Xenos feeder bream fishing

Xenos Feeders

Need to reach bream at long range? With the Xenos feeders you can hit the horizon with ease.

This plastic Xenos feeders have been designed with distance and accuracy in mind. The aerodynamically shaped weight can be exchanged in seconds, increasing flexibility should the conditions change.

The size of the holes in the feeder mean that particles, such as casters, pellets and chopped worm, can be packed into the centre of the feeder, with groundbait plugs holding the bait in place. The large slots in the base of the feeder allow the feed to be released quickly on the retrieve. Depositing the feed exactly where you want it. 

Martin Siwon


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Xenos feeders 1
Xenos feeders 2
Xenos bream fishing

sphere ultra strong hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks

Sphere Ultra Strong Hooks


When big, strong bonus fish are on the cards I reach for the Sphere Ultra Strong hooks. These spade-end hooks are the same shape as the Ultra Lite pattern that I use a lot in my feeder fishing, but in a stronger wire gauge. This makes them ideal for feeder fishing for big fish, with bigger, heavier baits. On the river Trent they are ideal, because you never know when a barbel, or big chub will put in an appearance. So if I am feeder fishing for bream on the river this will be my hook of choice.


Try it for the Flat Float

The Sphere Ultra Strong hooks are also ideal for fishing the flat float with bits of worm for perch when the river is carrying some extra water. Once again, you need a strong hook, but one that is balanced to the gear and baits used, and this fits the bill perfectly. 

For those demanding situations when you need a strong, yet light, hook, this is the one. 

Tom Noton

Available in sizes from 8 to 18 with a black nickel finish. 


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sphere ultra strong hook 2
sphere ultra strong hook 3
Tom Noton bream

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag

Sphere Large Multi Net & Tray Bag

Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag


Many of the matches and festivals that I fish are carp dominated and with winning weights at an all time high, and limits placed on each keepnet, several nets are often required. This also means having a net bag that is large enough to carry multiple keepnets.

The Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag has an inner net pocket that easily accommodates three standard-sized keepnets, as well as several landing net heads. The strapped side pocket is large enough for side trays.

One of the most important points about the zipped main net pocket is that the internal seams are welded together preventing any leakage. There’s also a large front pocket with a clip closure adjustable strap where loads more tackle, such as riddles, can be placed. 

The Sphere Large Multi Net and Tray Bag also looks really good with its distinctive carbon-effect finish and is made from high quality, specialist PVC which also wipes clean really easily.

There’s also a padded adjustable shoulder strap which can be easily removed if placing on a trolley and two further carry handles which can be locked together with a Velcro’s strap for comfortable transportation.

Another great feature is all the areas that get the most wear have been looked at and reinforced and the top quality, hard wearing zip won’t let you down. 

An innovative quality large net / tray bag that takes everything I need and more.  

Michael Colsino


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Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 2

Extra strong zips are a key feature on the Sphere luggage range – they won’t let you down.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 3

The main compartment is large enough to hold three compact keepnets.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 4

All of the components are top-quality, to give years of service.

Sphere Large multi net & tray bag 5

The shoulder carry strap can be removed if not required when using the bag on a barrow.

Xenos j32 feeder

Xenos Cage Feeders

The Xenos Cage Feeders, designed by German International Jens Koschnick, are plastic cage feeders with the weight located at the front of the feeder. The feeders have been designed to have just the right size holes so that the bait doesn’t leave the feeder during the casting process, but when it enters the peg, the bait can be released with ease.

The weight located at the front of the feeder has a screw thread that enables the feeder to be used with different size weights, enabling anglers to cover all conditions and approaches without carrying too many feeders.

The feeders are loaded through the top and a firm squeeze will hold the groundbait in place perfectly, even when giving it the big one! The weight distribution at the front makes casting these feeders a dream, a superb distance cage feeder that makes going that extra mile possible and with the weight being streamline shaped they enter the swim with minimal disturbance.

The Xenon Cage Feeders available in three different sizes with weights ranging from 30g-80g.

The J-25 feeder is 2.1cm in length and 2.5cm in diameter.

The J-28 is 2.4cm in length and 2.8cm in diameter.

The largest of the range is the J-32 feeder that is 3.0cm in length and 3.2cm in diameter, perfect for the days when the more you feed the more you catch! 

The J-25 even comes with a slow sinking head that you really need to check out further!

 Nick Crooks


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loaded Xenos feeder

The hole size on the Xenos feeders are perfect for micro pellets and casters.

browning Xenos feeders

The Xenos Cage feeder range covers a wide range of feeder sizes and weights, for applications as diverse as winter fishing at close range, to heavy baiting at range.

Xenos j32 feeder

Use the Xenos J32 feeder when you want to introduce plenty of bait.

j25 slow sinking feeder

The Xenos J25 Slow-sinking Feeder is brilliant for summer carp, as the buoyancy can be adjusted by filling it with water to catch carp right through the water column.

Landing Net No-Snag Latex

This is a great net for fish of all sizes. The 5mm x 5mm latex mesh is designed for maximum protection of the fish.

The latex-coated material also makes this a very fast drying net.

M – 50cm X 38cm x 28cm

L – 60cm x 48cm x 30cm

XL – 60cm x 48cm x 35cm


Hermann Tallonneau

Sphere Pro-File Pole Rollers

This Sphere Pro-File Pole Rollers have been designed to adapt to all terrains.

Its big advantage is the removable legs which allow you to fish even with a steep bank behind you.

The ball bearing rollers are amazing and make shipping much faster and smoother.

The spirit level allows you to position it perfectly level.

The EVA angled upright rollers will hold the pole securely even in strong winds.

Two sizes of the Sphere Pro-File Pole Rollers are available.

A double model with a width of 60cm and a height ranging from 16cm to 92cm.

And the triple model with a width of 87cm for a height ranging from 16cm to 130cm.

A roller designed by fishermen for fishermen.


Hermann Tallonneau


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Xitan Microbore elastic 1

Xitan Microbore Elastic

For my heavier summer and autumn rigs, especially when I am expecting some decent hard-fighting carp, the Xitan Microbore Elastic really comes into its own. For rigs with a 0.14mm – 0.16mm hooklengths and hooks in the 14-16 range I go for the Blue / Pearl Microbore, which is rated 9-13 normal elastic. 

Despite being 30% thinner than normal hollow elastics, the Microbore retains a x7 stretch, meaning that I can run it through either one or two-piece kits, depending upon the size of the fish. Being thinner, Microbore is also a lot lighter than most hollow elastics, and you can really feel the difference when fishing long. 

If you are looking for a top-quality hollow elastic then do check out the Xitan Microbore Elastic. I think it offers some advantages over other elastics, it is also very long lasting, making it good value too. 

Jon Whincup


Microbore Specifications:

Lime Green – ⌀1.3mm – 3-5

Orange – ⌀1.5mm – 5-7

Pink – ⌀1.9mm – 7-9

Blue / Pearl – ⌀2.3mm – 9-13

Hunter Green – ⌀2.7mm – 13-17

Rocket Red – ⌀3mm – 17-21



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Xitan Microbore Elastic 1

Microbore Elastic covers a wide-range of different diameters.

Xitan Microbore Elastic 2

The small bore makes for a thinner, lighter elastic that deforms less when running through a bush.

Microbore elastic and bush

I use a Dacron Connector with Xitan Microbore Elastic.

Jon Whincup carp pole

The blue Microbore is perfect for hook lengths of 0.14mm – 0.16mm for summer carp rigs.

sphere 1m extender section 2

Sphere 1m Extender Section

There are times when you need to go the distance and fishing at the full length of my Sphere Zero-G F1+ just isn’t long enough. This is where the Sphere 1m Extender Section comes into play as it fit both the 14.5m and 16m sections of my Sphere Zero-G F1+ allowing me to extend the pole on those rare occasions to a range of different lengths right up to 17m and continue to catch.

 It’s one of those accessories that doesn’t always come into play but when it does its invaluable. 


Technical Specification:

Length: 1.00m

Weight: 225g


Alex Reynolds



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sphere 1m extender section

if you own a Sphere pole then the Extender Section is a really useful addition.

sphere 1m extender section 3

The Sphere 1m Extender Section fits both the 14.5m and 16m sections of my pole.

sphere 1m extender section 4

The built in EVA skid bung is a nice touch that protects the section.

Xitan Roller & Accessory Bag

The Xitan Roller & Accessory Bag is designed using very high quality materials. Robust, durable and waterproof, it is a great choice for the committed match angler.

The large main compartment, with its wrap-around zip makes accessing the inside of the bag really easy.

Two models are available. I use the larger mode, which can hold all of the gear I need for a match or pleasure session. I store my kit supports, pole rollers, and my feeder support arm in this bag, along with much more …

The Xitan range has a hard-wearing and practical design that I really like.

Hermann Tallonneau

Streamline Window Feeder

Streamline Window Feeder

When Browning first bought out their innovative original Window Feeders they were the answer to my question when wanting to top a swim up and keep a shoal of hungry bream grubbing around. The original Classic, UKWF and CWF feeders were all brilliant yet after extensive development these new Streamline Window Feeders are simply outstanding and have to be the most efficient feeder design available. 

Tube shaped and with a solid cap these cast and retrieve like nothing before. Greater distances can now be achieved but more importantly, when going the distance, accuracy can be assured even in a side wind. The larger window and new lead fixing without centre bar ensures this feeder lands correctly allowing the contents to empty quicker and cleaner every time, great when I need to top my swim up with particles such as casters, chopped worms and maggots in order to keep the shoal in my swim for longer. I like to give the contents within a slight smearing of groundbait across the window, just to ensure every little morsel hits the spot.


The Streamline Window Feeder is available in three sizes –

Small – 42mm x 20mm, 15g, 20g & 30g 

Medium – 47.5mm x 23mm, 20g, 35g & 50g 

Large – 55mm x 28mm, 20g, 35g, 50g & 70g

Filipe Passeira


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Window Feeders cast very well, and are ideal when you need to be really accurate.

You can load Window Feeders with a wide range of different baits. I find maggots and chopped worm particularly effective.

bream feeder fishing

When conditions are tough and you need to be really accurate reach for the Window Feeder.