong and the latex mesh not only fish friendly but quick drying and hook resistant.

What more could you ask for?

Sizes available 

Medium – length 50cm x width 38cm x depth 28cm – mesh 5 x 5mm

Large – length 60cm x width 48cm x depth 30cm – mesh 5 x 5mm

Extra large – length 60cm x width 48cm x depth 35cm – mesh 5 x 5mm

Mick Fordham – Browning UK

The mesh is retained inside the strong aluminium frame, helping to avoid snagging and prolonging the life of the net.

Moulded nylon spreader blocks with securely fitted frame.

The mesh is reinforced at the pressure point around the spreader block.

The three sizes mean there is a net for all styles of fishing.

The latex mesh is not only very strong, but stops hooks from snagging too, saving you precious time.

These are my number one choice of net when fishing for carp, silvers and F1’s, they are simply brilliant.