Xitan Combi Bait Bag 1

Xitan Combi Bait Bag

Xitan Combi Bait Bag

For the modern day angler, like me, the Xitan range of luggage has it all. It combines very practical designs along with useful ideas and affordability. What I love about this range is how easy it is to keep clean, simply wipe down any mess with a damp cloth and it’s like new and looking as stunning as it ever did. It’s also very durable and its large surface area makes it extremely stable, great when placing on sloping banks with no fear of toppling over. Completely waterproof this Combi Bait Bag can be left out in the rain without the fear of its contents getting wet and in the unlikely event of an internal spillage, the whole bag can be hosed down and cleaned easily. 

This bag also boosts a number of features including a large main insulated zipped compartment, great for keeping my live-bait cool in the summer months, two external zipped pockets for additional storage, smaller top zipped compartment which is the perfect size for 1kg bags of groundbait, carry  and grab handles that make lifting/pulling so much easier.  


Size L 50cm x W 33cm x H 24cm

Tim Bruce

xitan combi bait bag 2
Titan cool bag pocket

The smaller section is ideal for carrying additives and groundbait.

xitan cool bag zip

Extra strong zips are used throughout for years of faultless service.

webbing handle

The bag has been well thought out with strong webbing used for the handles, and wipe-clean material on the outside.

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black magic compact landing net 4

Black Magic Compact Pan

Black Magic Compact Pan

What I love about the Black Magic Compact Pan net is it’s not too deep which means when I’m bagging bream, carp or F1’s they can be easily unhooked and transferred to the keepnet without having to bend over to far. 

I’ve had this net for years and have certainly used and abused it and being robust, light and strong it’s withstood everything I’ve thrown at it. It’s also the perfect secondary net when speed fishing for silvers and can be used on those occasions when a big carp barges in on the action. Made from soft fish friendly mesh the Black Magic Compact Pan is a great all-round net that withstand a lot of abuse and is even better when teamed up with the 4m Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle.

Length 44cm

Width 38cm

Depth 24cm

Mesh 2 x 2mm 


John Pantrey

black magic compact landing net 2

The mesh is nice and soft and hard-wearing.

black magic compact landing net 3

The spreader block and frame are nice and strong.

A net that does everything I ask of it.

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Xenos advance rod butt

Xenos Advance Feeder Rods

Xenos Advance Feeder Rods - designed for the modern feeder angler.

If you are looking for a superb-quality feeder rod that won’t break the bank then check out the new Xenos Advance Feeder rods. Covering everything from medium range mini-feeder work for silvers, through Stillwater bream at range, right up to long-range Stillwater feeder and Method feeder tactics on the biggest stillwaters, there is something in this range for everyone. 

Built on exceptional 40 tonne carbon blanks, that combine plenty of backbone in the butt section, with a forgiving middle and tip, these rods cast extremely accurately, with the power to punch a feeder out, even in a cross-wind. The softer in the mid-section makes playing decent bream and carp a pleasure rather than a nerve-jangling chore! 

Perhaps the first thing that you will notice about these rods is the ringing pattern. Fitted with braid-friendly skeletal rings, the tips are fitted with large-diameter rings as standard. Because of the low weight of the skeletal rings this does not effect the action of the rod, but does increase casting distance. When fishing with braided main lines and shockleaders the connecting knot flies through the rings almost silently for much smoother casting. 

For anglers that prefer smaller rings, perhaps when fishing with monofilament main lines, standard tips are also available in a range of different strengths. 

Xenos advanced feeder casting
Xenos advance rings

Skeletal large diameter rings are used throughout to minimise friction and weight.

xenon advance tip

Tips are available in a range of strengths and with standard and large rings.

Xenos advance keeper ring

Handy keeper rings are fitted to the Xenos Advance rods.

Xenos advance reel seat

The lock-down reel seat are very secure and comfortable to use, and look great!

These rods look as good as they perform, with their custom-designed reel seats and optimised handles. The ergonomic shape of the reel seat provides a firm anchor point when casting without adding weight or bulk. The lower part of the handle is made from non-slip EVA, which is easy to grip even when caked in groundbait and slime. 

The 3.9m three-piece ML version is ideal for Stillwater feeder fishing with groundbait feeders up to around 40 grams unloaded, with an optimal feeder weight of 30grams unloaded. This is a brilliant bream rod, for medium range fishing, where the sensitive tips show up every liner and twitch. Supplied with three tips of 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz, this is the perfect choice for the stillwater angler. 

Check out the full range of Xenos Advance Feeder rods in our digital catalogue here – https://tackle-box.eu/en/p/12218330

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sphere beast hooks 1

Sphere Beast Hooks

Sphere Beast Hooks

Hooks are a very personal choice, but if you are looking for a design specifically made for carp and other big, powerful fish then check out the Sphere Beast hooks.

The strength of these hooks takes some beating. They are heavily forged and quite light, yet they are incredibly strong and dependable. In the cooler months don’t be afraid of scaling down to a 16, especially useful when using popped-up bread, where a light hook helps the bait stay buoyant. 

The dull teflon finish not only makes the hooks less visible, but also means that they penetrate easier and further than normal plated hooks. This is especially useful when using bolt rigs with the Method feeder, or straight bomb in the winter months, when the fish are not going to tear off with the bait.

The in-turned point of this hook pattern definitely ensures that these hooks stay put, but look more carefully an you will notice that the point is also forged to give a flat chisel-shape that not only makes these hooks super-sharp, but ensures they keep their point really well too. 

The eyes on these hooks are really well formed, close-up inspection shows that the eyes are fully closed – essential when hair-rigging to stop the line becoming trapped in the eye and eventually breaking unexpectedly. A spade-end version is also available, and being a barbed hook it is ideal for river anglers after chub and barbel. 

Whether you are after carp on the pole, fishing the Method of feeder fishing for big barbel, the Sphere Beast hooks can handle it all and can make a significant difference to your fishing. 

Available in sizes between 8 and 16 in both eyed and spade-end versions.

Find out more here – https://tackle-box.eu/en/p/4611008

Sphere Beast Hooks 2

Sphere hooks are great value and are available in packs of 15, or as ready tied hooks to nylon.

Sphere Beast Hooks 3

The shape of the Sphere Beast makes it ideal for hair-rigging as well as pole fishing with pellets and bread with the spade-end version.

Sphere Beast Hooks 4

The forging on the hook gives it maximum strength. It retains its point brilliantly, thanks to the long swept, ‘chisel-shaped’ design.

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double pole sock cover

Polesafe Double Pole Sock

Polesafe Double Pole Sock

The Polesafe Double Pole Sock is ideal when you are fishing long but restricted behind and need to break the pole down into two sections rather than one long length. 

The sock section is made from soft EVA which emanates snagging or further damage to worn or chipped sections and are deep enough to hold the sections securely at all times. 

Something that I love about this pole sock is its frame is extremely rigid meaning that when I’m fishing long I can place the pole on top of the sock and effortlessly ship the pole out and into position. No need for a pole support anymore as this product serves two purposes.

John Pantrey

Polesafe double pole sock 1

This Pole Sock holds two sections securely in the soft padded material.

Polesafe double pole sock 2

Even when faced with a side wind the sections are not going anywhere.

Polesafe double pole sock 3

The soft mesh material holds section securely, whilst the central divider stops the sections from hitting each other.

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sphere match hooks to nylon cover

Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon

If like myself you prefer to use ready tied hook lengths and are looking for a true all-round hook that is equally at home when float or feeder fishing then you really need to try the Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon.

I first started using this when feeder fishing, but my faith in it has grown, and I now use it almost all the time, whether I’m feeder, pole, waggler or trotting a river for silvers.

What I love about these hooks to nylon is the unique winder concept which stores each and every hook length securely. The retaining spool has a silicone surface and a folding protective lip, safely enclosing all of the ready tied hooks and protecting your leaders against damaging UV light or being damaged in transit within your tackle trays. 

No more frustrating unwinding either as these are on a continuous loop and safely contained on the easy, no spill access spool. To release each hook length simply remove the first hook from its retaining slot and unwind until the next hook is revealed. Remove the first hook length and then place the next hook into the nearest retaining slot on the back of the spool, before letting the lip of the spool relocate tightly to the spool.

Each spool contains eight black nickel ultra sharp barbed hooks pre-tied on 100cm hook lengths. Hook sizes range between a size 18, which is attached to a 0.10mm (2.2lb) high performance monofilament, to an 8 which is attached to 0.18mm (6.9lb). 

Spade end loose hooks are also available in packets of 15 for those who prefer to tie their own hook lengths.

A true all-rounder and one I would highly recommend.

Justin Watkins

sphere match hooks to nylon spool

Sphere Match hooks are supplied either as loose hooks or pre-tied to 100cm of premium nylon.

sphere match hooks to nylon 2

The unique spool system makes removing each hooklength very simple with no chance of tangles.

Watkins river roach catch

I use Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon for much of my silverfish fishing. They are a great hook pattern, that I find work well on both float and feeder tactics.

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black viper sic reel 1

Black Viper SLC Reel

Black Viper SLC Reels - Designed for the most demanding venues.

Developed for anglers looking to feeder fish on the largest and most demanding venues across Europe, the new Black Viper SLC is the reel for powerful rivers and long range feeder fishing. 

Hidden inside the compact body lies a heart steel. The worm shaft gears are precision engineered to give years of service when retrieving heavy swimfeeders from long range. 

The balanced rotor and power handle also reduce fatigue and improve smoothness on the retrieve giving serious cranking power. Coupled with the 4.6:1 gear ratio and 94cm retrieve per turn of the handle fishing at ranges of 60 metres and beyond is easier than ever before. 

The spool design has been carefully designed to improve line release, especially when casting with fine braids. The long stroke spool delivers perfect line-lay, with a low resistance spool lip reducing friction. 

Two line-friendly sprung line clips are fitted to the spool, enabling the angler to clip up on two different lines when required. 

Whilst a lot of anglers will appreciate that the drag can be locked down, for those targeting carp on Boddington and other big stillwaters, the micro-adjustable drag enable powerful fish to be landed faster.

If you are serious about fishing big rivers such as the Trent or Severn, or want to consistently put a Method feeder beyond the competition, then the Black Viper SLC is the reel for you. 

black viper slc casting
black viper slc line lay

The worm shaft oscillation system gives faultless line lay, even with fine braided main lines.

black viper slc line clip

Two line-friendly clips are fitted to each spool, giving dual options when clipping-up.

black viper slc drag

The precision drag can be fully locked down for silverfish fishing, or adjusted to in micro-increments when fishing for big carp.

black viper slc rotor

The balanced rotor and powerful gearing make retrieving heavy feeders from long range stress-free.

black viper slc spool

The Black Viper SLC is the perfect partner for long-range feeder fishing on the most demanding venues.

black viper slc braid

Casting distance and accuracy is enhanced, thanks to the precision-designed spool and incredible line-lay.

black viper slc reel 3

Black Viper SLC reels feature: 

  • Continuous anti-reverse
  • Gear ratio 4.6:1
  • 2 easy to use line-safe clips
  • Balanced rotor, producing silky smooth action
  • Compact housing design
  • Finely adjustable large-surface front drag
  • Powerful handle
  • Large line roller with anti-twist system
  • Thick bail arm for optimal balance
  • Robust worm shaft power gears
  • Aluminium Long Stroke™ spool
  • Worm shaft oscillation system
  • Rapid line retrieval – 94cm per revolution
  • Weight 618 grams
  • Line capacity 300m of 0.16mm

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CK competition net 1

CK Competition Landing Nets

CK Competition Landing Nets

If you are looking for some great value landing nets then I can recommend the CK Competition Landing Nets. 

These nets are the ideal size and depth for my fishing, be it for smaller F1’s or decent-sized carp. The depth is just right for unhooking a decent carp with the net between my legs where I can keep it under control. 

The mesh is lovely and soft and has proved to be very hard-wearing. Two variants are available, a standard 8mm mesh, which moves through the water very easily, and a 2mm version that is ideal when hair-rigging. 

There is not that you can say about a landing net, apart from these do the job really well and won’t break the bank. Check them out at your local Browning stockist.

Jon Whincup

CK Competition Landing Nets are available in three sizes:

Small – 45cm long X 35cm wide X 28cm deep – 8mm mesh

Medium – 50cm long X 40cm wide X 28cm deep – 8mm mesh

Hair Rigger – 50cm long X 40cm wide X 28cm deep – 2mm mesh

CK competition net 2

The CK nets are well made and are great value for money.

CK competition net 3

CK Competition nets are available with either 8mm or 2mm mesh.

CK competition net 4

I use these nets for my commercial fishing.

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ck method feeder rod cover

CK Method Feeder Rod

CK Method Feeder Rod

Many of the venues I fish have carp that just seem to be getting bigger and bigger and I needed a rod that was capable of taming these, especially when fishing the feeder and straight bomb. The CK 11’ Method Feeder Rod fitted the bill perfectly as it not only combined sensitivity with power it also gave me a rod that was extremely balanced and versatile.  

A couple of my favourite features are – it’s a two piece rod which means it can be easily transported made up and instantly ready to go when I get to the fishery and being so versatile it can be used for all types of feeder and straight bomb work.  Created with some extra weight and casting power it’s great when fishing for big fish at range, but I’ve found it’s equally as good when sensitivity is needed close in.

It has a lovely balanced feel with a stepped-up-action, great for taming big fish, or casting feeders a long way, yet the tip is forgiving enough to reduce hook pulls under the rod tip. It’s also extremely slim, has ultra low friction guides throughout, a keeper ring and the contoured handle sits perfectly along my forearm when playing a fish as well as being supplied with 1oz and 2oz tips.    

If double-figure carp are giving you the run-around then it is time you got yourself a CK Method Feeder Rod.


Tim Bruce

ck method feeder rod casting
ck method feeder rod handle

The CK rods feature secure screw-down reel seats.

ck method feeder rod rings

Low-profile braid-friendly rings are fitted to all of the CK rod range.

ck method feeder landing

The CK Method Feeder rod is ideal for venues where the carp run big!


CK (Carp King) range of rods offer great value for money and ‘do what they say on the tin’ – covering a wide range of modern commercial carp fishing tactics without breaking the bank.

CK method feeder big carp

A stunning big winter common carp tamed by the CK Method Feeder rod.

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xitan carryall COVER

Xitan Carryall

Xitan Carryall - Practical design, wipe clean material.

The Xitan Carryall offers many features such as reliable hard wearing zips throughout, durable wipe clean material, completely waterproof, its sturdy and great for placing on sloping banks, grab handles on both ends and protective runners to name just a few. 

It has one very large easy access, zipped, flat top opening main compartment, great for storing and transporting all sorts of tackle. Thiers a comfortable, padded, adjustable and removable shoulder strap and it boosts three external zipped pockets for even more storage. Another unique feature is the rigid nylon runners on the base which prevents wear caused by sliding across van/car floors. 

Once again, a must for the modern day angler, looking for practicality, reduced weight, affordability and a range of luggage that has many unique features as well as looking absolutely stunning.

Size – L 72cm x W 37cm x H45cm

John Pantrey

xitan carryall main shot
zips xitan carryall

The zips on all of the Xitan luggage are really chunky and designed to last.

xitan carryall pockets

The end pockets are a nice size and are ideal for catapults and other essentials.

xitan carryall strap

The removable shoulder strap is a nice touch.

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