Sphere Classic Hooks to Nylon

Hooks have always been somewhat a very personal subject when it comes to my fishing, find a pattern that you’re confident with and you stick to them. Trying something new is never easy and rarely feels right, however since the Sphere hook range was introduced, and having a trial batch sent to me, I have to admit to being instantly impressed and converted. 

The range consists of six varieties, Match, Ultra Strong, Ultra Light, Beast, CPS LS and my favourite the Sphere Classic. All these hook patterns have different applications, yet the Classic is what I would call an all-rounder. It’s a barbed hook with a long shank, great for pole or feeder fishing, with a great hook-up rate. It’s also a light hook, but this doesn’t compromise on its strength. A great big fish, pole and feeder hook that comes tied to high-performance monofilament, or loose in packets of fifteen. Sizes ranging between 12 and 18.

If you’re looking for a great all-round hook then look no further!

Gary Ford

The Sphere Classic Hooks to Nylon – brilliant!

A great all-rounder, pole, float, feeder or simply hit and hold.

Pre-tied on unique continuous rolling lengths.

Remove a hook length and simply place the next hook in a spool positioning point.

"If you’re looking for a great all-round hook then look no further!"

Black Magic Gold Power Elastic

Many of the commercial venues that I fish have bigger than average carp in them and quite often the swims have a few snags around that can cost you fish. In these instances I use Black Magic Gold Power Elastic, as being pure Latex it powers up really quickly after setting the hook, turning those potential match winning lumps away from the snags and into the waiting net. 

It is a great quality elastic and great value too. 

Available in four ratings in 6m lengths –

Green 1.4mm – 10 rating 

Blue 1.8mm – 12 rating

Purple 2.2mm – 14 rating

Orange 2.6mm – 16 rating


Gary Ford

Quality elastic and great value.

Power Elastic is especially good for bigger fish.

"being pure Latex it powers up really quickly"

Fish Counter

Fish Counters have become an essential part of a match angler’s kit as most commercial fisheries impose a weight limit per keepnet. Come the weigh in and find that you have exceeded this means being penalised, something that can cost you the match. Keeping track of this can be difficult so it pays to play on the safe side and I do this by using two counters, one for the number of carp caught, and the other to estimate the weight as I go along. 

Browning offer two different Fish Counters, basically the same, but this one has a standard thread allowing it to be screwed into a standard fitting on a seat box and positioned in easy reach where it can be clicked without having to look away. 

Gary Ford

An essential part of modern day match fishing. 

Standard screw thread for easy fixing into seat boxes and platforms. 

A nice net of carp easily under the net allowance weight.

"The bankstick thread allows it to be attached to a seatbox leg."

CK Competition Landing Net

The CK Competition Nets are up there with my favourite items of kit as they are the perfect size and depth. No more bending over and stretching down, chasing the fish around the net as once netted and between my legs the 28cm drop means that the fish is in easy reach for a speedy pick up, unhook and before you know it’s in the keepnet. 

Available in three sizes the Hair Rigger net is one that will impress the match angler fishing for bigger fish using hair rigged baits as it has a really fine 2 x 2mm mesh which eliminates those annoying moments when the mounted bait slips through the mesh and gets snagged up causing lost time from hook ups and broken hairs. All three nets are light and easily manoeuvred, especially the wide-mesh speed versions, even in the strongest winds and throughout constant punishment I have yet to have anything break on me. 

If you hate reaching down to find the landed fish or have experienced hairs getting caught in the mesh then you need to check these nets out, they are simply superb.

Small – Width 45cm, Height 35cm, Depth 28cm, Mesh 8 x 8mm

Medium – Width 50cm, Height 40cm, Depth 28cm, Mesh 8 x 8mm

Hair Rigger – Width 50cm, Height 40cm, Depth 28cm, Mesh 2 x 2mm

Andy Blay

The nets are very easy to manoeuvre.

The perfect depth for handling fish of all sizes.

"All three nets are light and easily manoeuvred"

Sphere Cool Bait Bag

Keeping my bait in tip-top condition is very important to me, especially when I am using a lot of delicate (and expensive) baits like worms and casters. A quality cool bait bag is an essential in my book as there is no greater edge than having the best bait. 

The Sphere Cool Bait Bag is just right for me. The size means I can load it with six large bait boxes, or around a couple of gallons of bait, along with some cold packs when the weather is really hot. The bag has nice thick insulation to keep the temperature as stable as possible. 

Like all of the Sphere range this bag is made to last. The zips are nice and chunky and I really like the heavy-duty material which has a smart-looking weave effect. After several months of use the bag is showing no signs of wear and tear, even though it has a tough life. 

There’s not much more you can say about a cool bag, other than this one does the job perfectly. 

Jon Whincup

The Bait Bag has a foil lining and internal insulation.

The material is really hard-wearing and built to last.

"Like all of the Sphere range this bag is made to last."

Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle

A crucial part of landing big carp quickly is having a landing net that is up to the job. Not only does it have to be strong enough to scoop big carp constantly, but it needs to be stiff enough to enable precise manoeuvres, even when using heavy carp nets. Over the last year I have been very impressed with the Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle, which has been more than up to the job of landing carp well into double figures easily.

This is an extremely stiff handle, enabling me to scoop carp quickly, often before they realise what is happening. Yet, unlike many stiff handles, it doesn’t feel delicate or brittle in any way and has taken some serious abuse in its stride. I particularly like the reinforced wrap which gives extra reassurance that this handle is well up to the job. 

If you fish a variety of different venues the 4m length, three piece design, will come in very useful, and although it is not designed as a featherweight handle, it is perfect at full stretch, thanks to that rigidity. 

The bull-nosed male joints are another nice feature, along with the reinforced machined fitting they give maximum strength in all of the high-stress areas. There are even alignment markers that ensure the pole has maximum strength and rigidity when assembled.

Landing net poles have a tough, unsung life, but are absolutely crucial pieces of kit. If you are looking for a brilliant all-rounder then look no further than the Hyper Carp XTR. 

Jim Hall

The Hyper Carp XTR is really stiff.

Bull nosed joints on each section.

Alignment markers on the sections.

Reinforced screw fixing.

"If you are looking for a brilliant all-rounder then look no further than the Hyper Carp XTR."

CK Carp Wand

Short rods are all the rage at the moment and are perfect for carp commercials when fishing at short to medium range. I have most of the CK rods as they are so good and my CK Carp Wand is often the first out of the bag when feeder fishing at ranges up to 25m. Ultra slim and made from the very latest advances in carbon, this 8’ rod is light weighing just 157g, has a forgiving through action, is extremely accurate, features top quality fittings throughout and has plenty of power in the middle reaches needed for constantly catching big fish. The snag-free keeper ring is a nice touch and being two piece means it can be stored made up and ready to go as soon as I arrive at the fishery. 

Supplied with a 1oz and 1.5oz tip it really is a versatile rod which is extremely useful in tight swims or when fishing from a platform.


Fil Passeira

If you’re a fan of short rods, check this one out!

Catching these all day is effortless.

Plenty of power to tame oversized fish. 

"a versatile rod which is extremely useful in tight swims ..."

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Line

Edges in angling are everything, creating confidence in the mind and placing more fish in your net. 

Using Fluorocarbon hook lengths will give you a massive edge, especially when fishing clear venues for sight feeders, yet finding one that knots up well and is supple enough, especially in the finer diameters, not to lose any bait presentation can be tricky. Well not any more as Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line provides all these and so much more, so if your waggler fishing for roach, trotting a chalk stream or on a canal in the depth of winter then you need to check this range out. 

It’s also brilliant as a leader or hook length when feeder fishing in clear water conditions.

Available in the following diameters on 50m spools – 

0.11mm 1.25kg/2.70lb

0.13mm 1.60kg/3.50lb

0.15mm 2.10kg/4.60lb

0.17mm 2.95kg/6.50lb

Justin Watkins

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line, create that edge!

Fantastic when trotting clear streams for sight feeders.

"Using Fluorocarbon hook lengths will give you a massive edge."

Sphere MgTi 30 Reel

Since joining Browning last year some of the products that have really stood out for me have been the reels, and in particular the Sphere MgTi. For the money, these have some exceptional features that set them apart.

I use the 30-size reel alongside my Sphere 10’ Bomb +10% for catching carp on the feeder and straight lead and they make the perfect combination. The incredibly low weight of this set-up belies the quality and carp-stopping power it has, enabling me to land big carp quicker than ever before.  At just 250grams the 30-size reel really hits the spot for both leger and float work. 

Line lay on the Sphere MgTi is excellent.

The line clip works faultlessly.

EVA grip and machined alloy handle.

"For the money, these have some exceptional features that set them apart."

The carbon fibre drag on these reels is absolutely silky-smooth, ideal if you like to play fish off a tight clutch. Alternatively, the lack of play in the machined handle means that backwinding is a lot more precise than on many reels. You can let the reel do the work without worrying about whether it will give line at their crucial moment.

Talking of precision, the line-lay is superb, thanks to the two-speed spool oscillation and stainless steel main shaft. This definitely aids accurate casting, thanks to the smoothness that the line leaves the spool. I know many anglers worry about damaging their main line when clipping up to give consistent distance, but the ‘line-friendly’ clip on the Sphere really lives up to its name and I don’t hesitate to use it when needed.

It might be the least important factor of all, but the reel looks awesome too. A real masterpiece of design that sets off the Sphere rods perfectly. The Sphere MgTi reels really are a quality piece of kit that I am proud to own.

Jon Whincup

The Sphere MgTi has really impressed me.

Black Magic FB 35 S-Line Compact Roller

Fishing tight busy canal banks with an expensive pole like my Sphere Zero-G F1+ can be hazardous. Side shipping is a must as you can’t have you eyes everywhere at once and if you decide to ship behind, well you’re taking a big risk. 

The Grand Union Canal is a typical canal, busy and with the standard tight grassy verge to set up on. Standard pole rollers can be a bit too wide so this is where the Black Magic FB 35 S-Line Compact Rollers come into play. I always take two with me and these create a safe, sturdy platform to ship my pole down the bank, out of the way of walkers, joggers, cyclists and the narrow boats ‘rush-hour’ as they start their morning journey once the locks open. 

Weighing just over 1kg, around half the weight of more conventional rollers, and with a width of just 35cm these compact rollers are ideal for placing on my trolley making the often long walks to a swim that little bit easier. They are also good for uneven banks as all the legs are adjustable, extending between 25 and 40cm and the soft EVA rollers give my pole complete protection.   


Gary Ford

Two create a sturdy safe platform for side shipping.

Soft EVA rollers for total protection.

Adjustable legs for uneven banks.

Tight banks, but the pole is out of harm’s way.

"All the legs are adjustable, extending between 25 and 40cm and the soft EVA rollers give my pole complete protection."